Prince Reagan by Sky Angel Chapter 6

A Kiss Will Do

The sound of someone persistently banging their fist on

the door makes me flip my eyes open, startled. I feel hot all

over like I’m in hell with an arm wrapped possessively over

my waist. The exasperated sigh of a man is heard in my ear

before the arm leaves my waist, and the hot body separates

from me. I hear the sound of hard footsteps stomping on the

floor before the door being banged on is forcefully pulled


“What?” Reagan grows at the disrupter of his and my sleep while I sit up on the bed, I had been hoping this all to be some kind of bad dream that my mind had conjured, but

it seems I’m not waking up from it.

“We heard the happy news!” I hear a feminine voice

squeal outside, almost makine me cover my ears as i cringe.

“Let me see her. Oh, please, oh, pleasel Just to say hi. I


I can see Reagan blocking the girl’s for from coming in

or seeing past him. He doesn’t open the door wide and uses

his body to cover the its frame.

Sunlight peeks into our room behind the dark curtains,

and I’m still left dazed at how large the windows are

The room looks even more beautiful in the daylight, and

I cant wait to see how the sitting room lacksnow.

“No.” He growis only that word before slamming the

door shut and clicking the lock. He pivots on his feet to walk

back towards the bed when his eyes lock with mine.

“Okay, I’ll see her at breakfast.” A voice sounds behind

the door, but Reagan ignores it as he walks closer to the bed.

His eyes are fixed on me as I grip the bedsheet tighter to my

chest, unconsciously moving back against the headboard.

He takes quick long strides and soon crawls into the bed

to lean over my small frame, both his hands in fists beside

my hips, digging into the bed.

He buries his face into my neck, breathing in my scent,

and my skin tingles where his light stubbles grazes.

Even though he just woke up, he still looks damn sexy

while I probably look like a trainwreck. He smells heavenly

too, and I can’t resist the urge to breathe in,

I hear a deep growl rumble from his chest before he

moves back to stare down at me.

“Good morning.” His voice has a rough and deep

baritone to it, and I can see his beast peeking through his

eyes atrrie as they turned a bright golden color. I blush at the

intensity of his eyes before looking down to pick at the grey


“Morning.” I mutter back.

I realize then I’m still in his shirt, and it had rid up to

show my panties. I quickly pull it down, hoping he hadn’t

seen them as my blush brightens.

“Look at me.” I hear him order softly with a whisper, and

Toblige almost immediately. His head slowly leans down

towards mine, and I panicked when I see that he’s aiming for

my lips.

“I have classes.” I quickly say placing both my hands on

his chest to stop him. He goes rigid under my palm, and I

think I saw him shiver a bit, making me retract them. As I do,

he moves back a bit but not leaving much space between us.

“So?” He asks with his head c***d at me.

“So…I have to get ready and go.”

A shadow falls over his face at my statement, and he

abruptly stands and walks to his walk-in closet. He comes

back out seconds later, already dressed in a pair of sweat

pants and a top, leaving me stunned at how quick he was.

“No.” He finally answers, deadpanned.

I’m tongue-tied for a few seconds before finding my


“But I need to go. It’s just my first year and…”

“Iyid no.” He cuts me off and my anger suddenly

begins to rise at his abruptness,

I stand to glare at him, “You can’t control me. I had a life

you know? Before you came and started to disrupt the

whole thing”

He narrows his eyes at me in warning, but i stand tall

and stare back at him.

“I can and will control you if you keep on acting sa

“I can and will control you if you keep on acting sa

rudely. And as much as your leisty attitude is a huge turn on,

I would advise you don’t piss off my beast, or you won’t like the outcome.” His arms are folded across his chest as he

stands tall over me, showing his dominance.

I hold my tongue then, remembering he’s a Prince that I

had to show utmost respect to.

He relaxes then, his eyes softening and holding a

sudden playfulness to it.

“If you must attend these classes, then I’ll need

insurance.” He suddenly announces, taking me by surprise.

“Insurance?” I ask with a confused expression. He smiles

back instantly, but it’s unsettling as it holds a hidden

meaning to it.

“Yes, I need to be sure you’ll come back here.

Something to keep me relaxed while you’re gone.”

i’m still confused with my eyebrows furrowed, my lips


What does he want?

“A kiss will do.” He says with a sly grin all across his face.

Both my eyes widen in horror at his request, and I

stae per hack a bit.

“I’m not kissing you.” I quickly say:

Heshrugs, “Works for me. More time to spend with

I’ve never kissed anyone before, neither do I know how

  1. to. And I doubt I’ll be able to. But if I don’t, I’ll be locked up in

here and won’t be able to make it to school. I’m not stupid

enough to run away so soon without a plan.

He’ll be able to track me down and have other

werewolves in the city also look for me.

And even if I get to leave the city or even the country,

other werewolves there will be notified. And I will be on the

run for the rest of my life. Well, until he eventually finds me,

which he will. He’s a Prince. He has influences on all

werewolves round the world. And I’m just an unlucky

she-wolf who always gets herself into bad situations.

So for now, any little opportunity I can get to leave here,

even if it’s just a little while, I need to take it. Besides, kissing

him shouldn’t be that hard.

He’s hot and very attractive, and people kiss strangers

every day. This shouldn’t be so hard.


I sigh heavily before taking little steps up to him.

His eyes light up as he watches me move closer to him,

and he expectantly looks at me as I stop in front of him.

Mustering up as much courage as I could, I get up to my

tipy-toes and fold my hand in his shirt to bring him closer to

  1. me. He follows, suddenly having a serious expression in his

I pucker my lips and lay a light peck on his lips before

moving back and dropping down to my feet.

He c**is an eyebrow down at me, unamused, “That’s

it?” He blinks, “I didn’t ask for a peck, but a real kiss that

would leave both of us breathless.”

I stare away, embarrassed my cheeks turning pink, and

my fingers fiddling with one another.

“I don’t know how,” I mutter, but I know he heard me.

“What do you mean by you don’t know how?” I stare

back at him to see a frown on his face.

“L.I don’t know how to kiss because I haven’t kissed

anyone before, okay?” I suddenly blurt out, tired of the

situation I was put in.

I don’t stare at him, not wanting to see the disgusted

look on his face as he finds out i’m a virgin in every aspect.

The same look every guy gives when a girl is inexperienced. Maybe that’s why Brad had chosen Stacy over me. I had seen

her with lots of boys before he asked her out.

Tired of the silence, I look back up to see not a

disgusted look, but a happy grin on his face.

Reagan suddenly wraps his arm around my waist then

to bring me closer to him, and I’m left stunned by his

actions. His face leans closer to mine, our lips almost

touching as he whispens;

“Good. Now I don’t have to worry about killing another

male who had ever touche vou.” And then his softly

lacked with mine.

I’m frozen as his lips brush over mine smoothly, coaxing

me to reciprocate as his hand comes up to caress my chin.

My Eyes on their own accord begin to flutter close, and I let

out a gasp as delicious sparks of electricity course through

my whole body. He tilts his head to his side, deepening the

kiss, and I begin to move my lips with his. My lips part in

another gasp, and his tongue takes the opportunity to slide

between them.

it was when I tasted mint that I suddenly remembered I

haven’t brushed my teeth yet. But he seems to have and

isn’t grossed out that I haven’t. Instead, he pulls me closer to

him, taking my breath away as he bites and sucks.

My hands move from my side to hold onto his arms as

begin to get weak in the knees.

My lungs start to burn for air, but his hand at the back of

my head isn’t letting me move away.

I think i’m about to pass out when he moves back, and I

take in big wulps of air.

“You said a kiss.” | panted, staring up at his beautiful and

dark eyes. He doesn’t even look out of breath while I’m

breathing like I just ran a mile.

“Ilied.” He responds before diving back in to take my

lips once more. This time, it’s harder and more possessive,

like he’s staking his claim. And I could do nothing but accept

My whole body is burning, and I’m left dazed in lust.

I’m surprised that only a kiss can make me feel this way.

Is this how other people I see kissing feel?

I doubt it. This feels different…a lot more different.

Letting out a growl of frustration, Reagan pulls back

from me before aggressively runs his fingers through his hair.

I suddenly feel cold at the loss of contact, my erratic

breathing heavy, and my skin flushed in heat.

“Everything you need is in the bathroom. I’ll be back

with clothes for your class.” He gloomily says before striding

over to the door and slamming it shut behind him with so

much force, I was scared it would fall off its hinges.

Letting out a sigh, I later walk to the bathroom, happy

he’s agreeing to my request. I found a new toothbrush by the

sink with a häirbrush and body lotion.

I hurry and do my business in the toilet before brushing my teeth and stepping out of Reagan’s shirt to take a quick


I step out and dry myself with a towel before using the

lotion on my body. I stare al myself in the mirror and brush

through my tangled hair. It was then I noticed the red hickey

on my neck. I graze my hand over it and immediately

recalled Reagan’s teeth on it yesterday. Tingles shoot frem

that spot to all over my body, and i gasp in surprise while withdrawing my hand back

When I step out of the bathroom. I see a dress laid out

on the bed. It was a white dress filled with purple and dark

pink flowers scattered over it. It had thin straps for sleeves,

and I’m guessing that’s why the dark denim jacket is laid

beside it. There’s no sign of Reagan, but I go over and lock

the bedroom before putting on the dress. It stops a few

inches above my knees, and I’m fascinated at how soft the

fabric feels over my skin.

I’ve never been able to afford a dress like this before. It

Seems expensive, but I can smell another lady’s scent on it.

Meaning it belongs to someone else. Surprisingly though, I

don’t feel pissed like how the other lady’s clothes in the

wardrobe made me yesterday. This one seems…friendly. It’s

hard to explain, but I sense no threat.

i gather all my hair to the left part of my neck to cover my Hickie. No way am i letting anyone on campus see that. It’s very evident, and I’m sure everyone would give me

surprise looks when they see this. They’ve never seen mie

with a guy before, and I had left the ceremony yesterday with

the Prince. So put two and two together, and they’ll get

something extreme in their minds.

Not sure what to do nekt, I po to click the lack of the

bedroom door open before twisting the doorknob so I could peek outside. However, I’m met with a Lycan Prince, looking down at me with a straight face. His eyes rake down my form

before slowly coming back up to my eyes

He stretches his hand forward for me to take, and I

hesitate staring warily at it before accepting it.

His grip is firm as he leads me down the empty hallway.

Soon, we are walking down the spiral staircase, and I hear

voices coming from below.

I find the sitting room empty until he takes me past the

bar that leads to a luxurious kitchen.

The marble kitchen counter is shiny and smooth, and

there’s a dining table in the middle of the kitchen. Sitting at

the table is a brunette, having high cheekbones and looking

absolutely like a doll with her smooth pale skin. Opposite

her is a guy having the same color of hair and sharing some

resemblance with the lady.

They both stare up at us as we walk in, and the

brunette’s eyes light up

I can recognize her scent as being the same as the

owner of the dress I’m wearing. And they both carry the

same aura Lycans do, but they don’t look intimidating to me.

“Finally, you let her out of your cage.” The guy

comments while taking a sip from his coffee.

The brunette, however, stands up to walk up to us with a big welcoming smile on her face.

“Hi. I’m Alexia, but you can call me Lexi.” She says as she

comes to stand in front of me.

I stare back up at Reagan, and he gives me an

encouraging nod

“I’m Ellie.” i stretch my hand out for her to shake, but

she playfully slaps it away to hug me instead. I’m frozen in

shock for a moment before regaining my composure as she

soon backs away. Reagan still holds my hand, not letting go

even as Alexia hugs me.

“We’re family now. No need to be so formal.” She says

with a slight laugh, and I have to force out a smile back at

her. Even though all I want to do is run for the hills.

Family? Does this mean she’s related to Reagan?

Her casual gesture makes me feel uncomfortable.

I take my time to study her and the other Lycan, and I’m

not surprised to notice how stunning they look. They’re

both beautiful in every sense.

Aleria has smooth, long legs that she would make a

fortune with if she was a runway model. And she has curves

in all the right places, nothing small, but nothing over the

top either. Her hair looks shiny and smooth like silik, putting

mine to shame even though I use products on it.

The other Lycan has smoothly flawless skin like the rest,

and his face looks like it had been cut out from a fashion

magazine. He flashes me a smile, his pearly white teeth

showing And ifiwa any other girl, I would have swooned

and fallen at his feet. But I’m not even the least bit attracted

Reagan, on the other hand now, looks like an Adonis,

I don’t think I’ve ever seen any werewolf that has good

genes like these Lycans. I’m slightly jealous and intimidated

by their good looks. They seem to be older than me by a few years, but I’m pretty sure they’re way older.

“I’m Daniel.” The other Lycan says without leaving his

position at the table. I flash a small smile back at him, which

he returns with a wink. Reagan lets out a low, threatenine

growl at him, but he doesn’t seem bothered and only smirks

in return.

“What do you want for breakfast?” Lexi asks while

leading me to a seat at the table. “Joanna can make anything

you want.” She adds.

Reagan also takes a chair beside me, and I notice a cup of coffee was already set down at his front. It seems the two males are having coffee, but Lexi’s own seems to be tea.

“Just coffee will be fine.” I finally say.

“Okay. Joanna!” Lexicalls, and a lady hurries into the


“She wants coffee.” She points to me.

Joanna nods with a fake smile on her face as she goes

over to make my coffee.

She smells human, and I raise an eyebrow at her choice

of dressing. Her boobs are spilline out of her shirt that has

two buttons undone at the top, while her skirt is so short, I

fear for her if a slight breeze sweeps by

lear for her if a slight breeze sweeps by.

I don’t like her, neither does my wolt. Especially since

she’s dressed like that in front of Reagan.

She walks over to my side before lying down my cup of coffee, but I swear I see her send a glare at me before

straightening up.

“Is that all?” She asks, and i briskly nod so she would

get out fast. Her perfume is choking me, and her fake smiles

all the more irritating

She diverts her eyes back to the bays, and a genuine

smile comes on.

“Need anything, boys?” Her voice takes a sultry tone as

she flutters her eyelashes at them

Reagan blatantly ignores her, still sipping from his cup,

and Daniel dismisses her with a wave of his hand.

Her smile falters, and her eyes water before she secretly

sends a glare at me once more before stomping out of the

room. Okay. that girl has issues.

“Tenore her. She’ll soon be tired once I find another

responsible cook.” Lexi bays immediately, Joanna leaves.

“Now tell me.” She then leans towards me across the

table, her eyes scanning my neck and her nose smitting the

Why haven‘t you two started the making process yet?”

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