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Reborn Another Chance to Leave U by Hazel Ramirez Chapter 492

Chapter 492 Side Story: Silvia and Spencer (10)
Anaya was reading a book upstairs. When she saw from the window that
Silvia went back, she went downstairs.
“Silvia, why did Professor Morrow send you back? What happened?”
The moment Anaya asked that question, she noticed that Silvia seemed to be in a bad
Silvia forced a smile. “Nothing. I’m tired and need some rest. I won’t come down for
“Alright. Get some rest.” Anaya did not push her.
Enter title…
When Silvia went back to her room, Anaya asked Paige, “Something happened to her?”
Paige told Anaya everything that had happened today. Anaya could not help but fly into a
“He hurt Silvia so much. I thought he had some remorse. But he hasn’t changed at all!”
Paige said, “I am going to call Mr. Hampden and tell him about it. We will go back
“Tomorrow?” Anaya did not want to leave Silvia so soon. But as Bryant was pestering
Silvia, she should not stay here.
“By the way, Silvia is the substitute teacher for Cullen. You’d better tell Cullen about her
“After I will tell Cullen about it. We will leave tomorrow.” Paige nodded.
With that, Paige went upstairs to find Silvia.
As Silvia did not come down for dinner, Anaya left her some food.
Maybe Paige and Silvia talked some sense into Silvia. She ate dinner at eight o’clock.
Around nine o’clock, Anaya took a shower and went to bed. But she suddenly sat up.
Sitting on the sofa and reading a book, Hearst asked when he saw Anaya get up, “What
do you need?”
Anaya put on her slippers and said casually, “I need to find Silvia and stay with her. She
may feel lonely if she sleeps alone.”
Hearst pursed his lips, “Aren’t you worried that I will feel lonely?”
His voice was faint and steady. It didn’t look like he would be afraid.
Anaya walked to his side and bent down to kiss his lips. “It’s just one night. Sleep tight.
You’ll be fine on your own.”
She sounded like putting an unruly kid to sleep.
Hearst wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her. Anaya sat on his lap.
“Put me down. I’m very heavy.” Anaya pushed him away.
She had a big belly now and gained some weight and was worried that Hearst would
But Hearst had shown the slightest trace of dislike.
“Just stay here for a while. What happened to Silvia?” Hearst rested his chin on Anaya’s
shoulder and kissed her.
Anaya did not resist his acts of intimacy. “She met Bryant and had some flashbacks.”
“So Bryant made Silvia sad and you are going to be with her to make her feel better,
Hearst was silent for a moment and said, “The Tirrell family is in a rut. I can make Bryant
pay for that.”
Anaya was hesitant, “Won’t you go too far? Bryant is a cripple.”
It would be mean to bully such a disabled man.
“He is so pathetic to live a life like this. It would be better to end his misery.”
Hearst kissed Anaya’s neck.
Anaya was lost for words.
Surprisingly, she and Bryant were on the same page.
She thought for a moment before saying, “This is not a lawless place. Just
do as you see fit. Don’t go overboard.”
“I know.”
“Now, let go of me.”
“One more minute.”
“Let go.”
“Just one more minute.”
“No way. Put me down.” Anaya pushed him away.
As Anaya was pregnant, Hearst did not want to force her or argue with her for fear of
hurting the child. So, he kissed her and said softly, “I won’t force
you to sleep with me.”
He continued, “Just stay here a little longer, okay?”
Anaya’s legs went soft after his passionate kiss. She did not go against Hearst. Instead,
Anaya said, blushing, “Do what you want. Just be quick.”
An hour and a half later, Anaya knocked on Silvia’s door.
“Silvia, can I go in?”
After a few seconds, Silvia’s voice sounded from inside, “Come in, please.”
Her voice was hoarse and haggard, with a strong nasal sound, probably
from crying for a long time.
Anaya pushed open the door and went in. The room was dark as the thick curtains
blocked the light.
A beam of light from the corridor illuminated a corner of the room. Anaya could only
vaguely see Silvia curling up under the covers.
Anaya closed the door, walked over, and sat by the bed. “Are you feeling
better now?”
There was a rustling sound and Silvia popped out from the cover. She was
staring at Anaya with half of her face under the covers.
“Can I stay with you tonight?” Anaya climbed onto the bed.
Silvia sniffed and said in a muffled voice, “Why are you asking since you are
already here?”
“Are you going back tomorrow?” Anaya lay down beside her.
“I am not going back for the time being. I want to be with you.” Silvia pulled back the
covers and shared them with Anaya.
“I won’t go out for the next few days. You have to protect me,” Silvia said.
She spent most of her time in the hospital when she was in Germany. Not long after
Silvia was discharged from the hospital, she began to work
as an online service agent for a public welfare organization. Her life was occupied by her
job and she barely had any free time.
She had an accent, did not like the food here, and had no friends. Silvia was
living a difficult
Her family had gone to great lengths to take care of her. So even though
she could not fit in, she never complained to her family.
Having returned to America, Silvia hated to leave.
She grew up here and felt that this was her motherland.
Silvia only felt at ease when she was in America.
When she was living in other places, she felt like a stranger, an outsider.
If not for Bryant, she would have moved back to Boston.
Anaya smiled. “Don’t say that. Otherwise, I would think you fell for me.”
Silvia wrapped her arm around Anaya’s waist and rubbed her face against Anaya’s
chest. “Why not? I like you.”
“You are much better than men. You smell good and you are nice. You won’t
hurt my feelings.”
Anaya knew the last sentence was what Silvia really wanted to say. She
said softly, “Not all men are like Bryant. You will find someone who loves
you back.”
Silvia laughed at herself. “All men are the same. You know what I have gone through. No
one will accept me for who I am.”
“When Jared was chasing me, he didn’t know better. But he still chose me.
The same is for you. You will meet a worthy man.”
Silvia buried her head in Anaya’s chest and said in a muffled voice, “Women
who have gone through a breakup or divorce are in a much better situation than me.
“Ana, we are different.”

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