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Reborn Another Chance to Leave U by Hazel Ramirez Chapter 494

Chapter 494 Side Story: Silvia and Spencer (12)
“Can you give the painting to me? In exchange, I can take you to meet a famous
Spencer’s voice sounded. Silvia came back to her senses and nodded. “Sure.”
Silvia took off the painting, found a bag with sketch papers in it, put the painting in, and
handed it to Spencer.
Spencer’s fingertips touched the back of her hand, giving her a shiver.
Spencer looked up and noticed that Silver blushed, although she still had that poker
Enter title…
He smiled. “Let’s go in and have lunch.”
After lunch, Spencer left.
Anaya told Silvia about Bryant’s disappearance when Spencer was gone.
Silvia asked, “Is it because of Mr. Helms?”
“No.” Anaya shook her head.
“Then who did this?” Silvia was puzzled.
“You will know it one day.” Anaya did not tell her the truth.
“Bryant won’t be bothering you for the time being. If you want to go out, just go ahead.”
“Have you already rejected the substitute classes?”
Silvia nodded, “I told Cullen last night. But I plan to go back and finish the classes as
Bryant won’t cause us any trouble.”
Silvia liked school life. Standing on the podium would give her a sense of
accomplishment. She felt that she was needed.
Anaya asked, “Haven’t you been thinking about what work to do? Why don’t you try to be
a teacher?”
Silvia worked part-time in a public welfare organization and did not get any salary.
She wanted to find a job before, but she was not brave enough to make the
Anaya’s proposal was tempting to her.
“But being a teacher is no easy feat. I don’t even have a teacher
qualification certificate.”
Anaya said, “You can get prepared for the certification exam. Just give it a try. Anyway,
you are still young.”
Silvia nodded hard, but got a bit worried, “But I don’t know how to prepare for the exam.”
“Maybe you can ask Professor Morrow.”
“But I want to be a teacher in Germany. He may not know that.”
“Do you want to go back to Germany?”
Silvia was silent for a while before saying, “In fact, I like America more, but my parents
are in Germany.”
“You can stay in Boston and fly to Ottawa when you want to visit them. It won’t be hard.”
Silvia seemed to have been persuaded. “Then I’ll call my dad and talk to him about it.”
At night, Spencer was reading a book in the study.
The maids told him that the young lady who visited the house a few days ago was
waiting for him outside. They asked him if he wanted to see her.
“Let her in.” Spencer put down the book.
“Yes, sir.”
After the maid left, Spencer put away the book and went downstairs.
Silvia just entered the door when he got down.
She was wearing a white dress with daisies on it, and her hair was tied into
a ponytail. Her thin bangs covered her forehead. Her fair skin made her look
very innocent.
But Spencer knew that she had gone through a lot of suffering and she was
not as ignorant as she seemed to be.
He walked up to her and stood still.
The girl was a head shorter than him. He lowered his head to look her in the
eye. “Why are you here? It’s late at night.”
When Silvia looked up at him, Spencer could see her long, thick eyelashes.
“I’m here to return your shirt.”
“Just for this?”
“There is one more thing.”
Silvia asked sincerely, “I want to stay in Boston and be a teacher. Can I ask
you some questions?”
“Of course.” Spencer was surprised by that. But he agreed with a smile.
Silvia’s eyes lit up. “Thank you! You are so nice!”
Spencer’s smile widened. He took out his mobile phone, turned it around, and handed it
to her. “Do you mind giving me your phone number?”
“I don’t!”
After they exchanged phone numbers, Silvia thanked him again, turned around, and left.
In the next few days, Silvia ran between school and home, dropped by Spencer’s house
for a meal, and listened to his experience as a teacher.
As she was occupied, there was no time for games.
Having known the examination process, Silvia went to the bookstore to buy
some books.
One day, she asked Spencer which version was better. He said that he had just finished
class and could pick her up.
As Silvia spent a lot of time with him these days, she was used to having
him around. So, he agreed immediately.
Silvia waited for half an hour before Spencer arrived.
Silvia asked suspiciously, “It took so long to go from one teaching building
to here?”
Spencer said with a straight face, “We were delayed. Let’s go.”
Half an hour later, they arrived at the bookstore.
Spencer scanned the shelves and did not see the book that Silvia needed.
So he went to ask the shop assistant.
Upon seeing his handsome features, the shop assistant blushed. But the sight of Silvia
made her disappointed. “Sir, is she your girlfriend?”
Silvia was standing not far away behind Spencer. She heard the question.
She wanted to explain, but then she heard Spencer say, “She is my wife. We
are married.”
Silvia’s jaw dropped.
Spencer led her to the shelf that the shop assistant had mentioned.
Standing in front of the shelf, she gazed at Spencer.
He said misleading things to her before.
Could it be that he…
Spencer took the book and looked into her eyes. “Sorry for using you as an
Silvia immediately knew what he meant.
He didn’t want to give that shop assistant any hope. So he used her as an
Silvia shook her head. “It’s fine. But you should have explained it to me
earlier. Otherwise, I…”
Silvia found it difficult to finish her sentence.
If she continued, it would be very embarrassing.
“What would you do?” Spencer raised his eyebrows.
Silvia met his gaze and had a hunch that he seemed to know what she was
going to say.
Her cheeks turned red as she looked away. “Nothing. I’m going to find other books. You
can stay here.”
Spencer did not make things difficult for her and nodded.
Not long after Silvia left, Spencer found all the books that he was looking
When he was about to look for Silvia, he saw Osvaldo and some female classmates
standing behind him.
Osvaldo said in surprise, “Professor Morrow, what a coincidence.”
“We heard from the shop assistant that a gentleman brought his wife to buy
books. It turned out to be you.”

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