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Reborn Another Chance to Leave U by Hazel Ramirez Chapter 493

Chapter 493 Side Story: Silvia and Spencer (11)
Not knowing how to comfort Silvia, Anaya fell silent.
After some time, Silvia’s breathing stabilized.
Anaya thought that she was asleep, so Anaya hugged her and was about to get some
sleep. But she heard Silvia say, “Ana, your bosoms have become much bigger.
“And softer.”
With that, Silvia rubbed against her chest.
Anaya was lost for words.
Silvia was no longer that innocent girl.
Enter title…
She was more like Aracely now.
Anaya pulled Silvia out of her arms and whispered, “Go to sleep. Don’t mess around.”
Silvia grunted, got into Anaya’s arms again, and fell asleep.
The next day, Silvia refused to leave the room. Anaya was worried that she was bored.
So Anaya led Silvia to the garden, had someone bring an easel and some painting tools,
and asked Silvia to draw a portrait for her.
Silvia was concentrated when she painted. Soon she forgot everything else and threw
herself into the painting.
Anaya sat in the chair for a long time, feeling her butt going numb. After two hours, Silvia
finally finished the portrait.
Silvia asked Anaya to sit down and drew another one, but Anaya refused.
Silvia could only carry the sleeping dog onto the chair and start painting a picture for the
Anaya watched her from the side before Mina came over with her phone, “Mrs. Helms,
Mr. Helms just called you.”
Anaya thanked Mina, took the phone, and called Hearst.
“What’s wrong?”
“I just asked Samuel to find Bryant.”
Hearing that it had something to do with Bryant, Anaya glanced at Silvia. She walked a
bit further and asked, “Then?”
Hearst’s voice got tense. “Bryant disappeared.”
“Do you mean that someone else has already done something to Bryant? Could it be Mr.
Hampden?” Anaya was unconvinced.
Ever since Kael found Silvia, he had been going against the Tirrell family.
However, as the Hampden family only had some influence in Germany, Kael could not
punish the Tirrell family for what they had done to Silvia.
“No. Someone from the Morrow family.”
Anaya was stunned. “Spencer?”
Hearst gruntled. Sensing her surprise, he asked, “Do you know him?”
“He lives next door. But who is he?” Anaya thought hard but could recount
any major family with the surname Morrow in Boston.
“They don’t do business in Boston, as far as I know.”
Hearst said in a low and slow voice, “The Morrow family is not doing business. They are
“The Morrow family from Washington D.C.?” Anaya was surprised.
“Yes. Spencer is the youngest son. Although he doesn’t follow in his father’s
footsteps, he is still a Morrow.
“Bryant messed with him. I am afraid he is in trouble.”
Anaya still didn’t recover from the shock. “Spencer looks harmless. I didn’t
expect him to be so protective.”
Hearst asked, “You know about the grudge between Spencer and Bryant, don’t you?”
“He was the one who sent Silvia home yesterday.”
Hearst knew what Anaya meant.
He warned her, “Spencer has a complicated background. Ask Silvia to stay away from
Anaya was about to agree when she saw a man standing next to Silvia. She
paused. “I don’t think I can do anything.”
Hearst did not know what she meant.
“Spencer has got into our courtyard.”
Silvia was halfway through the drawing when Sammo suddenly woke up
and jumped down from the chair.
She got up to catch the dog, turned around, and bumped into a man.
She staggered back. As the man was about to reach out to her, she waved
her hand in the air and grabbed the man’s collar.
The collar was pulled open. A few buttons came undone, revealing the man’s collarbone
and fair skin.
Silvia was finally on her feet. Seeing that his collar had been pulled open,
she let go and looked away awkwardly. “Your shirt is not durable.”
She heard him chuckling in a low voice. There was a trill in his voice.
“It is not.”
Silvia was even more embarrassed.
She moved a few steps to the side and said, “I will compensate you for the
Spencer said, “Okay. I want a new one tomorrow.”
Silvia was speechless.
He didn’t know what it meant to be polite, did he?
She turned back to look at him. Their gazes converged.
He had been staring at her.
The realization made Silvia awkward.
It seemed that Spencer could sense all her emotions.
She changed the topic. “Are you looking for Ana?”
“I’m looking for you.”
Sammo got in between them. Spencer looked down at the dog and asked
Silvia, “Do you need a model? I’m free.”
Silvia’s attention was diverted. She nodded.
She preferred people over dogs.
Spencer asked, “Shall I sit on that chair?”
Spencer walked to the chair and sat down.
Silvia got back to the easel, picked up the painting brush, and examined his
She had to admit that Spencer was handsome.
He was tall and hunky with fair skin.
He was wearing a white shirt and black trousers, exuding wit, elegance, and
Being stared at like this, Spencer didn’t have the slightest bit of discomfort.
However, Silvia had butterflies in her stomach.
Noticing their chemistry, Anaya stood far away and chose not to disturb
Spencer knew about Silvia’s past, but he did not stay away from her. He
even punished Bryant for her.
Despite his complicated family background, Spencer was capable enough
to protect
Maybe he was the most suitable man for Silvia.
Sammo ran to Anaya and rubbed her leg before going to Silvia.
Anaya stopped the dog from running to Silvia and gestured for it to be
As the dog had been trained, it knew what the gesture meant. So, Sammo
lay down at Anaya’s feet, sticking out its tongue and wagging its tail
It took a long time to draw a painting. Anaya was tired after standing for a
long time, so she took Sammo back to get some rest.
The sunlight was strong, so Spencer and Silvia moved under a tree.
It was already noon. Silvia hadn’t finished yet.
Mina asked them to go in for lunch. Silvia nodded, added a few more
strokes, and put down the pen.
She was about to tell Spencer to take a look at the painting. But Spencer
was standing beside her and examining the painting.
He was very close to her. The shirt brushed against her shoulder. Silvia
could smell the refreshing scent of his wash agent.
The wind blew. Under the mottled shade, she felt everything get brighter.
Her heart skipped a bit.

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