Prince Reagan by Sky Angel Chapter 5

A Bite In The Bedroom

Turns out, I’m in an impressively large penthouse and

not in Canada.

The round walls, floor to ceiling, are mostly made of

windows that give a beautiful view of the city with the

curtains pulled open. The wide-spaced sitting room has two

large curved sofas with grey, white and black cushions neatly

arranged on it. The hardwood floor is smooth, and the

ceiling is sky-high. There’s a bar at the back and a spiral

staircase leading upstairs.

Reagan pulls me to the stairs while stare at everything

in awe. Reagan. I like the sound of that name.

My eyes shifting from one spot to another when I heard

him say.

“The rest are probably asleep by now.” I turn to him


“You’ll get to meet them tomorrow.”

“The rest?” I ask as we emerge into a long hallway. Our

light footsteps are the only things that can be heard as we

walk further to stop in front of a large door,

I think it’s the master’s bedroom as it’s at the end of the

hallway, and its door is larger than the rest.

“My friends.” He swifily turns the knob and pushes it open for me to walk in.

I take in how widely spaced the bedroom is a king-sized

bed in the middle laid with grey and white bedsheets. The

Lighting here is dim, and the grey walls make it look darker. The curtains are drawn close with only the bedside lampon,

I can see there are two other doors across the room that I

imagine leads to a bathroom and walk-in closet.

The whole design and decoration of the house is

extravagant but has a hint of elegance to it.

And Reagan’s sont is more evident here. It’s swirling

around the room and into my nostrils, filling my mind with

different erotic thoughts.

I turn when I hear the bedroom door lock and see

Reagan walk further into the room towards me.

*Uh..where will be sleeping?” I ask, warily watching


“Here, of course.” He answers matter of fact as he walks

past me to flop on the bed, and he begins to take off his shoe

“And you?” i nervously ask, dreading the answer.

He halts in his movement to look up at me with a

perfect eyebrow c

  1. d. My palms begin to sweat as I wait for

his answer

“Here, also.”

But thats not possible!” I speedily protest with my eyes wide open in fear. If we sleep in this room together, I’m

not sure I’ll be pure anymore come morning.

Reagan swiftly pulls off his last shoe before standing up

to tower over my small frame as he walks closer. His stance

and aura are intimidating, making me take a step back.

“Let’s get one thing straight. Just because I didn’t mark

and claim you in front of everyone when I first saw you, it

doesn’t mean I’m going to be giving you any space. I’m only letting you walk free without my bite on your pretty little neck because your wolf is still going through heartbreak.”

By now, my back is against the wall as he keeps coming

closer to me, and I have nowhere else to go.

He traps me with one of his hands beside my head on

the wall while I stare up at him. He looks pissed like he’s

restraining himself from doing something

His face leans in closer to mine, and our lips are almost

touching as he hisses,

“But don’t think for one second I’ll be denying myself

from having you in every possible way I can.” His eyes move

lower to my neck then my breast, and I see them darken in

lust. I swallow my saliva in fear as he moves in closer,

eliminating any space between us.

i feel his lips on my neck sending zaps of electricity

down my body, and I involuntarily let out a moan. I snap my

mouth shut immediately as my eyes widen in horror. Was

that me? I sounded like one of those pornstars.

Reagan doesn’t stop as he pulls his tongue out to lay at one spot belore taking it between his teeth. My hips of its

own accord buck towards him as I gasp at the amount of pleasure that little action brought me

One of his large hand lands on my waist, holding me as

he continues to suck and bite at that spot. And this time, I

moan louder than before.

He pulls back then with a groan to look at my flushed face and then my neck before smiling in content.

“There. Better.” He says and backs away.

“I’m going to have a shower. Wannajoin me?” He

flashes me an irresistible smile, almost making it hard for me

to reject:

“I promise you’ll love it.” He coaxes with his voice taking

a sexy low tone that makes my stomach curl. I’m tempted.

“I’m fine. I’ll take one later.” i wrap my arms around my

body and look away from those tempting eyes.

“Pity.” He shrugs before turning to leave to the


Immediately he shuts the door behind him, I flop my

butt on the bed with a huff.

Why is my life always so complicated?

First, my mate, who is an alpha, rejects me, now a Lycan Prince has declared me his. And there’s nothing I can do or

say about it. No one can help me. Not my parents, not my alpha...I’m on my own. Right now, I wish Lana or my mum

was here, just someone I can talk to and express my

thoughts My wolf is unusually dilent and can hardly feel

thoughts. My wolf is unusually silent and I can barely feel

what she does.

It’s like she has shut me out. Something she does when

She’s mostly confused or sad.

Sighing once more, I look down at my dress and begin

to wonder what I would wear. Since Reagan isn’t letting me have a say in the matter, I’m here with nothing but this dress

and the pair of heels I have on.

My eyes drift to the second door across the room. I can

hear the shower running from the first, meaning it’s the

bathroom. So the second must be the walk-in closet.

Standing up, I take light steps to the door before twisting the handle open. It’s dark, so I search for the light switch and flick it on. I’m struck by the number of clothes that are in here, both for men and women. The right side is

neatly arranged with men’s clothing while the other for

women. I can smell Reagan’s scent coming from the right side, but another female’s scent is coming from the left.

Iscrunch my nose as the scent immediately irritates me even though it’s not disgusting.

Jealousy and anger take over as my hand touches a silk

nightgown that is red in color and very provocative. Even my

wolf peaks out through my eyes as she senses another lady

has been in this room.

She must have or is living here to have so many dresses

in another man’s room. And she doesn’t smell human, but I

She must have or is living here to have so many dresses

in another man’s room. And she doesn’t smell human, but i

think Lycan

| sneer in distaste before spinning and grabbing one of Reagan’s shirt that would be too oversized for me and stomp

out of the wardrobe. I’d rather sleep in his shirt than take

anything that belongs to that female. I haven’t met her, and I

already hate her.

You know what? This is probably all a joke:

I can’t be Reagan’s mate. Lycans only mate with Lycans.

Only werewolves mate both their kind and humän.

Lycans prefer to associate themselves with only their

kind. That’s why Gina had been rudely turned down by that

female Lycan. They look at us as nothing but inferior species

of their kind and they treat humans the same way. So there is no way I’m mated to a Lycan and a Prince at that. That female Lycan that owns those clothes, probably, will be back

soon and would tear me into pieces with her bare claws if

she sees me close to Reagan, I’ve heard of how they kill

people who cross them. And I do not want to be on that list..

I’m still seething and fuming in the bedroom when

Reagan walks out of the bathroom with a towel hanging

dangerously low on his hips. And he uses another to wipe his

hair. His eyes land on my pacing form immediately, and he c***s an eyebrow at me. But I’m too busy admiring his packs and muscles. His hair is still wet, and some droplets fall

down his neck to his toned chest and his abs before

disappearing into that V-shaped…

Ishake my head and say, “I want my own room.”

He sighs exasperatedly, “I already told you, no.” He

hanes the towel around his neck as he looks down at me.

“I know, but I’m not going to sleep in the same room

another lady resides in.” i spit the word, “lady: with a scornful

look on my face

He furrows his eyebrows at me in question before his

Eyes move past me to the wardrobe at the back that I had

left open. Realization dawns on his face before he stares back

at me with a sunk

“Are you jealous?” He asks with a playful smile playing

at the edge of his lips.

I scrunch my nose, “No, I’m not. I just don’t want to end

up with a slit throat for stealing another Lycan’s man.” I lay

emphasis on the word ‘Lycan’ so he would get my point. I’m

just an ordinary she-wolf that won’t be able to protect

herself from his kind’s wrath.

“Yeah, sure.” He nods in mock understanding, and I

Elare at him in return

“Not to worry about that, though. Janet and i split up a

long time age and haven’t seen each other since then.”

“Then why are her clothes still here? Why am I asking!

Surprisingly, he answers. “I’m not sure. I’m not always

here, so I didn’t mind.” He shrugs.

“She comes and goes, sometimes, when I’m not here.”

I nod and look away, embarrassed.

I do sound jealous, asking him about Janet.

What’s wrong with me? I can feel my wolf calm down a

bit at his explanation, but she still doesn’t like another

female’s scent in this room.

Ilõok back up to see his eyes on his shirt that I have

bunched in my hands, with an arched eyebrowi.

“oh..huh…have nothing to wear to sleep…50..” |

intemally curse myself for stuttering so much as my cheeks

go pink, I hope he doesn’t think me a pervert for going

through his clothes. And I hope it’s not an offense to do that

since he’s a Prince. What was thinking, taking his shirt?

“Want me to help with your dress zipper?” He takes a step towards me with his eyes hooded as they stare down

my body in lust.

I quickly jump past him and bolt to the bathroom door

but said a quick, “No, thanks,” before locking the door

behind me

I lean my back on the door, staring up at the ceiling

before letting out a sigh.

iflremain in that room with him, it’s poing to be harder

lighting him of

The bathroom, like the rest of the house, is huge.

I wall over to the mirror and look for a tissue to clean

my makeup

Then I step out of my dress and underwear and dump

them into the lamper. Noticing a clean, unused white towel

on the sink, I reach for it before stepping into the glass-enclosed shower.

When I step out, I put on the shirt and find it reaches my mid-thigh before tying my hair into a ponytail with a ribbon |

found on the sink.

I don’t go back out right away but stand a few feet from

the door laakinz unsure.

It’s my first, not just sharing a room with a Lycan Prince,

but sharing a room with a guy. I’ve never even kissed a guy. No one wanted to associate themselves with me throughout

high-school. And alter Brad’s rejection, I haven’t been able to

let another guy touch me. I tried going to nightclubs and

have a one-night stand to lose my V-card. But it didn’t work

but as plained

“Are you gonna stand there all night?” i hear Reagan’s voice from behind the door, jerking me from my thoughts. Of course, he’s listening to everything I’m doing. He’s probably

also listening to my heart’s beat right now.

Stupid Lycan hearing:

I pull out a breath before reaching for the door handla.

I’m met with the sight of a hot male Lycan only in a pairal

um charis leaving his other um

at he Helse

arm supporting his head on the pillow with his eyes fixed on

  1. me. And I see them darken a bit as they stare at me in his


I swallow as I notice the predator’s look in his eyes,

“Maybe I should sleep on the couch in the sitting room.” I

suggest as I inch closer to the door.

He slowly sits up on the bed with his predatory’s eyes

still fixed on me.

“Come here.” He orders in a deep velvety voice that

sends shivers down my spine. I oblige by taking slow,

cautious steps towards him.

But he doesn’t move and continues to watch me like a

hawk. I’m some steps away when I stop, dreading the

outcome of this night.

You don’t have to be afraid of me. I won’t hurt you.” His

eyes soften as he stretches his hand out for me to take. And I

reluctantly do, and he pulls me in closer till I’m straddling

his hips. His hand inches higher to the nape of my neck

before going up to pull out my ribbon and let my hair fall,

down in waves around my shoulder and back. He combs his

fingers through it, staring at it mesmerized before switching

our position in a flash, leaving me beneath him now. My hair

spread out in the pillow while i stare up at him.

“Beautiful.” His voice sounds husky and restrained. He

reaches across to turn off the bed lamp belore spooning me

with his arms wrapped around my waist

“Goodnight.” I hear him whisperinto my ear in the

darkened room. But I’m rigid in his arms, feeling his bulge

against my butt. I loosen up after a while and relax into his

hold. His scent engulis me, and his body warmth soothes

  1. me.

“Goodnight,” I whisper back.

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