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Read Falling For My Mysterious Wife by Cassidy Alfaro Chapter 460

Falling For My Mysterious Wife By Cassidy Alfaro Chapter 460
At the dining table, the two of them were eating.
Elaina could not help but sigh. Jalen’s cooking skills were getting better and better.
The dishes he made were almost as delicious as a five-star restaurant chef’s
“Triston works in your company?” Jalen suddenly asked as they were eating.
Elaina was stunned and looked at him in disbelief. “You know him?”
Jalen nodded and told her about the investigation. Then he said, “You asked me
yesterday, so I told Graham to investigate. I didn’t expect there to be an illegitimate
Elaina laughed awkwardly, not knowing what to say.
Before, she had only doubted it, but now she could confirm it.
“Since he is your father’s son, why does he work at my company?” Elaina could not
help but ask. Anyway, she always felt that it was not a coincidence.
Jalen looked at her, deep in thought. “Anyway, I think he is up to no good. You’d better
get him out of here.”
With such a person by Elaina’s side, it was impossible for Jalen to be at ease.
“It’s hard. I just signed a contract with him. If I let him go now, I have to compensate
him with a sum of money.” Elaina smiled bitterly. It was also her fault for not
investigating clearly before signing the contract.
Hearing this, Jalen did not know whether to laugh or cry. “I will pay for the
“It’s not about money. It’s just that I can’t stand this.” He was up to no good, so should
I pay the money?
“So what are you going to do? Let him continue working in your company?” Jalen was
unhappy, but he did not
say it.
He knew that Elaina had always had her own considerations and did not like others to
make decisions for
Elaina did not intend to hide it from him. She nodded. “Well, no matter what, he is still
a talent from the
resume. As long as he doesn’t do anything bad to the company, I don’t care whose
son he is.”
Jalen looked at her and knew that she was not joking.
“What if… his target is not your company, but you?” Jalen asked directly, thinking that
it was very likely.
Elaina really did not consider this possibility. After thinking about it carefully, she said
Indifferently. “That’s okay. He can’t beat me. Anyway, I won’t lose.”
Jalen smiled bitterly, thinking, he can’t beat you, but maybe he doesn’t want to fight
with you but had another
Jalen sighed in his heart and did not say anything more. “It’s up to you to decide. If
there’s anything, tell me at any time.”
For now, Triston had not done anything, and it was not good for Jalen to attack him for
no reason. If Jalen forced Steven to do something, it was hard to guarantee that
Steven would go desperate.
However, Jalen’s people would keep an eye on Triston at all times, not giving him any
chance to hurt Elaina.
“Jalen,” Elaina suddenly called out to him.
Jalen looked up at her. “What’s wrong?”
“Do you still remember that I said before that your fear of the dark is actually a
psychological problem?” She did not intend to talk about Jalen’s recent situation, but
about his achluophobia.
Jalen nodded with a dark face. “What’s wrong?”
“I have a friend who is very accomplished in this area. If you have time, I want to…
take you to see him,” Elaina spoke carefully, afraid that she would provoke Jalen.
To her surprise, Jalen did not show any anger when he heard this. Instead, he smiled
and said, “No need. I
already have one.”
Elaina was stunned. “Is there a doctor?”
“Yes. Graham found me a famous psychiatrist in the country. I am already receiving
treatment,” he said.
He was not angry when Elaina said this. He was even a little happy.
At least she was still worried and cared about him. It was good.

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