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Reborn Another Chance to Leave U by Hazel Ramirez Chapter 495

Chapter 495 Side Story: Silvia and Spencer (13)
The girl next to him said, “Professor Morrow, where is Mrs. Morrow? Can we meet her?”
“Yes. Let us meet the woman that wins the heart of such a wonderful man like you.”
“Come on, I want to see her!”
Spencer never put on airs in front of his students. So they got along pretty well.
Therefore, his students were very casual with him.
Spencer opened his thin lips slightly. Before he could speak, Silvia came over with a few
books in her arms. “Professor Morrow, I have found the other books…”
Silvia noticed that a few people were standing in front of Spencer, and she stopped.
Enter title…
Silvia did not know the girls, but Osvaldo had been her student. So Silvia guessed that
the others were also students, so she smiled at them. “Are you Professor Morrow’s
students? Are you also here to buy books?”
When the girls saw her, they were shocked at first.
Spencer’s wife looked so young, like a freshman.
But Spencer was turning 30.
Cradle robber.
The girls looked at each other and said in unison, “Nice to meet you, Mrs. Morrow!”
The girls were very excited. But Osvaldo had a look of disbelief on his face. “Ms. Halton,
you are Professor Morrow’s wife?”
Silvia was bemused.
“I’m not.”
A girl laughed, “Of course, you are not. We won’t spread it in school.”
Obviously, she did not believe Silvia’s words at all and thought that Silvia was lying to
them to keep the secret.
Puzzled, Silvia turned to look at Spencer. Spencer said, “They heard something from the
shop assistant and misunderstood.”
Silvia understood and continued to explain, “I really am not Professor Morrow’s wife.”
The girls gave Silvia a say-no-more smile and still believed that Silvia was Spencer’s
Silvia didn’t know what to say and looked at Spencer for help.
Spencer didn’t explain. Instead, he said, “Since we’ve got all the books, let’s go home.”
When the two words “go home” came out, someone responded to it quickly. “It’s not ‘I’ll
send you home’ but ‘Let’s go home’?”
Silvia explained again, “We live close to each other.”
The girls kept smiling.
Silvia gave up and stopped explaining.
“Professor Morrow, let’s go to ring them up.”
Spencer saw Silvia looking frustrated and was somewhat amused.
It reminded him of a meme.
A meme of a sad rabbit.
Spencer caught up with her and took the books away. “Let’s go.”
Silvia followed behind him. But Osvaldo suddenly called out to them, “Professor Morrow,
Ms. Halton, how about we have dinner together after buying the books?
“My family owns a restaurant near this bookstore.”
Silvia was Spencer’s woman, so he had to give up on Silvia.
However, Spencer was making advances to another girl in the game a few days ago.
Osvaldo felt obligated to sound out Spencer’s attitude towards Silvia for the sake of
Silvia’s happiness.
Spencer did not reply but turned to look at Silvia, waiting for her to make the decision.
Silvia wanted to refuse, but Osvaldo saw who the boss was between the two and said,
“Ms. Halton, please say yes. I go to your class whenever I can,
after all.
“After you leave this job, we may never see each other again.”
Osvaldo thought it was a good excuse to persuade Silvia, but he suddenly
got emotional and felt a lump in his throat.
He found out his crush was married before he could even tell her his
feelings. What could be worse than this?
Silvia hesitated for a long time and finally agreed.
She and Spencer went to the counter to pay. Spencer asked, “Osvaldo often
goes to your class recently?”
Silvia nodded. “Yes. There were times when the lessons were the same. But
he sat through all of them.”
Spencer fell silent and looked thoughtful.
After Osvaldo bought the books, they went to the restaurant owned by
Osvaldo’s family.
It was a DIY sort of barbecue restaurant, and the whole place was nicely
designed and decorated.
They took a table and sat down. Osvaldo and Spencer went to get food,
leaving the girls sitting at the table.
The girls kept asking Silvia questions, like how she met Spencer, when they
got married, and how many kids they planned to have.
Silvia answered them one by one.
“Professor Morrow and I are neighbors. We are not married. Nothing is
happening between us.”
Seeing that Silvia refused to be honest with them, the girls knew that this conversation
wasn’t going anywhere.
One of the girls sat next to Silvia and asked in a small voice, “I heard that
men with a high nose bridge are constantly horny. Do you have sex often?”
Silvia’s face turned pale, and her hands on her knees gripped her skirt tightly. “I don’t
Silvia had many bad memories of sex, and she did not want to talk about it.
The girl did not notice Silvia’s anxiety, and she continued jokingly, “Ms. Halton, don’t be
shy. We are all girls. You can whisper to me, and I will keep
it to myself…”
As the girl spoke, a plate full of vegetables was slammed down in front of
Shocked, she looked up and met Spencer’s cold eyes.
Spencer rarely lost his temper. He always came across as a quiet and
gentle man.
But now, Spencer was wearing a straight face and looking so scary. They
could even cut the air with a knife.
“What did you say to her?”
The girl could tell he was angry and quickly got up. “Just some chitchat.
Nothing really.”
The girl was almost scared to tears by Spencer. She lowered her head and
looked at Silvia for help. Only then did she notice Silvia looked unwell and
realize that she had said something wrong.
Spencer said coldly, “Get out of the way.”
The girl hurriedly nodded and changed to a seat across from them.
Osvaldo also noticed that Silvia was in a low mood and sat down beside
her. “Ms. Halton…”
As soon as he called out to her, Silvia shot up in horror, as if Osvaldo was
some kind of virus.
“Don’t come near me!”
Osvaldo was startled by Silvia’s action, and the girls also looked at Silvia
Silvia noticed their gazes and finally realized what she had just said.
She clenched her hands. Her mind was mess. She did not know what to
At this moment, a warm big hand grabbed her wrist.
Silvia shuddered. But she calmed down when she saw it was Spencer’s
Spencer pulled her toward him and asked in a soft voice, “Do you want to
sit with me?”
Silvia hesitated for a moment and slowly nodded.
She sat down next to Spencer, her face still a little pale.
Spencer did not let go of her hand and slowly moved closer to her.
When their arms met, Silvia didn’t act or look disgusted. She even clung to
Spencer closely, as if he was the only one she could rely on here.
Osvaldo saw how close the two were and was finally sure of their relationship. He was
both relieved and sad.
Because of this little episode, the atmosphere was a little awkward.
Fortunately, Osvaldo was a mood-maker, and the mood soon lightened again.
After Silvia recovered, she talked with others from time to time, but most of
the time, she was relatively quiet.
Spencer knew that she felt uncomfortable. So he was about to leave with
her right after the meal.
Silvia put her things into her bag and apologized to Osvaldo.
She had been too emotional just now and had embarrassed Osvaldo.
Osvaldo smiled and said, “No worries. You and Professor Morrow be careful on the
His smile took some guilt off Silvia. “Sure.”

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