Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 1363

Chapter 1363 Her Return

“Have you lost your appetite? Why did you eat so little?” Andrea asked concernedly.

“I can’t eat much as I’m usually not hungry in the morning.” Arielle smiled at her and shifted her gaze toward Aaron. “Do I start teaching today?” Since I’m here to share my medical knowledge with them, I better ask him earlier so that he can prepare all the materials I need.

“There’s no hurry. I have to head back first and ask my father what their plans are,” Aaron answered.

After all, Dylan was the one who instructed Aaron to bring back the head of the Mills. Naturally, Aaron had to find out what the plans were going forward.

“Go back and find out after you’ve eaten, then. Since we didn’t bring any medical journals along, please prepare some if you guys have them,” Arielle said.

Without any medical knowledge, Aaron gazed at Arielle and asked eagerly, “Okay. Is there anything else you need?” He was going to get his men to gather everything she needed.

Arielle pondered for a while before saying, “There’s a difference between traditional Chanaean medicine and modern medicine. I don’t know if you guys want to learn traditional Chanaean medicine, modern medicine, or both. If you guys want to learn both, you should prepare all the related materials.”

She was well educated in both traditional Chanaean medicine and modern medicine, so she had no problem sharing her knowledge with them.

Aaron knew how important medical care was to Turlen. Hence, he left immediately after he was done with breakfast.

Meanwhile, at the palace, Dylan had no appetite for breakfast at all. All he could think about at that moment was Arielle. He would even go straight to Paelsford Manor if he could.

Indeed, he badly missed the daughter he had with Maureen.

Sybil had no idea that Arielle had arrived in Turlen. When he saw Dylan’s loss of appetite, he urged, “Your Majesty, no matter how bad your mood is, you ought to eat something to avoid falling sick.”

Dylan shook his head and glanced at Sybil. “She’s here.”

Puzzled, Sybil asked him, “Who’s here?”

Dylan could hardly contain his emotions when he stared at Sybil and revealed, “The daughter I had with Maureen.”

“Princess is back? How did she come back?”

Turlen was a country that was closed to the outside world, so it would be impossible for foreigners to enter on their own. Hence, Sybil was curious as to how Arielle had made her way there.

Not only was Sybil puzzled and shocked, but he was also rather worried. He was afraid that the queen and the queen mother would do something to harm Arielle. I bet only I know how important Princess is in His Majesty’s heart. What if something happens to Princess? His Majesty would be devastated.

Dylan couldn’t help but feel proud when he thought about Arielle. Unlike his usual indifferent self, he suddenly smiled boastfully and said, “She’s the new head of the Mills.”

“What? Princess is the new head of the Mills?” Sybil widened his eyes in astonishment. Princess is still so young, yet she has already beaten so many people to become the new head of the Mills? She’s incredible!

“Are you surprised as well?” Dylan looked at Sybil smugly. Indeed, my daughter is amazing. She’s even smarter than Maureen and me!

“This is so unexpected! Who would’ve thought that Princess could be an expert in the medical field despite her young age?” Sybil breathed a sigh of relief. At first, he was worried that the queen and the queen mother would harm Arielle, but he was relieved after finding out that she was an invited guest.

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