Prince Reagan by Sky Angel Chapter 47


The buzzing sound of Reagan’s phone vibrating on the nightstand wakes us both up with sleepy, groggy eyes. I lay back on the bed with a groan while he reaches for the phone and

picks it.

“What?” His cold voice demands, and I could hear the irritation in his tone from being

interrupted in his sleep.

I look up at him to see his eyebrows suddenly furrow as he listens to whatever the person on the other line was saying. His eyes shift to me then, and I stare at him in question while standing up to lay on my elbows behind me.

“T’ll be there.” He only says before ending the call and standing up in his sweatpants. “What’s going on?” I ask, watching him put on his shirt as if he was ready to go out. And it

was only five in the morning!

“A nearby pack, Lotus Pack, was ambushed by a group of rogues not too long ago. They caught one. I need to go.” He explains as he heads for the door.

“I’m coming too,” I say, also standing up to follow. But he turns around to stop me with a shake of his head.

“No. Not in your condition.” And by condition, he meant my ‘heat.’ Yesterday, my body had started growing hot once more as I get aroused by the slightest thing my mate did. His mere touch was enough to have me humping on him. And my mood swings had come in full blast


“Why not?!”I demand. “I’m perfectly fine right now.” He walks up to me and stares down into my eyes as his palm comes up to brush my cheek.

“Your scent is very strong and will attract a lot of male attention. And I won’t be able to concentrate with every man’s eyes on you.” His warm eyes flash with a light that I recognize all too well, his usual possessiveness. But this time I glimpse at something behind it, something gentle, not worry exactly, but a care for me. “Stay. I promise I’ll be back as soon as I can.” He says it in a low tone and I can help but trust his word.

“Alright, call me if anything big happens though, okay? Good luck.” I offer him a tiny smile and see him relax for a second, only to then remember that he has to hurry, and turns to rush

out the bedroom door.

I flump back on the bed with a loud huff, letting a bit of my frustration sink in. I’ve always gone with him when anything like this arises, but now, because of this stupid ‘heat,’ I can’t. And it had to be the day they finally caught one of them. I wish for my wolf to quickly complete her

burning feeling again.

Since the attack on Eclipse pack the rogues hadn’t tried anything, until now. We’ve tightened the security in smaller packs, especially those guarding at night, as it seems that’s when these rogues love to strike. They were cowards, attacking in the dead of night when

everyone is exhausted and disoriented with sleep.

It’s good to hear that they have one of them in custody. Maybe now, we’ll finally have the answers we’re looking for. I can only pray to the moon that we find the kidnapped she-wolves in good condition. But of course, questioning the prisoner won’t be easy, since werewolves aren’t easy to break due to our good resistance to pain. It will take some time for Reagan to

come back.

It is still early hours of the morning, but sleep is the last thing I want to do right now. I’m more anxious about knowing what my mate would find out from the rogue.

I decide to take a bath to cool off my body as it is slowly turning hot, and also to clear my mind. We still haven’t gone back to the former penthouse where Danny and Lexi reside, and I am okay with that for now, even with Janet no longer around. I like the privacy Reagan and I have here together. It allows us the time to share more of each other without being interrupted.

Lexi and Danny swing by sometimes, with Danny purposely having too much fun by annoying us constantly with his presence and crude jokes about what we do here. He sometimes stays too late at night, knowing my mate and I want to be left alone. He’s a real

pain in the ass.

Lexi, on the other hand, is busy with her finals and barely makes it to visit us. She will soon be done with it and maybe spend her holidays in Canada, that is if we complete this case


I was first frightened at the thought of moving away from Los Angeles, from my home and my parents. I would surely miss them a lot. And then I would also meet Reagan’s parent, the

King and Queen of all beasts, which by itself is enough to make me feel agitated. I wonder how they would act towards me, a former she-wolf, mating their son.

But I have no choice. I can’t stay a day without Reagan anymore and would gladly follow

him wherever he goes.

spend a lot of time in the bathtub before deciding to step out and dress up in denim

shorts and a light blue top. The sun is already coming up, and I draw the curtains back to let

and so does my wolf.

I can feel her strength increasing every second these days. My eyes are glowing more gold-like each time my wolf looks through my eyes. Reagan can also sense her new aura and believes in a week or two, I will be a full Lycan.

The thought excites me a lot as I haven’t shifted in a long time. I long to be free in the wild, running for hours till I’m worn out and howling at the moon, especially when it’s full. Even my wolf craves it a lot, I can feel her desire every time, matching mine. It will probably be a whole new experience for both of us.

After some time, I hear a knock at the door and a gruff voice say, “Room service.”

I furrow my eyebrows in suspicion at the unfamiliar voice. Reagan had made sure only one staff was assigned to us, and I know his voice from memory since I’ve been hearing it for weeks now. I sniff the air for his scent but I’m confused even further to find he has none.

Our usual staff was a human male, and I also knew him from his scent, but this one had either masked his or was something else. Could my heat be blocking my sense of smell? No, that has never happened before. And this room service’s a bit late today as he always comes at 7 o’clock sharp. But now, it’s 7:30.

With a cautious step, I walk over to the door, my hand slowly reaching for the doorknob. I brace myself for an attack, ready to defend myself in case anything goes wrong.

I twist the doorknob and then open the door slowly to first peek at the staff.

Before me is a man with a lean structure in the usual black and red uniform. In his hands, a tray containing a stainless-steel covered dish. I eye him warily while he smiles at me before nodding in greeting.

“Who are you, and what happened to the other guy who usually serves us?” I ask with a frown directed at him. I still can’t smell his scent and know something fishy is going on here.

“I’m sorry, ma’am, but he’s unavailable today, and I’m here to fill in for him.” He answers in a polite tone, but I’m still not yet convinced.

“Not to worry. You can carry that back, I’m not hungry.” I say, as I move to close the door, but a hand stops it. I look back to the staff in confusion when I notice it wasn’t even his hand that stopped the door, but another peeking from behind.

I watch in horror as a figure emerges, a burlier man with a sinister smile that stretches on his lips when he stares at me with his eyes, dark like a void.

male staff, who also has a devilish smile on his lips.

Without a second thought, I push the door forward with as much force as I can muster to shut it close. But the two men behind the door place their weight on it, and I can hear the tray of food clatter to the floor as they both push the door back open.

Even though I’m getting almost as strong as a Lycan, I still haven’t completed the process yet. And since I can’t shift, I’m a bit weak, almost possessing the strength of an average werewolf. So the guys are able to push the door open and barge into the room with force.

I try to run, but the burly man catches my arm quickly and pulls me back. I struggle in his hold, kicking him in the groin as he holds my back against his front. He grunts in pain but keeps his hold on me as I thrash around in his arm. He seems to have a strong resistance to pain since nowhere I kick him makes him move back. His arm around my waist is also tight and painful.

“Hold still, bitch.” He hisses into my ear. But I snap my claws out to scratch at his arm around my waist while hitting him square on the jaw with the back of my head. I may not be able to shift, but I still have my claws.

He hisses in pain when I dig in too deep, drawing blood, and he lets go of me. I try to rush towards the door when I felt the prick of a needle on my neck behind me. I halt in my steps bringing my hand up to pull out the needle from my skin as I turn around.

I stare at the fake hotel staff that had injected me with God knows what as I stagger on my feet. I look back down at the injection needle to see a purple liquid substance leaking from the tip. My sight turns blurry, and I stare up once more to see the smirk on my attacker’s face. The burly one is already getting to his feet and watching me with a pleased look on his face.

And when I feel the burning pain engulf my body as the liquid trickles deeper into my blood, I know immediately what it was. Wolf’s bane.

I fall to my knees before sliding to the floor as my limbs suddenly feel too heavy for me, with my breathing turning shallow.

“Quick, inject her with another.” I hear someone order and soon felt another pricking sensation on my arm. The room around me spins, and I see my attackers stare down at me with smug smiles.

Something about this wolf’s bane felt different. It felt stronger and can paralyze me completely with pain without killing me…I think. I mean, the pain is enough to make me wish for death, but I don’t feel like I’m dying.

much of what is happening with my present state, but I try to stay awake long enough to figure out anything.

I’m taken down, and I wonder how no one sees me even while I’m being tossed into the back of a truck. I hear the sound of the engine as it drives me to an unknown destination. But I can only lay back down on its floor, fighting to stay awake and trying to move or at least resist this pain.

I manage to stare at my arm where I was previously injected and see purple lines of my veins from around the area to half my arm. I imagine my neck would also look the same way. If I was an average wolf, I think I would be dead by now. I hear wolf’s bane can’t harm Lycans. But for it to be able to do this much damage to me, I’m sure they had modified it. This means they know about my transformation from a werewolf to a Lycan. But how? Have they seen me with Reagan long enough to connect the dots? So many questions are running through my muddled mind.

I can only pray to the moon that Reagan can feel my pain and quickly comes to save me from whatever fate awaits me at where these f*****g bastards were taking me.

I watch paralyzed as the burly man comes to sit opposite of me with that sinister smile still on as he watches me. I hear him say something about my scent before I see the look of hunger in his eyes. But I can’t make out his words with the wolf’s bane in my system.

I continue to stare at him, not able to move, my eyes filled with hatred as the truck keeps driving me farther away…from my mate.

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