Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 1359

Chapter 1359 Stay With You

“They’re Father’s important guests, so you ought to treat them nicely,” Aaron said before introducing Arielle and the others to Morrison.

Following Aaron’s line of sight, Morrison turned and glanced at the four people standing in front of him. He then looked at Hubert and said, “Nice to meet you, Mr. Mill. Welcome to Turlen. We thank you for your willingness to share your medical knowledge with us.”

However, Aaron pointed at Arielle and said, “Morrison, he’s the father of the Mill family’s matriarch. The head of the Mills is the lady standing beside him.”

The new leader of the Mills is such a young lady? Morrison was stunned when he saw the woman Aaron was pointing at. He then turned to Arielle and apologized hurriedly, “How ignorant of me! I’m so sorry. I didn’t expect the head of the Mills to be such a beautiful young lady.”

Since Morrison had studied overseas before, he was fluent in foreign languages. Hence, he had no problem communicating with Arielle.

“You’re flattering me.” Arielle flashed him a faint smile.

Aaron turned toward Morrison and instructed, “Morrison, it’s getting late. Let’s send them over to Paelsford Manor to rest first. We’ll talk tomorrow.” After being stuck on the cruise ship for a few days, they were all worn out.

“Sure, Mr. Aaron.” Morrison brought them to the car and opened the doors for them. After that, he drove them to Paelsford Manor.

An hour later, they arrived at Paelsford Manor, and Morrison brought Arielle and the others to the place they were supposed to stay.

“This is where you guys will be staying in the future. We have all sorts of facilities here, so it’s rather convenient.” Morrison led them toward a mansion and added enthusiastically, “There are six housekeepers, two chefs, and two chauffeurs here. Please don’t hesitate to order them around as you guys wish.”

Aaron spared Arielle a glance. Now that our relationship is going somewhere, I don’t want to get separated from my little kitty. What if we grow apart again due to the distance between us? What am I going to do then?

With that thought in mind, Aaron said, “Morrison, when you get back, tell Father I’m staying here as well.”

The mansion had seven to eight rooms, so technically, Aaron could definitely crash there. Besides, he could see his little kitty every day if he were to do that.

However, before Morrison could say anything, Arielle had opposed Aaron’s idea. “Aaron, I think you should head back to your own place. It’d be inconvenient if you were to stay here.” Is he for real? I’m a married woman. How could I stay with a single young man under the same roof? Vinson is a man who gets jealous easily. If he were to find out that I’m staying with Aaron, he would be so mad!

Aaron was utterly embarrassed because he didn’t expect Arielle to reject him. “It’s not like I’ll cause you guys any inconvenience,” he grumbled softly.

“Still, no!” Arielle was adamant about her decision.

Aaron had no choice but to back down as he didn’t want to offend Arielle. “Fine, I’ll stay in the mansion next door, then.”

Unfazed, Arielle said, “You can stay wherever you want as long as you don’t stay with us.”

“Yes, I heard you!” Aaron replied in a sulky manner.

Morrison was stumped as he witnessed the interaction between Aaron and Arielle. When did he become so submissive to others? Not only did he not lash out when he was humiliated, but he also gave in. This is unbelievable.

“You guys have a good rest, then. I’ll come over tomorrow.” Not wanting to get on Arielle’s bad side, Aaron tactfully left of his own accord.

Morrison followed suit as he had to go back and report the situation to Dylan.

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