Prince Reagan by Sky Angel Chapter 4

Mistakes And Losses

Luna Ciara backs away from the frightened Stacy, looking stupefied as she let’s go of her arm. Alpha Benson’s fists are shaking, trying to reign in his wolf as he glowers at Brad and Stacy, who had deceived him. Waves of anger rolling off of him, making everyone shift nervously due to his Alpha aura he’s emitting. Well, everyone except the two Lycans in the room.

The Prince has a blank look on his face, not showing any expression whatsoever. It’s hard to read him, and I don’t know if he’s surprised like the rest, or angry. Well, at least now he would understand that I’m not his mate since I’m Brad’s. A werewolf can’t have more than one mate. It has never happened.

“Since when?” Alpha Benson growls out the question at his son, who is looking away in shame.

I can see Brad swallow as his Adam’s apple bobs. Stacy also looks petrified, and tears are beginning to run down her pale face. Her lips wobble, and her whole body is shaking.

“The first day of senior year.”

“That’s more than a year now. Before you mated with Stacy.” Alpha Benson points out.

“And why are we getting to know about this?” He walks over to Brad, and I can see his jaw clenching as he restrains himself from pouncing on him.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” My mum turns to me and asks, making me bite my lip in guilt. I had almost forgotten they were here. My parents both have worry and surprise, etched on their faces with a hint of guilt.

Why hadn’t I told her? At first, I thought it’s because Brad threatened me to keep it a secret. But later, I realized I was kidding myself.

I hadn’t told them because I didn’t want them to see what a failure I was. My mate rejected me! If everyone knew, they would scorn me for not being good enough to keep my mate. They would say I was worthless, and that that’s why he left me. This is what has happened to other she-wolves that have been rejected before.

But it’s different for male wolves. If a male wolf is rejected, they won’t scorn him. No. Rather, they would call the she-wolf a skank. So either way, the females lose.

“We love each other.” Stacy’s weak voice fills the silence, and everyone rotates their head to her. “He loves me and not her!” She points to me, her eyes filled with hatred as she regards me. “She’s a mistake!”
I feel like scratching her face at that statement, but there are just too many witnesses.

“If you don’t shut up, I’ll personally rip out your throat and hang your body outside for everyone to see what a shame you are.” Luna Ciara’s cold tone sends chills down everyone’s back. “You both have sullied the sacred meaning of the Mate bond, so don’t you start preaching about love to me.” I don’t think she ever liked Stacy.

Stacy moves back again in fright. And I didn’t think it possible, but her face turns even more white. Her lips tremble, and tears roll down her cheeks like a river.

Ladies and gentlemen, your future Luna of Lunar pack. A frightened wolf who can’t even stand up for herself and her mate. Useless. I pity the future of this pack, I really do. With an Alpha like Brad and a Luna as Stacy, it will plummet to the ground. No longer will we be regarded as the strongest.

“I see.” His majesty suddenly speaks while nodding in understanding. Everyone whips their heads to him at that, wanting to know his opinion.

He digs his hands into his pant’s pockets, and his eyes look to me, “Your son rejected this beautiful wolf for her.” He gestures to a pale Stacy. “What a pity.” He shakes his head, making me blush while Stacy got more teary-eyed. Did he just say I’m better than her?

I can feel my insides bubble in happiness at being complimented, and I try to hide my blush.

“His loss and my gain.” A malicious grin makes his way to his lips, giving him the look of a devil.

“If you don’t mind, Benson. I would like to claim my mate and be on my way.” I’m not shocked at the way he addresses my Alpha. He might look younger than alpha Benson, but Lycans age slower than we do. So he might be older.

“But your Majesty, she’s my son’s mate. You have to let them be together otherwise…”

“Enough!” The Prince orders with his aura stretched about the room. Every wolf, including, my parents bare their neck open in submission, but I still am left unaffected. His eyes are darkened as he stares back at my Alpha, and I can see his jaw clench.

“I’ll be going home tonight with my mate, and anyone who dares stop me will suffer dire consequences.” His eyes specifically lock on Brad. “I hope that is clear enough for everyone.” He smiles, wickedly like he hadn’t just laid out a threat.

“But you’re not my mate!” I voice out, and everyone eyes whip to me then. Seriously, am I the only one who knows second mates doesn’t exist?

I expect Alpha Benson to have said something now, but everyone’s just quiet about it. Maybe they’re just scared. And maybe, I am stupid for speaking against him after he just gave out a threat.

“At least my wolf isn’t telling me anything.” I try to amend as his cold eyes fall on me.

“But is she against it?” He c***s an eyebrow at me.

I’m left tongue-tied then, letting his words sink in. I can’t hear my wolf speak in my head, but I can feel what she wants or thinks. Her thoughts are my thoughts, and her feelings are mine also. She’s not a different entity from me as we’re one.

When my wolf prances about in my head, feeling restless, I know she wants to get out, so I shift. When she has her ears down and whimpers, I know she’s sad. And when she wags her tail and pants with her tongue out, it means she’s happy or approves of something. So you see, we are the same. We don’t fight or argue as we always want the same thing, like our love-hate relationship with Brad.

Right now, though, I’m not sure what she’s thinking because she also isn’t sure what to think, herself. I can feel her conflicted thoughts as she doesn’t feel the mate bond towards his Highness, but we do feel some kind of pull towards him. I don’t know if it’s because of the powerful aura he’s emitting as she-wolves are naturally drawn to power. We can’t help it. It’s like a drug to us.

“I think that’s settled.” His Highness announces when I don’t speak after a long time.

“Benson, are we still having the inauguration ceremony so we can get it done, and I can be on my way with my mate?” Guess they haven’t done the ceremony yet.

Alpha Benson looks to his son, disappointment evident in his eyes as he regards him. I can see the conflict in his eyes as he announces,

“You can be on your way, Your Majesty.” Everyone’s ears perk up at that. We all know the ceremony can not be conducted without the King’s representative there.

“No ceremony will be done today.” He announces, and Brad stiffens at that while everyone stares at him wide-eyed.

“It’s clear my son isn’t ready for such great responsibility.” Alpha Benson regrettably says with his eyes staring down in shame.

“What? You can’t do that!” All the blood drains away from Brad’s face as he looks stricken by the announcement.

“I most certainly can.” Alpha Benson narrows his eyes at him.

“Mum?” Brad looks to Luna Ciara for help, but she reluctantly looks away. Alpha Benson looks very determined on his word with his jaw clenched.

“Your father is right.” Luna Ciara deadpans, and I hear Stacy sob harder, making me roll her eyes at her.

I don’t blame them. Brad had disgraced them both today in front of a Lycan Prince. And soon, the whole pack, as everyone would get to know.

The mate bond is a cherished aspect of the werewolf community, and we all take it very seriously. But Brad has shown his incompetence by dishonoring it all for a skank such as Stacy.

It’s ironic because he once thought that marking me as his Luna would make him look weak while Stacy would do the opposite. But look where we are now. His position is being threatened because of his stupid decision.

“Tragic.” His Highness says, but he doesn’t look sympathetic. “I’ll be on my way then. Come, my sweet.” He stretches out his arm towards me, but I don’t take it right away.

I look to my parents in fear, and I can see their face mirroring mine. Their hold on me tightens, making His Highness glare at us. I didn’t want to leave with him. Yes, my wolf didn’t reject him, but she didn’t accept him either.

His eyebrows drop, displeased, “It would be such a shame to have to cause harm to your parents to be able to take you away.”

I leave my parents’ arms on reflex as his word sinks in. I could feel the bile rising up in my throat as I make my way towards him and take his hand. My fingers tingle under as a triumphant smirk appears on his lips.

“Better.” He mumbles before heading towards the door with my hand in his. His friend strides over to us, too, following us out, and I look back at my parents with frightened eyes.

“No! She’s not yours!” I hear Brad roar behind us, causing His Highness to sigh, irritated at being interrupted. Brad really was pushing his buttons, it seems.

Alpha Benson holds him back as it seems he’s about to shift. Veins popping out of his forehead with his fangs bared open. Is he trying to get himself killed? I don’t know. He can’t defeat a Lycan, even if it wasn’t a Prince. Alphas are still lower than any average Lycan, and he knows this.

His Highness doesn’t even seem bothered by him, but rather, looks bored.

“Don’t worry, Your Majesty. You can be on your way.” Alpha Benson manages to get out as he holds down a growling Brad. Poor thing. Loses his position, and now his mate. Well, he had already lost me a long time ago, the day he marked Stacey as his.

I feel my hand being dragged, as His Highness makes his way out, and I turn to my parents once more. My mum looks scared as she watches me leave, but she nods encouragingly at me. My dad is slightly petrified also, but he tries to hide it as he smiles at me. But I see a tear drop from my mum’s eyes as I get out of her line of vision.

We’re in the hallway as his Highness leads me where the ceremony is being held.

I can hear people murmuring amongst themselves as their minds are clouded with confusion on what’s going on. They came here to see an Alpha being appointed, but instead, their Prince had claimed some random girl as his mate. And what’s more, Brad had challenged him because of that.

Their voices die down as we make our way into their midst, and everyone clears a path for us three to walk through. But I can feel their curious gaze on us, mostly me, since His Highness is holding my hand in his. I feel uncomfortable about the attention we’re given until we make it to the front door and outside. His Highness hadn’t seemed one bit bothered at all the stares we got, though.

He and his friend had walked head high through the crowd. And had even glared at some to look away.

I’m led to the parking lot, still dazed by the whole situation before a black car pulls up in front of us. The other Lycan takes the passenger’s seat while His Highness pulls open the back door for me. Oh my gosh! A Prince is holding open a car door for me!

I should be squealing in excitement if I wasn’t so lost.

Surprisingly though, I’m not scared, not in the least bit.

He gets in after me before slamming the door shut, and immediately, the ride starts. But I’m pulled into his lap, making me gasp in surprise at the action. His arms wrap around my waist and pull me closer to him.

His natural masculine scent mixed with his cologne wafts into my nose. He buries his face into my neck, breathing in mine, and his chest rumbles in approval.

“You smell exquisite.” He compliments, but I’m trying to wiggle myself out of his lap. He smells and feels good too, but I’m not exactly comfortable cozying up to a stranger.

He lifts his head up then, and I’m met with pitch-black eyes that are staring deep into my soul. Gone are the warm golden-brown eyes I had seen earlier. These were like that of the day. Malicious and dreadful. I stay rigid in his lap and could feel my throat closing up.

Remember when I said earlier that I wasn’t scared. Well, now, I am.

A light chuckle leaves his lips as he pulls me closer and rests his forehead on mine. His minty breath fanning my cheeks as I stare deep into those pitch-black eyes.

“You have no idea how much I’ve been restraining myself from marking you ever since I found out you’re mine.” He flashes his fangs, and I couldn’t help but hold my breath. They’re the sharpest and longest pair I’ve ever seen. And they’re so white, they shine in the dark car.

His eyes flash down to my neck, and I raise my shoulder up to hide them. I did not want to get marked so soon.

He chuckles once more at my reaction, “Not now. But soon.” I swallow at the promise as he once more buries his face in my neck.

I can feel my skin tingle where his nose touches, and my treacherous body actually starts to heat up.

The car ride still continues like that with the other Lycan in the passenger seat and the werewolf driver being so silent. I can smell he is a werewolf. He emits a lesser aura than that of the two Lycans.

I don’t know where we’re going, but I hope it’s not Canada. Canada is where the King and other Lycans reside in. It’s like our headquarters or capital. Werewolf packs there aren’t much since it’s known territory for Lycans. And Lycans are very territorial, especially when it comes to their mates.

I watch the trees move by us as the car finally leaves the dirt road and enters the main road. The packhouse is located deep into the woods, but these woods are connected to most werewolves’ home. Almost every pack wolf has a forest in their backyard. This way, they can easily make it to the packhouse and go for a run without being disturbed.

I miss home. I thought with a sigh.

If Mr. Prince here takes me to Canada, I might not see my parents for a long time.

“What’s your name?” I hear the gruff voice of my captor with his head still buried in my neck. I’m hesitant to answer him but sighed in defeat. What’s the use? He’s a Prince and can bloody hell do whatever he wants. No one’s going to save me or question him.


“Full name.” He raises his head up, and I can see his eyes have turned back to their original golden-brown.

I can also see his features clearly in the dark car due to my werewolf sight, and I’m still stunned at how beautiful he looks. His skin is smooth and flawless, his eyebrows naturally thick, his chin smooth-shaven, and his messy hair adds to all that sexiness. It’s like he didn’t even care that he’s coming to an Alpha’s inauguration and didn’t bother to style it.

I’m mesmerized by his sharp features and forget he even asked a question until he c***s an eyebrow at me in question.

“Oh…um…Ellie Archer.” I manage to whisper out.

He nods, “I’m Prince Reagan, but I’ll prefer you just call me Reagan.”

I freeze then in surprise.

A royal wants me to be so informal with him. That’s…new.

I’ve never seen a Lycan before. There are said to be proud, arrogant, and cocky, always acting higher than others.

I heard from Lana that one goes to our college, but I’ve never seen her. She said Gina tried talking to her but got brushed off, leaving her humiliated in the middle of the school. I wasn’t so sorry for her. She knew Lycans don’t like to associate themselves with people they believe lower than them. And she still acted stupid enough to go up to one.

So I’m surprised a Prince is okay with me addressing him so casually. Even though I might be his mate, I’m still a werewolf and not even close to his standards.

“How can I be your mate when I have another?” I suddenly asked, breaking the silence. I’m not a puppy who is going to just sit and do whatever it’s being told. I needed answers, and I’m gonna get them.

“It’s complicated.” He shrugs. “Lycans aren’t your average werewolf, and we don’t follow the same principles you werewolves do. We can talk about this some other time.”

I burst out, “But why?! I want to know now…”

“And I said some other time!” He cuts me off with a sharp look, and I close my mouth shut immediately. “All your answers will be given to you. Just not today.” His eyes soften before he goes back to burying his nose in my neck.

I’m angry at being shut down and still left unanswered, but I don’t do anything. I look back out the window at the passing trees, hoping we really aren’t going to Canada.

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