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Read Falling For My Mysterious Wife by Cassidy Alfaro Chapter 450

Falling For My Mysterious Wife By Cassidy Alfaro Chapter 450
Coming out of the director’s office, Elaina was tired. She had so many things to do
when she just came back, and now she had another task.
Joyce leaned over to her side, her eyes twinkling. “Elaina, you flew the plane?”
“I wish it wasn’t me.” If only there had been someone who knew how to fly a plane on
the plane! Then Elaina wouldn’t have needed to do anything, and these things
wouldn’t have happened.
Joyce covered her mo*th, a smile overflowing from her eyes. “You are a hero now.
How can you be dejected?”
“Hero? I had no choice.” Fortunately, nothing happened. If something bad happened,
Elaina might be scolded
by people.
Joyce knew that Elaina didn’t like the current situation, so she comforted Elaina, “It’s
okay. The memories of netizens are similar to the memories of goldfish. They will
forget in a few days.”
Elaina said, “I hope so.”
She did not say much to Joyce. She changed her clothes and began to operate. She
just did not want others to disturb her. She did not care what those people did.
In the corridor of the hospital, a young man’s eyes fell on Elaina. He only looked back
after her figure
“Elaina…” The young man finally murmured with a hint of a smile.
“It is very interesting.’ He smiled as if he was looking at his prey.
Many people noticed Elaina. Other than the people from New York, many people in
Boston also noticed her.
In the Gainsford’s house, Denise looked at the photo of Elaina on the news, and her
eyes unconsciously
became vicious.
Beside her was a report that she had just received. The words “paternity test” were
shining brightly, making
her shocked.
Sophie came out of the upstairs room. Denise hurriedly put away the paternity test.
When Sophie came to
her, she only saw Elaina’s photo.
“M*m, are you also interested in this woman? She just saved some people. What’s so
great about it?” Today,
her friends were all talking about Elaina, and it annoyed her a lot.
Sophie also felt very strange. Although she had never met Elaina, from the moment
Sophie knew this name, Sophie had inexplicably disliked her.
Denise smiled and looked at her daughter, pulling her to her side. “You don’t like her?”
“Why should I like her? She has nothing to do with me.” Sophie pouted and could not
express her emotions.
Denise touched her head and smiled. “It’s fine. You don’t like her. M*m will make her
never have a chance to
see you.”
“She is not qualified to see me,” Sophie complained. She was the only daughter of the
Gainsford family, one of the Ten Families. How could someone from a small city like
Elaina have the chance to see her?
There should be no chance unless Elaina changed her fate by reincarnation.
Denise did not say anything. She did not want her daughter to know about the
paternity test. As her mother, of course, she had to settle these things down for
There was only one daughter in the Gainsford family, and her name was Sophie
At the same time, in an ordinary neighborhood in New York, Alisha read the news
about Elaina on her mobile phone, and her eyes were red with jealousy.
Why did she end up like this? Why could Elaina win people’s admiration?
As she thought of this, the door of the room was opened, and Deven came in drunk.
“You’re drunk again?” Alisha was also angry when she saw him.
“What else can I do if I don’t drink? The Stein Group has nothing to do with me. We
lost the money I got from
the shares due to your investment. What else can I do now?” He smiled, feeling a little
Who would have thought that the successor of the Stein family would end up like this?

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