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Read Falling For My Mysterious Wife by Cassidy Alfaro Chapter 451

Falling For My Mysterious Wife By Cassidy Alfaro Chapter 451
He was a little mad at Alisha. If she had not instigated him, he would not have sold the
shares of the Stein Group. If she hadn’t made any investments, he wouldn’t have lost
the money. They would not have lived in
such a place.
Of course, Alisha could tell what he meant, and her face turned gloomy. “What? You
think it’s my fault?”
“I did not mean that.” Deven walked to the sofa and sat down. He suddenly realized
that Alisha was not as good as he had thought.
After all, he still loved her, so he did not say these words out loud and only
“Look at you now. What’s the difference between you and a waste?” Alisha did not
intend to be polite to him. She had been very dissatisfied with him for a long time..
“You should find a job to earn some money. Do you want me to earn money to support
you?” Alisha roared at him angrily, regretting marrying such a person.
Deven was also angry. He could not help but say, “You want me to find a job? I won’t!”
“Do you want to be like this for the rest of your life? Waiting for me to support you?”
Alisha asked. She was
very angry.
Deven did not speak. In any case, it was impossible for him to go to work. If his old
friends knew about this, they would laugh at him.
And he still had a way out.
Although he sold his shares, his father did not sell his shares. In the worst case, he
could go back to his family. It was impossible for him to work anyway.
He was staying here with Alisha because he didn’t want to compromise first and was
waiting for his father to
call him back.
Seeing that he did not speak, Alisha pushed him hard. ‘Are you still a man? If you are
a man, you have to
shoulder the responsibility.”
“I won’t go to work!” Deven insisted.
“Let’s get a divorce!” Alisha was so angry with him that she felt that it was
meaningless to continue their marriage like this. It was better to divorce him. Maybe
she could find a better man.
Hearing this, Deven was surprisingly not sad at all. He even felt a little relieved. “This
is what you said. If you
want a divorce, then let’s get a divorce.”
1So you have been eager to divorce for a long time, right?” Alisha was mad. She
thought that Deven would
apologize and beg her not to divorce him. Unexpectedly…
Deven curled his lips and did not take it seriously. “It was you who wanted to get
divorced, not me.”
“Lo*er!” Alisha could not help but curse. Deven clearly wanted to divorce her a long
time ago, but he refused
to take the initiative. He just waited for her to say it and then shifted the blame to her.
What a lo*er!
If she had expected this, she should not have married him back then.
Deven did nothing as if he did not feel anything. He did not refute or feel sad.
In the hospital, Elaina finished her work.
When she reached the door, the receptionist stopped her. “Dr. Gainsford, there’s a
letter for you.”
Elaina was surprised. She walked over and took it. When she opened the letter, she
found that it was an
invitation letter.
“The 60th Anniversary Celebration of Medical School of New York University!”
It turned out that the 60th anniversary of her alma mater would be held. They specially
sent invitations to
outstanding graduates.
Although she only finished her undergraduate studies at New York University, she
enjoyed the time spent
there. So she decided to accept the invitation.
When she walked to the door with the invitation letter, she found that Jalen was
waiting for her.
“I’ll treat you to a meal,” Jalen said with a smile when he saw her. He seemed to be in
a good mood.
It was true. He had settled the problem of Steven, and he had explained everything to
Elaina. He felt that what he needed to do now was to show enough sincerity and
make an apology

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