Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 1361

Chapter 1361 Speak Your Mind

Seeing that, Dylan said, “You can just speak your mind.”

Since he was Sybil’s son, Dylan had the utmost trust in him, and he was allowed to speak freely.

“The head of the Mills that Prince Aaron brought back is a lady in her twenties,” Morrison said.

“Twenties? So young?” Dylan was surprised.

“Yes. On the way back, Prince Aaron told me that she learned her skills from the Wilhelms. She then ended up being even better than her mentors. She also brought three members of the Wilhelms along with her on this trip.”

Did he say she learned from the Wilhelms? Dylan was stunned upon hearing that. Abruptly, he sprung up from his chair in a daze. Isn’t that… Doesn’t that mean…

For the first time in twenty years, Dylan felt a wave of inexplicable emotions in his heart.

Dylan then composed himself as he instructed, “Make sure everyone treats her well.”

That was the first time Morrison had seen Dylan so emotional. Why is he so flustered? However, Morrison didn’t dwell on the matter. Instead, he answered respectfully, “Yes. I’ve already informed the housekeepers.”

Dylan waved his hand and dismissed him, “You may leave now.”

After Morrison left, Dylan walked toward the window and stared at the moon with teary eyes.

“Maureen, our daughter has returned. She’s with me now,” Dylan muttered to himself. After composing himself, he continued, “I’ll take good care of her and protect her. I won’t let anybody harm her. In fact, I’ll love her twice as much on your behalf and make her the happiest girl in the world.”

When Dylan thought about how he lost the love of his life and his daughter twenty years ago, his heart wrenched in pain.

It didn’t take long for the queen and the queen mother to find out about the people Aaron had brought back with him. The queen mother’s eyes flickered when she heard that he had brought back a young girl. “Go and find out more about this girl,” she instructed.

The next day, Arielle woke up at the break of dawn.

She didn’t sleep well as not only was she staying in an unfamiliar place, but she also had a lot on her mind. In order to not wake the Wilhelms up, she washed up silently and headed downstairs.

By then, the housekeepers were already busy with their chores, and some were making breakfast. They all greeted Arielle when they saw her making her way down the stairs.

For some reason, the housekeepers were all female. Could it be that they’re trying to make us feel comfortable? What about our chauffeurs? Arielle thought to herself as she was walking past them.

Since they were all speaking Turlenese, Arielle didn’t understand a word. When she saw them bowing to her, she just assumed they were greeting her.

Arielle was worried that they wouldn’t understand her, so she smiled at them brightly in response. She then gestured with her hands, trying to tell them she was going to take a stroll outside the mansion. But she had no idea if the housekeepers knew what she meant and only saw them nodding at her before they went back to work.

Arielle left the mansion and strolled along the lakeshore. Taking in the fresh air and the green scenery, her mood was lifted.

After freshening up, Aaron drove over to see Arielle. Although he was staying at the mansion next to Arielle’s, it was still quite a distance away. If he were to walk, it would take him half an hour to reach while only ten-odd minutes if he were to drive. Since he was eager to see Arielle, the drive only took him seven to eight minutes.


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