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Read Falling For My Mysterious Wife by Cassidy Alfaro Chapter 458

Falling For My Mysterious Wife By Cassidy Alfaro Chapter 458
On the day of the voluntary clinics, Elaina had already gone to the voluntary clinic’s
Looking at the sea of people in front of her, she could not help but sigh at Darion’s
foresight. There were really many people who came to voluntary clinics because of
this plane accident.
It was just that not all of them were patients.
Elaina did not care about this. Anyway, they would be categorized ahead. No matter
what, there could only be real patients in front of her.
Elaina spent the whole day busy. Jalen was also not far away. His eyes never left
In the driver’s seat, Graham also noticed that Jalen had been paying too much
attention to Elaina. He could not help but advise, “Mr. Halton, Ms. Gainsford is very
safe. You don’t have to guard her all the time.”
“How do you know that she is safe? What if there is danger?” Jalen said this, but he
still did not look away.
Graham smiled bitterly, thinking to himself, how could there be any danger in broad
“Mr. Halton, you will cause a lot of pressure on Ms. Gainsford,” Graham had no choice
but to say this.
Sure enough, when these words came out, Jalen withdrew his gaze. “But… I am just
worried about her.”
“I know that you are doing this for her own good, but even so, you shouldn’t be
watching her all the time. No one can stand it,” Graham said.
Jalen’s expression changed, thinking, no one could stand it?
Thinking of what Elaina said yesterday, even though Jalen was unwilling to admit it,
he could see that Elaina seemed to be somewhat annoyed with him.
Jalen sighed and rubbed his head. “I don’t know what happened to me either.”
“Have you been visiting Dr. Eden these past few days?” Graham asked. Previously,
when Jalen suddenly
asked him to find a psychiatrist, he found Kael Eden.
At that time, Graham was happy and felt that Jalen had finally thought things through.
But now, it seemed that the doctor was not capable. Not only did he not alleviate
Jalen’s psychological
problems, but the condition seemed to be a little more serious.
Jalen nodded. “I go there every day, but I feel that the effect is not very good.”
Graham also felt this way, but he did not say it. Instead, he comforted, “Maybe this is
just a stage? Isn’t it always like this before the illness is cured?”
As soon as these words came out, Graham felt that he had said something he
How could he say that this was an Illness?
Fortunately, Jalen did not care. He just frowned and was annoyed. “I hope so.”
Jalen also hoped that this was a sign before his recovery, and hoped this situation
wouldn’t last long.
The reason why Jalen suddenly wanted to find a psychiatrist was that Elaina had
mentioned his achluophobia. He thought about it later and felt that it was time to face
it, so he asked Graham to find this man Kael for him.
It was said that Kael was the best psychiatrist in the country. Jalen didn’t know if it
was an illusion, but he felt that the effect was not very good.
Without thinking about this, Jalen asked, “Have you checked Steven?”
Yesterday, Elaina suddenly asked if Steven and Saul’s mother had a son. He
understood that Elaina was not asking casually. There must be something that made
her suddenly ask this.”
Graham handed over the information, “He does indeed have a son.”
Graham was speechless. There really was an illegitimate child. Moreover, Steven did
not hide anything, so
Graham could find it easily.
Jalen looked at Triston’s information and his eyes were cold. “No wonder he suddenly
came back to compete for the control of the Halton Group. It turned out that he
wanted to fight for something for his son.”
No wonder a person who had left for so many years suddenly came back. Moreover,
Steven looked like he was going to take over the Halton Group again.
There was indeed a reason.

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