Prince Reagan by Sky Angel Chapter 46

Leaving The Past Behind

Thad already suspected that Reagan won’t leave me alone in the same room as Brad. He’d

barely even agreed to me coming here. I understand his fear, though.

“I just need a few minutes alone with him…”

“I said, no!” His low menacing growl leaves room for no argument.

My eyes trail to the audience behind us, who were curiously staring at us. They

understand immediately when I arch an eyebrow at them and proceed to leave. But Stacy, of

course, was reluctant and only leaves when Luna Ciara grabs her wrist and drags her along.

With a sigh, I turn back to my mate, whose eyes are blazing in fury and determination as

they stare down at me.

“Reagan,” I began, “I won’t stay more than I need to…”

“The last time you were alone with him, he tried to mark you. So no, I’m not taking any chances.” He hisses through clenched teeth.

“He doesn’t even have the canines he needs to mark me, and he’s…bedridden.” I cringe slightly in guilt once more as lutter those words. “To be precise, he can’t harm me.” I shrug.

He’s silent, not budging from my words and remaining determined. His dark eyes on me show no sign of him giving in, and I can only sigh in frustration. He can be so stubborn at


“Baby,” I walk up to him and place my palm on his cheeks, peeking directly into his eyes. “I’m not going in there to leave you and never come back. I only want to clear the air between Brad and me and get this heavy feeling off my chest. I need to do this, not just for me but for us.”

Brad and lonce shared a connection, and whether I like it or not, I once held strong feelings for him. But they don’t compare to what Reagan and I have. While Brad had stained our mate bond and trampled on it, Reagan and I had nourished ours to grow into something beautiful that we both cherish. And for me to move on completely, I need to end whatever it was Brad and I had. Be it hate or despise.

I can see my mate isn’t happy one bit with my decision, but he soon nods in acceptance.

His jaw is clenched, and his body is rigid as he watches me walk towards the door.

“Five minutes, and I’m coming in.” I hear his gruff voice behind me.

With a brief and light knock, I slowly swing the door open and step into the dimly lit room. . Even though he had disappointed everyone, he was still treated nicely, it seems. The room is large, and I could see a fireplace that is lit opposite to the bed. And Brad laid on the

I take my time to study his sickly pale face with his eyes closed in sleep. His black hair had grown long enough to cover part of his face and forehead, looking ungroomed.

He had changed a lot. Gone was the high school jock everyone used to envy and adore, now replaced with a fragile pup condemned to a life of worthlessness.

Thalt in my steps and watch as his eyelids slowly flutter open before they trail around the room and eventually land on me. They squint at me in disbelief before widening in realization.

“Ellie?” His raspy voice fills my ear, and I continued to walk up to him till I stood beside his bed.

He stares up at me, dazed, before shifting so he could sit up. I walk to help him, arranging his pillows behind him while keeping an emotionless mask on. I may feel bad for him, but that

doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten all he had done to me. He gave me the worst year of my life and

almost took my life when he tried to mark me.

Alight chuckle erupts from his lips, causing me to stare at him with an eyebrow c****d

* * * *


“Iused to call you weak, but here you are, helping me to sit up in bed. How the tables have turned.” His chuckle turns bitter then, and I could see the sadness and regret in his eyes as he looks away.

I could also see how skinny he had become as his torso came into view. His once muscular arms were now almost as tiny as mine and his buff body held little meat.

“You were wrong.” I suddenly say, and he looks back up at me. “I was never weak, considering I survived you rejecting me and marking another.” I try to keep my tone as cold as possible, not displaying any emotion, knowing a certain somebody was listening outside. He may not have followed me in, but that doesn’t mean he’s leaving me completely alone.

I smile at the thought, wondering how silly Reagan must look like with his ear glued to the door.

“You’re right.” Brad nods in agreement. “You were always strong enough to lead, and I was a fool for not noticing it.” He regrettably said.

I look away to stare at the brown walls and fireplace. The air between us felt awkward and tense with all that had happened leading to this moment.

“You probably hate me, and I don’t blame you.”

I turn to stare at him then, my eyes fixed on him as I reply.

tried, I couldn’t. The mate bond wouldn’t let me.” I hear a light thud at the bedroom door then, but Brad doesn’t seem to notice as his eyes are fixed on me. It seems my mate is impatient.

And even now, as the mate bond is severed, I still don’t…” Brad’s eyes lighten up at my words, and I can see the hope in them. “Because I feel nothing but pity for you”, I add, for the

look on his face to crumble.

His jaw clenches at my words as a look of annoyance crosses his features. “Pity? You pity me because of what your cunt of a Prince did to me?!” He bares his mouth open then, and for the first time, I see the two gaping holes between his teeth, where his canines were supposed

to be.

“He only did what he thought best to protect his mate.” I defend Reagan with pride, not liking how Brad insults him.

“I’m your mate!” Brad suddenly roars, and I can see specks of red flashing in his eyes. His

Alpha wolf was very week. I can see that since they weren’t glowing much.

“Not anymore. And I’m happy about that.” My eyes trail to the bedroom door, where Reagan stood behind it. I couldn’t be any happier being with him.

“At least you still have Stacy to take good care of you.”” turn back to Brad, who was still seething in fury, on the bed.

He scoffs at my statement, “You mean the w***e who is disgusted merely by my present sight and wishes for a way to sever the mating bond with me?”

Ah, smart Stacy already wants to leave after sinking in too deep. How shameful. She doesn’t know that death is the only way out. Until one of them is dead, the bond can’t be broken. And even then, there’s a possibility the other will follow.

“I have no one, Ellie.” His eyes and voice suddenly turn soft as a look of vulnerability appear on his face. “Not even my parents. Even though they allow me a bit of luxury…” He gestures around the room. “…I can see in their eyes they no longer want me, especially my dad. I’m all alone now.”

I feel a slight ache of nothing but pity for this man in front of me, looking broken and


“But with you here,” he leans forward to me and takes a hold of my hand, causing me to furrow my eyebrows down at him. “I feel whole once more. Not even Stacy can make feel that. You feel it, don’t you? The bond, it’s still there. Come back to me…”

  • He grips both my hands in his, and I stop him by snatching mine away. Their touch

particular Prince can.

Brad’s face turns crestfallen at my blatant rejection as he watches me move back away

from him.

“I only came here to end whatever was left between us, Brad. Nothing more. I only wish you will find happiness someday, even with your unpleasant state. Goodbye.” I quickly say before turning to leave for the door. I’m glad Reagan hasn’t walked in yet as he had promised, since five minutes have already passed. It’s good to know he trusts me, even though he’s doing that by still eavesdropping on my conversation.

“No!” Brad suddenly bursts out, and I feel his hand clamp on my wrist from behind before yanking me back. I’m surprised by his strength, considering he’s supposed to be weak from losing his canines.

His fingers are digging into my wrist. And I look up to see the look of fury and desperation flashing in his eyes.

“Let me go, Brad”, I order, but he doesn’t respond as he keeps his eyes pinned on me and his hold around my wrist.

Before I could yank my hand away, the door bursts open, and in a flash, I’m being pulled away from him and watching his arm being gripped and twisted.

A howl of pain erupts from him as Reagan keeps his arm in a death grip. One wrong move and his arm would be broken.

Reagan has a dark look over this face with his eyes glowing gold as they glare at Brad. I’m scared he might really hurt him, so I hurry over to his side and place my hand on his shoulder from behind.

His body goes rigid for a second before going soft as he recognizes my touch. I step behind him, breathing in his scent as I whisper beside his ear.

“Let him go. You’re better than this.” I say before staring at Brad over his shoulder, who has his face contorted in pain. He tries to yank his hand free, but Reagan’s hold on him was

strong and he kept twisting the more Brad struggled.

Reagan leans down then, to hiss at him in a low menacing tone.

“Even think about touching her ever again, and your teeth aren’t the only thing I will pull out.” He promises before letting Brad’s arm go. He gives one last warning glare to him before spinning around to hold me by my waist and lead me out the door.

ignoring the burning look on our backs.

We stride down the hallway together, with him still feeling tense beside me. And everyone we pass by makes sure not to come an inch close to us when they see the dark look in his eyes. I nod to the Alpha and Luna, ignoring Stacy’s glare as I’m led outside.

Adrian was still waiting in the car, and he came out in time to open the door for us. Immediately as we’re in, Reagan pounces on me unexpectedly, rubbing his body over mine as he emits low growls from his chest.

Igiggle and watch as he took extra care of my hands, rubbing his scent all over me, not even caring that someone else was in the car with us.

“I hate the smell of his stench on you.” He growls, burying his head into my neck as he lays

kisses there.

“Did you accomplish what you wanted?” He inquires with his head still in my neck.

I was now free of whatever I once had with Brad and ready to move on completely. Nothing was holding me back. I could give myself whole to Reagan.

I sigh in content into his hair as I breathe in his marvelous scent. “Yes, I did.” And I’m all

yours now.

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