Prince Reagan by Sky Angel Chapter 40

Burning Hate


Earlier that day

All morning I’ve been trying to call Lana, but it keeps going to voicemail. I suspect she might be in class, so leit a couple of texts for her, telling her to call me back as soon as she gets them.

Right now, I needed a distraction from Reagan, and maybe Lana’s ‘situation is the best I could ask right now. I don’t wanna drag myself into that depressed state anymore just by thinking about him. I can feel my energy slowly slip away, just by being away from him this long, and my wolf keeps howling for him in my head. She gets so annoying sometimes.

There was a time we used to think alike, my wolf and L. Her feelings and thoughts never contradicted mine, but ever since I met Reagan, it’s as if she’s a wholly different entity from me. She’s always taking sides with Reagan even when he’s at fault.

I can feel her anger at me now for leaving our mate. She wants me to return and cuddle up to him like nothing’s wrong. Doesn’t she even know what self-dignity is? It’s the man that comes and finds the girl, not the other way around. Besides, I’ve been the one making a lot of sacrifices for Reagan and my relationship. I had left my dorm to stay with him, I’m transferring college just for him, and he couldn’t even do one simple thing I had asked of him. Mark me. I mean, since when does one beg her mate to mark


My parents are out at work, but my mum didn’t want to leave me all alone. She would have stayed ifi

hadn’t pressured her to go. I can see the worry she has for me, but honestly, I’m happy being alone for a while instead of being under her watchful eyes.

I was thinking about going out, maybe to my former college. I could see Lana there and tell her about Jace’s call last night. I’m not sure if she would be excited to know her mate wants her, or scared he’s coming for her.

Personally, I would advise her to go to him even if it meant leaving everything behind. Staying away

from your mate is risky business. Our wolves might seem tough, but they are as weak and frail as glass without their other half. They need their mate to be able to function better. That’s why Alpha’s are strongly

advised to seek for their mate bonded by the moon rather than just marking a random werewolf. Their true

mate makes them stronger, and a strong Alpha means a strong pack.

Such a shame Brad hadn’t seen that. I wonder where he is now and what he’s doing after all that’s

happened. Is Stacy even still with him, considering he has lost his canines and Alpha title? She does bear

his mark, so I guess she doesn’t have much of a choice now.

I’m about to head out when a car pulls into my parents’ driveway. I hurry over to the window solcan

get a glimpse of the visitor. My heart thuds in excitement as I imagine who it could be. Has he come to get me? Maybe one night without me had finally made him come to his senses.

But my hope is shattered when I see Lexi come out of the driver’s side and…Janet. Apart from the two.

15 konut

Hurring Hante

no one else comes out. I grit my teeth in anger as watch the duo walk towards the porch. I’m staring at them through the window, so they haven’t seen me yet. It’s bad enough Reagan isnt here to take me back, and now Lexi had brought Janet along with her. The real cause of my problems is walking towards my house with a smug smile playing at the corner of her lip. She’s probably ecstatic to discover I’m no longer at the penthouse.

“We know you’re in there, so open up,” Lexi yells as she keeps on clicking the doorbell. I sigh before walking over to swing open the door.

I’m immediately ambushed with a tight hug from Lexi, catching me off guard.

“”How could you leave like that without informing us? Do you know how worried I was? Even Danny

wanted to come, only he had work to get to with Reagan.” She bombards me with details, a worried frown creasing her forehead. It’s nice to see at least someone was worried, even if it wasnt who I was hoping


**Sorry I left unannounced. Just a lot going on.” I mutter the last part, and she c***s her head at me in question. “Come in.” I open the door wider for her, but I wish I could stop the dark-haired lady behind her from entering too. She flashes me a malicious smile as she saunters into my living room.

This is going to be a long day. I sigh as I close the door behind me.

“I asked Reagan about you, and he said you left to go visit your parents. That you must be missing them.” Lexi states as she elegantly flops on the sofa.

Is that what he had told them? I’m glad he hadn’t told them about our personal problems, at least this way, Janet wouldn’t know we had a huge fight. But from her smug smirk and curious eyes she has pinned on me, I imagine she knows something isn’t right. I ignore her to focus my attention on Lexi.

“Yeah, I do.” I force out a smile at her. “Tell me, how’s the house without me?”

“It’s a bit dull, dear,” Janet speaks up then, and I turn to look at her with my eyebrows furrowed.

“Reagan’s mood is a bit sour without you…but not to worry, I made sure to take very good care of him and

kept him busy.” Her smile is wide and innocent, but I understood the underlying meaning behind her

words. The tramp!

I glare at the she-devil with nothing but hatred, hoping she rots in the hottest pit of hell made for

bitches like her. She only stares back at me with her usual charming smile that seems so harmless. But I

knew better. I know Reagan wouldn’t do anything with her, but I hate how she uses those suggestive

words about my mate while being so sure of herself.

I hear Lexi let out a light cough as I wouldn’t stop glaring at Janet. I even look ready to attack her as

she sits back relaxed.

“Uh… she’s right, Ellie.” My eyes filled with fury snap to Lexi having the same intensity as before.

“A…about Reagan being moody, I mean.” She quickly adds when she sees the glare directed at her. I

relax a bit but still kept my eyes hard. “And what Janet meant to say…” She flashes Janet a look of

Buning Hale

disapproval before continuing, “was that we’ve only been trying to cheer him up. That’s all… nothing more.” She adds, probably to clear my doubts.

I’m a bit glad to hear he’s just as bad as I am. This way, I’m reassured he cares deeply for me…it’s just he doesn’t know how to show it. He tries sometimes, but he’s terrible at it.

“So, when will you be back so ‘His Highness’ can stop snapping at everyone over the littlest thing. Even Joanna is scared to be in the same room with him.” She chuckles lightly as a smile graces my lip. I imagine how moody Reagan would seem. For someone who’s always composed, it would be a sight to see him lose his cool in front of everybody.

**I’m not sure yet. My parents…really miss me and…want me to stay a bit longer.” The lie just flowed

out smoothly. It surprises me. And she ate it all up with a nod of understanding.

“Where are my manners. Would you like something to drink?

Ivoice out the question only to Lexi, deliberately ignoring Janet. But like the she devil she was, she decides to open her mouth.

Oh, no worries. I doubt you would have the kind of wine I usually take in a place like this.” Her eyes dart around the sitting room with a look of distaste.

“Janet!” Lexi discreetly scolds her with a nudge of her elbow before looking back at me with an apologetic smile. “Ignore what she said. She can be a bit…picky sometimes. If you don’t mind, I’ll just have water. I’m a bit parched.”

Inod before standing up to go to the kitchen and get a bottle of water for her. I keep my clenched fist

in front of me so they won’t see it. I know my parents weren’t the wealthiest, but for someone to shamelessly point that out was embarrassing and infuriating. Janet just keeps on showing how much of a

b***h she was every second.

I come back out with a light smile on my lips, just for Lexi’s sake. She came here to see if I was well,

like a good friend. I don’t want her to feel bad. After taking a sip, she packs up her purse and stands up.

“Sorry, Ellie. I’ve got a class right now and have to go. Can I take this water bottle along with me?” She


Inod at her as Janet also stands up behind her. I lead them to the front door with Janet behind, me in

the middle, and Lexi in front.

“Make sure to come back home soon enough. It’s a bit dull at the house without you. I’ll try to visit

again, very soon.” I hug Lexi before she releases me and makes her way towards the car.

Janet attempts to brush past me, but I get a grip of her elbow, stopping her so she could turn back and stare into my blazing eyes.

“I’m surprised you’re here. I thought you were going with my mate on an ongoing investigation.” I hiss

the words at her while laying emphasis on my words to pass the message across. She smiles at me with

her eyes darting at where my hand holds her arm.

“I took a day off to come to visit you. The least vou could do was be but courteous.”

her eyes darting at where my hand holds herarm

“I took a day off to come to visit you. The least you could do was be but courteous.”

Iglance behind her to see Lexi still making her way towards her car, oblivious to what’s going on

behind her

“How nice of you.” iflash a malicious smile at her. “But you should know that if you even try to get

close to my mate just because I’m not around, he won’t pay you much attention. Wanna know why?” I ask

before leaning to whisper into her ear. “it’s because you can in no way compare to what and how i make

him feel. Got that?” I lean back to tilt my head at her

Her smile drops for a split second as her eyes turn hard with hate. She rips her arm away from me before standing to her full height to glare down at me.

“You think a weak she wolf like you is better than me? You’re either delusional or just plain dumb. What you should be asking yourself is why your so called mate who was chasing you right from the start and caging you suddenly lets you free as a bird after my arrival?” She smirks before spinning around and waltzing towards the awaiting vehicle. I glare at her back, wishing could burn her with my stare as she hops into the car.

Janet Waves one last time at me through the windows before driving away. I stare at the vehicle with

my fists clenched beside me as I remember Janet’s words.

I trust Reagan. I trust Reagan.

I kept chanting in my head when I walked back inside. Immediately then, my phone’s ringing tone blares off, and I pick up the call without even checking the caller’s ID.

“Ellie? What’s wrong?” I hear the worried voice of my friend, Lana.

“Eh…Lana? Could you come over to my home…not the penthouse but my parents’?” I quickly say, forgetting all about Janet and focusing my attention on Lana.

“Why?” She asks. Poor thing doesn’t know the trouble she’s in.

“You’re gonna have to sit down for this one,” I state in a worried tone.

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