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Read Falling For My Mysterious Wife by Cassidy Alfaro Chapter 459

Falling For My Mysterious Wife By Cassidy Alfaro Chapter 459
“Mr. Halton, I also found out that this Triston has joined Ms. Gainsford’s company,”
Graham reported truthfully. He felt that this was very strange, so he naturally had to
mention it to Jalen.
Hearing this, Jalen turned more and more gloomy.
No wonder Elaina asked him about this last night. It was probably because Elaina saw
Triston and thought that they looked alike that she asked him this.
“Do you want to tell Ms. Gainsford? I’m worried that they’re up to no good,” Graham
reminded Jalen.
Jalen nodded. “I will tell her. Let’s go to the company first,” he said.
Graham did not speak again. He started the car and dr*ve to the company.
Boston, the Gainsford family.
Denise looked coldly at the woman in front of her. “Have you understood the mission I
gave you?”
“Yes.” The woman nodded. If Elaina was here, she would find that this woman was the
woman who had
defeated her but had not killed her.
“Only success is allowed. No failure this time,” Denise urged. She would never let
Elaina have a chance to return to the Gainsford family.
The woman did not say anything more but turned and left the study.
Although she felt that Elaina was quite interesting, it did not prevent her from taking
her life.
On the other side of Boston, in the Covile family.
Rylie looked at her grandpa lying on the bed with tears in her eyes. “Grandpa, I want
you to be better.”
“Don’t cry! Grandpa is not dead yet,” Josh scolded her.
Rylie hurriedly wiped the corners of her eyes, as if she had suddenly thought of
something. She hurriedly
said, “Grandpa, I know a very skillful neuron-want her to give it a try. Is that okay?”
“Rylie, your grandpa’s condition is very serious…”
“It doesn’t matter. I am very happy that Rylie is still thinking about me. Let her try.”
Josh did not care about
any doctor. What he cared about was Rylie’s filial piety.
Seeing Josh agree, Rylie immediately smiled, “Okay, I will bring her back to Boston to
perform the surgery for
After that, she walked out of the ward, left the Covile’s house, and took the earliest
flight to New York.
The very skillful neurosurgeon Rylie mentioned was naturally Elaina. Previously,
because of Jalen, Rylie had investigated Elaina, so she knew that Elaina was very
Although the famous doctors in Boston had all seen her grandpa’s illness, Rylie was
still unwilling to give up.
She would rather pin her hopes on Elaina than accept the condition.
It was getting dark, and Elaina returned home after she finished her voluntary clinics.
Just like yesterday, the door to Jalen’s house was still open today. Without guessing,
Jalen had prepared
food for her again.
Why was Jalen suddenly like a full-time husband, cooking for his wife?
Thinking of this, Elaina couldn’t help but laugh.
When Jalen came out of the room, he saw Elaina smiling. “What makes you so
“It’s nothing. I just think you look like a cook now.” Especially when Jalen was wearing
an apron now.
Jalen looked down at the apron on his body and couldn’t help but laugh. “I don’t like a
cook. I am one.”
“Have you eaten?” Jalen asked, looking at Elaina with anticipation.
Elaina shook her head. “If I told you yes, wouldn’t you feel so upset?”
Jalen smiled bitterly and did not deny it, “So, in order to not make me upset, you
deliberately starved?”
“Don’t think too much. I just got home and haven’t had time to eat yet.” Elaina did not
want to admit it,
although she did think so.
Jalen did not argue with her and made a gesture of invitation. “Come in and eat. I’ve
already made it.”
“Seeing that you are so enthusiastic, I can’t refuse. Then I will reluctantly agree,”
Elaina said as she walked into Jalen’s house.

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