Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 1358

Chapter 1358 Lover

Since he had not had nice food for a long while, Aaron’s appetite was huge. In fact, he ate most of the food served. What a sumptuous meal!

“The cruise ship has been fixed, so we’ll continue with our journey in a while. We should arrive at our destination later at night,” Aaron said to Arielle after dinner.

Although Aaron wanted to spend more time with Arielle on the cruise ship, he knew the importance of the mission his father gave him. Hence, he had to bring her back as soon as possible.

Everything in Turlen was fine except for its medical care. Every year, its people would lose their lives due to various diseases. As the country’s future ruler, Aaron knew he had the responsibility to develop his country and provide its people with better medical care.

“Okay,” Arielle answered. She then looked at him and continued, “Don’t worry. I’ll do my best to teach the doctors there everything I’ve learned.” Now that I know how precious human lives are, I have the responsibility to share my knowledge and contribute to the society there.

Aaron stared at her with admiration and uttered, “You’re so kind, Ari.”

Arielle harrumphed slightly before saying, “Since you know that, perhaps you should stop preventing me from contacting my lover.”

Lover? Vinson again? Aaron was displeased and got up before walking out with a grim expression.

“What a horrible temper!” Arielle rolled her eyes in frustration.

Meanwhile, Andrea shook her head upon seeing that. Aaron has good taste in women. Since San is so impressive, it’s only natural that men can’t help falling in love with her. That’s in the past, though. Now that San is in love with Vinson, what Aaron is doing will only displease her. If she knows what his intentions are, I bet she wouldn’t even want to spend a minute alone with him, let alone cook him a meal.

After Aaron left, he went back to his room immediately. With a solemn expression, he told his assistant to resume their journey. The assistant noticed how annoyed Aaron was, and he couldn’t help but smile amusedly. Ms. Moore must’ve bullied him! Only she could get him so worked up.

When they were about to arrive at their destination, Aaron gave his father a call.

“What is it?” Dylan Anderson Holt asked coldly.

Aaron was saddened when he heard Dylan’s indifferent tone. Although Dylan had provided him with a lavish lifestyle and a good education, the former had always been cold toward Aaron. In fact, Aaron had never felt warmth and paternal love from his father.

“The head of the Mills is here. We’ll arrive at around nine tonight,” Aaron said solemnly.

Dylan could not discern the displeasure in his son’s tone. “Okay. I’ll send someone to wait for you guys there.”

The relationship between them was very businesslike. Without saying another word, they ended the call.

The cruise ship docked around nine o’clock that night. Considering how important Arielle and the others were to the country, Dylan had already sent someone there to welcome them.

“Mr. Aaron,” the person waiting for them greeted him respectfully.

The man was none other than Morrison Quillen, Sybil’s son. When Aaron saw him, he asked, “Did my father say where they will be staying?”

“Mr. Holt arranged for them to stay at Paelsford Manor,” Morrison answered respectfully.

When Aaron heard that Arielle and the rest were going to stay at Paelsford Manor, he nodded in satisfaction. Not bad. The scenery is nice there, and it has numerous amenities. That’s where we usually host our important guests.

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