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Read Falling For My Mysterious Wife by Cassidy Alfaro Chapter 454

Falling For My Mysterious Wife By Cassidy Alfaro Chapter 454
“Ella?” Seeing that Elaina did not respond, Adriana could not help but call out to her.
Was this girl stunned?
Elaina came back to her senses and was a little embarrassed. “Sorry, I was a little
Triston smiled and did not take it to heart.
After the assistant brought him to the office, the assistant left, leaving only Elaina and
the other two.
Adriana asked Triston to sit down. After that, Adriana roughly introduced Triston’s
background to Elaina. After listening to Adriana, Elaina could not help but praise
Adriana in her heart. Triston was really excellent. No wonder Adriana was so excited.
“Mr. Halton, actually, I am curious. With your ability, you can go to a better company.
Why come to us?” It had to be known that their company was just a small company
that had just started, and it was far inferior to those listed companies.
Triston was not surprised by this question. He smiled and said, “I understand what Mr.
Gainsford means, but I think that if an outstanding person goes to a big company, he’ll
be easily buried. On the contrary, a company like your company that is still in its
growth period can highlight my ability.”
His words made a lot of sense. Elaina nodded and believed it temporarily.
“I have no other questions. After all, you are so outstanding. It is my good fortune to
have you in our company. If Elaina did not accept this kind of talent, it would simply be
a waste of great minds.
Triston had a smile on his face as if nothing would arouse his emotions. “Since that’s
the case, then… have a
pleasant cooperation?”
“Happy cooperation.” Elaina got up and shook hands with Triston.
Things went very smoothly. Adriana was also very happy. “Let’s have a meal together.
In the future, we will be
on the same side.”
“We have to. Adriana, you book a place. It’s my treat.” As the boss, Elaina was happy
to take the lead.
Adriana quickly booked the restaurant and looked at the two of them. “Let’s go. The
restaurant has already
been set.”
“Okay.” Elaina nodded and looked at Triston. “Mr. Halton, please.”
“Mr. Gainsford, just call me Triston. Mr. Halton seems too distant.” Triston wanted to
get closer, so Elainal
didn’t refuse.
Elaina said to Triston, “Then you can call me Ella like Adriana. You don’t have to be so
restrained. It’s not working hours.”
“Okay, Ella.” Triston smiled even more brightly, as if this was what he had been
waiting for.
The three of them came out of the company. Elaina sat in Adriana’s car, while Triston
dr*ve behind.
In the car, Adriana could not help but ask, “How is it? Is he handsome? You were
stunned just now.”
“What? I was distracted.” Elaina was speechless. Triston was indeed handsome, but it
was not like she had never seen a handsome man before.
“What were you thinking?” Adriana asked casually as she dr*ve.
Elaina thought about it and said, “Do you think Triston looks like someone?”
“Who?” Adriana was confused and had no clue.
“Don’t you think he looks a little like Jalen?” Elaina asked resignedly.
Adriana was stunned when she heard this.
Adriana wanted to say no, but when she thought about it carefully, it seemed… they
do share some features.
However, Adriana couldn’t tell exactly what exactly they were. It was just a feeling.
“It seems a little.” After a while, Adriana nodded and said.
Elaina understood, thinking, look, I am not the only one who thinks so.
“Is he the illegitimate son of Jalen’s father?” Adriana asked in surprise. Weren’t all
wealthy families like this? There would always be some illegitimate children.
Adriana felt that there was a possibility.
Not to mention her, even Elaina had this suspicion.
What’s more, she knew that Jalen’s father left with Saul’s mother. Maybe he really had
a son with Saul’s

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