Prince Reagan by Sky Angel Chapter 41

His Decision

Lana and l ended up meeting at a small restaurant instead since she was hungry. And I hadn’t exactly cooked anything back at home.

it seems she only gets worse each time I see her.

Her skin is sickly pale, and there are bags underneath her droopy eyes. The tiredness is evident in them, and even though she tries to smooth it out with a smile, she fails horribly. Her pixie cut almost resembles a bird nest, and I watch her run her hands through them over and over again.

She reminds me of how I used to be during those months of recuperating from Brad’s rejection, only!

was a bit worse.

1 stare down at the smoothie and plate of french fries that she had ordered and has only had one fry since. It’s so sad seeing her this way. I wish there was something I could do to help. I want her to go to her

mate, but she can be stubborn sometimes.

“You seem..okay…” I comment, staring down at her disheveled appearance opposite me. Truthfully, she looks like hell.

Her lips c**k up in a forced smile as she takes her smoothie drink and sips from it.

“No need to be so modest.” Her tone drips with sarcasm. “Now, tell me why you called me here. I have tons of textbooks to go through at my dorm.”

I sigh, looking down at my hamburger. I don’t want to stress her even more than she already is, but maybe this is a good thing. Maybe she would change her mind and go back to Red Moon Pack.

“Uh…my aunt Diana called…” I began, and I can already feel her grow tense, noticing the connection

between her mate and my aunt. I can feel her burning stare on me as she awaits my next word with bated


“Somehow, he found out,”1 announce, lifting my head up to see her reaction.

She’s silent for a while, blinking with a blank expression at me. I know she knows who I’m talking about, but I wait for the shock to register before she reacts.

“How?” is the only question she asks with a raspy voice.

“Remember the shirt you gave aunt?” I ask for her to nod. “Well, he smelt your scent on it and

somehow knew you were his mate.” I narrate briefly to her as she chews on her bottom lip nervously.

She leans in to whisper, “And what did he say?”

I wait for a few seconds before answering.

“He’s giving you seven days to come back on your own…or he’s coming for you himself.”

Her eyes widen in panic as she frantically looks around the small restaurant. She seems to be having

trouble breathing as her breath turns shallow, and I furrow my eyebrows in worry at her.

“Are you alright?” I ask, ready to stand up to meet her.

She takes a few seconds to calm down before she closes her eyes and lets out one long exhale. She

snaps them back open for me to see them glowing a light brown belore they turn back to the usual dull brown they were.

Im fine. My wolf almost came out. She’s been a bit moody with ma lately. But I understand I’m separating her from her mate, and she’s not happy about it.she shrugs before letting out a light chuckle. I know she’s trying to avoid the big question, which is,

What are you going to do?” I plain outright ask.not beating about the bush

She tums her head to look over her shoulder with her eyebrows furrowed before she turns back at me. “Do you feel that?”

Ic*k my head in question at her. “It’s like someone’s watching us.” She whispers, still staring around us with her shape gaze. Isigh, “Lana.” I don’t know if it’s a tactic to divert the conversation, but it’s not working for me.

“I’m serious.” She states for me to narrow my eyes at her. “Fine. Maybe it’s all in my head.” She sighs, combing her fingers through her hair.

Treach across to take her hand in mine so she would look at me,

“Maybe you should go to him. You’re not doing alright and might really hurt yourself staying away from him.” Tadvise softly.

“Why?” She cuts me oft. “You were rejected by your mate and lived through it, so why can’t I survive being away from mine?”

“Mine was different, Lana. I had anger to cover up my pain. And you only have…guilt. I point out. I had used my anger towards Brad and Stacy to get myself back up and be better. I had a reason to keep on living, which was to make them both see that they didn’t break me completely. But Lana doesn’t have that, only guilt, since she’s the reason her wolf can’t be with her mate or vice versa.

“You need to think this through, Lana. We’re talking about your happiness here. Isn’t that what mates are-someone you’re ready to sacrifice everything for?” I was able to do that with Reagan, even though he had used forceful methods in the beginning. But things changed, and I was willing to do anything for him.

She sighs with her shoulders, sagging in defeat. “I guess you’re right. Maybe I was being a bit difficult. It’s just… I’ve always dreamt about working in some big fancy lab with a fat paycheck that I could use to aid a boutique. And I could find the cure for cancer, brain tumors, or something like that.” Her eyes light up as she narrates with a big smile on her face. I chuckle at her dreamy expression, seeing this was the first ime I had seen a real smile on her face for a long time.

“You’re gonna be a Luna. What’s cooler than that?!” I point out, and she nods in agreement. “So…when

are you going to Oakland?” ilean in to ask, grinning from ear to ear as I can only imagine the adventures waiting for her there.

“Wait, what? No way!” She shakes her head, causing my smile to fall off.

“But I thought you’re agreeing to go meet Jace…”

“No, I’m agreeing to accept him as my mate. Ashe wolf doesn’t enter a trap set out for her. She prefers to be chased and caught. Besides, Alpha’s love the chase.” She winks at me before taking a sip from her drink. I roll my eyes at her, leaning back into my seat so i could enjoy my once abandoned burger. Only God knows what going through that mind of hers.

“Whatever. I’m just glad you’ve come to your senses. You’ve been acting like a zombie ever since we came back.”

She cringes at my words, staring down at her outfit with a grimace. “True.” She shrugs. “Cute boys also haven’t been approaching me recently.”

We get back to eating, with Lana cracking jokes about her horrible weeks ever since. She even told me how she called Gina a b***h to her face. I laughed hard at that one, considering i hate her a lot.

It was during this moment a shiver runs down my spine as the hairs on the back of my neck stood on ends. It was like Lexi had said earlier, someone might be watching us.

I hadn’t noticed it soon enough since I was occupied with Lana’s situation. But now, my mind is open, and i can definitely feel eyes on me. I look around the restaurant but found nothing, only a small booth behind me hidden in the corner. It was hard for me, but I could see a silhouette whose build seemed so


I squint my eyes and recognize the owner immediately. My stare turns to a glare then. I know he’s staring straight at me without blinking, and with my werewolf’s sight, I can see his lips pull up in a smirk.


I whip around at the masculine voice only to see a guy suddenly standing above my seat with a flirty

smile on his lips.

“My name’s Greg. And I couldn’t help to notice your beauty. I would love to get to know you more. Can

I have your number?”

“Lame.’Lana mutters, but I heard her with my sharp hearing. The receiver doesn’t, as he smells human. But he was cute, I would give him that. His hair a dark brown, and two cute dimples, showing on both his cheeks as he smiles. Charming.

Usually, I would shoo away any guy who walks up to me as I’m never interested, but today’s a bit

different. I have a pair of eyes baring holes into my back, and I would love to see their reaction at this

scene. Time for a little payback. He needs to know how I’ve been feeling ever since Janet walked into that


“Sure. Let me write that down for you.” A smile of triumph appears on his face while I lean over to grab Lana’s empty smoothie cup.

I bring out a pen and begin to write down my digits when it’s suddenly yanked out of my hand from behind me.Iturn to see Reagan gripping the cup in his large hand with his eyes blazing in fury as he stares down at me. His body is rigid and taut over the leather jacket he has on, and his sharp jaw clenches as he plances over at the shocked man beside me.

He lets out a low growl before squeezing and crushing the cup in his hold as he bares his teeth at the human. And without a word, Greg turns on his heels to walk as fast as possible out of the restaurant. By now, we had already grabbed a bit of attention as Reagan’s face alone was enough to make heads turn.

#How mature.” I sarcastically remark with a smirk at the angry Prince. I hear Lana mutter something about having homework to get to before she bolts out of the restaurant. Traitor! is this how she’s going to abandon me in the face of a real crisis?

I look back at. His Highness as he hasn’t snapped his eyes away from me.

Hif you don’t mind, you’re disrupting my meal.” I brush him away with a wave of my hand, but that only seems to anger him further.

“We’re leaving.” He states, gripping my arm and dragging me out of the seat. Ignoring my protests, he leads me outside, where I can see one of his expensive cars parked with Adrian in the driver’s seat as


“Hey.” I suddenly yank my hand away, causing him to halt in his steps and turn to me. “Where are you taking me?”

“Back homel” He abruptly answers, almost interrupting me.

“And who says I’m coming with you?” I cross my arms defiantly over my chest. His eyes narrow towards me, dangerously in a warning. “I said I needed space, and you wholeheartedly agreed to it without even so much as a fuss.” I point out.

He brings his fingers up to rub his temple as he has a look of frustration on his face.

“Ellie,” He slowly began in a dangerously low tone. “I did give you space. Thirty hours of it, and that’s all I can give. So be a good girl, and let’s go back home.” He states, using a calm tone even though he doesn’t look like it.

“Really, just thirty hours.” Ic’ kan eyebrow at him.

“Ellie.” His deep tone is full of warning.

“Okay fine. I understand if you don’t wanna mark me now, but there’s no way in hell I’m staying in the same house as that…Lucifer’s daughter!” There’s no better way to describe Janet. That girl was cunning and mischievous in different ways.

Reagan sighs and begins to pace, deep in thoughts. He runs his fingers over his messy hair, and I wish I was the one doing that. I miss everything about him.

He comes back to stand in front of me as he takes a deep breath. “I can’t send her out of the penthouse as it’s bad for my character. But maybe we can leave instead. How does that sound?” He suggests, and my eyes light up immediately.

“Wow. I should leave more often if that’s what’s going to make you act quickly.” A mischievous smile

appears on my lips.

“Don’t pushit.” He warns before leading me to the awaiting vehicle.

Chapter 2127

The eldest son is devoted to the government and wants to use the government’s influence to protect. the Smith family.”

The second son, unfortunately, is completely useless.”

“The current Smith family looks the same right now, but what about ten years later?”

Jaden sighed.

Harvey suggested with a smile, “I think Lady Smith is a good choice. It’s possible for her to succeed the Sunith family.”

Jaden replied indifferently. “Yes, she’s quite good. I also think highly of Yvonne.”

“Unfortunately, my optimism for them isn’t shared by other members of the family. They might not think highly of them, as I do.”

“If there isn’t a man to support our huge family business, I’m afraid I won’t be at case even after 1 die.

“Thus, Harvey, just like what I told you in the banquet before…

“I hold you in high esteem. If you’re willing to be the Smiths’ son-in-law.”

“I can guarantee that everything you see now will be yours in ten years.”

You’ll be one of the top big shots in the great Country H.”

“You’ll immediately become a successful man without the need to work hard for many years. Such an opportunity is indeed very rare.”

The smile on Harvey’s face stiffened. He shook his head and said, “Senior Smith. To be honest, I’m already married.”

But Jaden persisted bluntly, “Are you talking about your marriage with Mandy Zimmer from South Light’s Zimmer family? Well, I could personally solve that for you.”

Jaden was being incredibly frank. At this moment, he looked as though he would be willing to do anything as long as Harvey agreed to him.

However, Harvey narrowed his eyes in apprehension.

How well did this cunning old man, Jaden, know about him and his true identity?

Suddenly giving Harvey not only his granddaughter, but also his wealth and properties… Wasn’t he trying to give Harvey the entire Smith family?

Harvey purposely displayed a look of astonishment. He quickly waved his hand and said, “Senior Smith, I thank you for your appreciation. Unfortunately, I can’t accept your request.”

*My relationship with my wife is excellent. I have no intention of divorcing her at all.”

“Besides, Yvonne and I are just friends. We never did anything that crossed the lime, so you don’t have to worry about that.”

“As for the Smiths.. Whether you decide to hand it over te Zekeor Lady Smith. I think either one

“My relationship with my wife is excellent. I have no intention of divorcing her at all.”

“Besides, Yvonne and I are just friends. We never did anything that crossed the line, so you don’t have to worry about that.”

“As for the Smiths… Whether you decide to hand it over to Zeke or Lady Smith, I think either one would be a good choice.”

#if it really doesn’t work… Since the Smith family has abundant wealth and businesses, it shouldn’t b e difficult for you to find an heir, right?”

Jaden looked at Harvey playfully. After a moment of contemplation, he smiled and said, “Fine, I won’t force you. Since Brother York cannot agree to this request of mine, then I do hope you can agree to another.”

Harvey said, “As long as it’s within my ability, I’ll certainly agree.”

Hoh, I’m certain it is.”

Still smiling, Jaden clapped his hands. A butler appeared and handed Jaden a document,

Jaden then gave the document to Harvey and said nonchalantly, “This is a ten-percent equity transfer agreement of Smith Corporation. As long as you sign it, starting today, you’ll be one of Smith Corporation’s major shareholders.”

“I hope you’ll humor me and accept it.”

Harvey was momentarily stunned. A trace of doubt flashed through his eyes,

The Smiths were known as the richest family in Gangnam, as well as the wealthiest among the top ten families

Smith Corporation may be just one of the Smith family’s assets, but it was worth at least hundreds of billions of dollars.

Jaden had taken out ten percent of the equity, and even then, that amount was equal to billions of dollars of assets

This was certainly a major loss for the Smiths!

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