Read Leave Me Alone Mr Shaffer Novel Chapter 529

Read Leave Me Alone Mr Shaffer Novel Chapter 529

Chapter 529 Forced To Drink Leftover Fruit Juice 

Chapter 529 


The cruise ship was spacious, featuring a large shopping mall on the top floor and 

entertainment venues. After entering the open area, there was a shop selling fruit juice. 

Caught in the rain, Isabella and Seth found the fruit juice to be what they needed. “Two 


of fruit juice, both with honey. Any fruit is fine, but just no strawberries.” Isabella 

stood on tiptoe at the counter and communicated with the staff. 

The staff recognized Isabella and Seth, stealing glances at Seth’s face. 

The first cup of fruit juice was ready, and Isabella handed it to Seth. He took a sip. 

“Wait a minute!” Isabella exclaimed. She noticed what was in the cup, snatched it aw 

and turned to the staff. “Did you add strawberries?” 

Seth’s expression darkened. 

10:29 Fri, Mar 29 


Chapter 529 Forced To Drink Leftover Fruit Juice 

The staff, startled by their reaction, glanced down and said, “I’m sorry, I mistook it for 

cherry fruit bits.” 


Isabella was speechless and turned to Seth. “How are you feeling?” 

Seth licked his lips. “I barely drank any.” 


The staff whispered, “Is it a strawberry allergy?” 

Isabella’s expression didn’t look too good, and she nodded. 

“I didn’t add any strawberry juice, just a few fruit bits in the juice. It should be fine.” The 

staff nervously scanned the area between them. 

Isabella examined the fruit juice in her hand. Indeed, there were only a few strawberry 

fruit bits. However, Seth is so sensitive to the smell of strawberries that even the scent 

makes him uncomfortable, indicating a potential issue. 


10:29 Fri, Mar 29 


Chapter 529 Forced To Drink Leftover Fruit Juice 


“Should I ask Jordan to bring some preventive medicine?” she asked Seth. 

Seth had only taken a sip and felt fine. But seeing Isabella so worried, his stubbornness 

kicked in, and he nodded with a furrowed brow. 

Isabella didn’t want him to move, so she called Jordan. 

Jordan acted promptly and brought the medicine over. Isabella breathed a sigh of relief 

after seeing Seth take the medicine. 

“Miss, would you like more fruit juice?” the staff asked cautiously. 

Isabella looked at the fruit juice in her hand. “Make two more cups.” 

The waiter asked, “Are you allergic to strawberries, too?” 

Isabella shook her head. “I’m not.” 


10:29 Fri, Mar 29 O 


Chapter 529 Forced To Drink Leftover Fruit Juice 

“Then I’ll make another cup for you. You can have your boyfriend’s cup so it won’t go to 

waste.” The staff probably wanted to make amends. After all, it was the staff’s fault just 


Unexpectedly, as soon as she spoke, Isabella quickly shook her head. “No, that’s not 


“Didn’t you hear what she said? Don’t waste it” Seth’s voice floated over. 

Isabella bit her lip, turned around, and locked eyes with him. 

“Are you disgusted with me?” Seth asked. 

Isabella was speechless and whispered, “I’m not your mother. Of course, I’m di 

The staff burst into laughter. 

Seth’s face darkened as he reached out impatiently to grab the fruit juice from Isabella’s 


10:29 Fri, Mar 29 • 

Chapter 529 Forcart Too Drinkelavaven Fruit Juice 


Isabella quickly backeddaway with the fruit juice in hand. 

“If you’re not going to drinkkititgivvetit to me,” Seth said. 

Isabella tsked and thought, this specssonss so unreasonable. Who forces someone to 

drink their leftover fruit juice? 

“Are you going to drink it or not?” Seth askeed! 

Isabella breathed a sigh of relief, firmly grasped the straw took a big sip, and said, “I’ll 

drink it!” 

Seth put his hand in his pocket, finally satisfied, snorted and wilked past her 

freshly made fruit juice on the counter. 

Asttheffruit juice entered Isabella’s stomach, it felt warm and finally dipelled the chill. 


10:29 Fri, Mar 29 

Chapter 529 Forced To Drink Leftover Fruit Juice 

As they walked further in, they saw several women’s clothing stores. The staff 

recognized Seth and excitedly shook hands with each other. 


“Get her some clothes.” Seth settled onto the sofa, the cup still in his hand. 


The staff sprang into action, bustling around Isabella. Isabella had been looking for a 

short-sleeved shirt, but the staff presented her with a white dress adorned with fringed 


“If you put this on, you’ll look stunning,” the staff remarked. 

Isabella hesitated as she examined the straps. 

“Let’s just go with this one.” Seth suddenly interjected from behind her. 

10:29 Fri, Mar 29 

Read Leave Me Alone, Mr Shaffer Novel

Read Leave Me Alone, Mr Shaffer Novel

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 12/25/2023 Native Language: English
“Leave Me Alone, Mr. Shaffer” likely refers to a desire for solitude or privacy, possibly addressing an individual named Mr. Shaffer. The phrase implies a request for distance or cessation of interaction. The specific context or origin may provide more nuanced meaning to this expression.  

Synopsis: Read Leave Me Alone, Mr Shaffer Novel

For five grueling years, Isabella Symons played the role of the “personal secretary” for the austere Seth Shaffer. She gave him her all. But when he claimed he was “tired” of her, he discarded her to a remote outpost. At first, exile seemed bleak. But as if fate had taken a turn, Isabella thrived in this new environment. With sheer determination, she ascended to the pinnacle of her life. Young admirers chased after her, influential figures gifted her with opportunities, and a previously unknown dying billionaire father appeared, offering her a hefty inheritance with just a nod. Life has its ups and downs, but for Isabella, it seemed to only go up, up, and up.. Read Leave Me Alone, Mr Shaffer Novel   Description of Novels”  Read Leave Me Alone, Mr Shaffer Novel
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Isabella Symons, “Mr. Shaffer

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Isabella Symons frowned as she awoke from a restless dream and turned over uncomfortably. As she moved, she suddenly realized there was someone else beside her
Genre: Romance Love, Romance, Hot Romance, Billionaire, Fav, CEO, Contract Marriage/Fake Relationship
Language: status English : Ongoing 
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  Read Leave Me Alone, Mr Shaffer Novel


“Leave Me Alone, Mr. Shaffer” appears to be a phrase or title that suggests a desire for privacy or solitude, possibly addressed to someone named Mr. Shaffer. The phrase “Leave Me Alone” conveys a clear message of wanting to be undisturbed or free from interference, while the addition of “Mr. Shaffer” personalizes the request. The use of a name implies a specific individual, possibly someone who is persistently intruding or causing discomfort. The tone could range from a firm but polite request for space to a more assertive expression of frustration. Overall, the phrase seems to encapsulate a sentiment of seeking independence, peace, or distance from the mentioned individual, Mr. Shaffer, and it might be used in various contexts, such as in relationships, work settings, or everyday interactions.


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