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Reborn Another Chance to Leave U by Hazel Ramirez Chapter 496

Chapter 496 Side Story: Silvia and Spencer (14)
When they arrived at the exit, Spencer’s driver was already waiting there.
Silvia sat in the back row, and Spencer followed.
The car hit the road, and it was quiet in the car.
Spencer had alcohol tonight, and now he probably finally felt drunk and was leaning
against the back of the chair for a rest.
The window on his side was not closed, and the wind poured in.
Silvia was worried that he would catch a cold, so she leaned over to close the window for
However, before she could reach the window control button, Spencer fell on her.
Enter title…
Silvia did not push him away. Instead, she called him softly, “Professor Morrow?”
Spencer had no reaction.
Silvia had no choice but to straighten him up and close the window.
As soon as the window was closed, Spencer fell on her again.
He seemed to think she was one of the plush toys he had at home and held her tightly.
Silvia tried to push him away.
But she couldn’t.
Silvia still felt low. She was too depressed and tired to care about Spencer, so she let
him hold her.
She thought about her rude behavior at dinner just now and felt very bad. Perhaps
socializing really wasn’t her thing.
The atmosphere started well, but it was ruined by her.
The more Silvia thought about it, the more she hated herself, and the worse she felt.
But soon, she realized something.
Just now, she felt uncomfortable when sitting with Osvaldo, but why did she feel fine
when sitting with Spencer?
She even felt secure around him. And she even recovered much faster than usual.
Silvia did not dare to think further. She turned her head to look at the changing scenery
outside the window to distract herself.
When they arrived at Spencer’s house, the driver got out of the car and helped Spencer
Spencer refused to let go of Silvia. Although he was quiet, he was very determined.
The driver was a little embarrassed. Silvia said, “I will take him upstairs. You can go now.
I will go home by myself.”
The driver nodded and soon left.
Spencer was over 6 feet tall, and Silvia was only 5 feet 3 inches, so it was difficult for
Silvia to carry him. Silvia felt that he might crush her at any time.
With great difficulty, she carried Spencer to the living room. Silvia planned to leave him
on the sofa. She would not go as far as upstairs.
She dragged both of them to the sofa and was ready to unload Spencer. However,
Spencer held her too tightly. As a result, she fell on the sofa when putting Spencer down.
The sofa was very soft, and it wasn’t painful when they fell on it.
At this time, Spencer had slackened his grip, so Silvia took the chance and got up.
As soon as she sat up, Spencer grabbed her hand and pulled her back. He turned over
and got on top of her.
Silvia was stunned for a moment. Before she could react, the person on her leaned
down and kissed her on the lips.
It was a light and short kiss, but it made Silvia’s pupils shrink in shock.
After the kiss, Spencer seemed to have lost all his energy and collapsed on Silvia. The
strong alcohol smell mixed with the fragrance on his body wrapped around Silvia and
trapped her.
Spencer buried his head in Silvia’s shoulder and said in a voice hoarse from
drunkenness, “Silvia, I like you.”
Silvia’s mind went blank for a few seconds, and then she suddenly pushed Spencer off
her and fled.
The door was slammed shut. After a long time, the man on the sofa slowly
sat up.
His eyes were clear, not drunk at all.
Spencer raised his hand and touched his lips.
Tonight, Spencer saw that Silvia seemed to have completely put down her
guard against him, so he pretended to be drunk and took advantage of her, and also
confessed his feelings.
As for what would happen next between them, it depended on Silvia.
Anaya was in the living room waiting for Silvia to come back.
When Silvia entered the door, she didn’t look like herself, as if her soul had
been taken away.
Anaya walked over and took Silvia’s hand. “Silvia, what’s wrong with you?”
Silvia turned her head stupidly, looked at Anaya for a while, and shook her
head. “I’m alright.”
But Silvia didn’t look alright at all.
Anaya frowned and asked, “Did Bryant come to you again?”
“No.” Silvia looked hesitant, but in the end, she told Anaya about Spencer.
After Anaya heard the whole story, she didn’t look surprised. She only calmly asked,
“What do you think of Professor Morrow?”
“I don’t know.” Silvia lowered her head.
“Do you hate him?”
“So you like him?”
Silvia was silent for a moment and muttered, “Ana, you know my past…”
“Professor Morrow knows too.”
“What did you say?” Anaya’s words were so shocking that Silvia widened
her eyes.
“Spencer already knows your past. And it’s him who made Bryant
Silvia was stunned and did not know what to say for a moment.
Anaya said softly, “Silvia, it’s all over now. As long as you are willing to move
on, you can start a new life right away.”
Silvia did not reply, and Anaya did not rush her to make a decision. She sent
Silvia upstairs to rest.
After they entered the room, Silvia grabbed Anaya’s clothes. “Ana, can you
share a bed with me tonight?”
“Okay.” Anaya took Silvia’s hand.
After that night, Silvia did not show up in front of Spencer again.
As for the books that she left in his car that night, Paige fetched them for
Silvia’s substitute teacher job was over. Spencer logged into the game, but Silvia was
never online.
According to Anaya, Silvia had been studying lately for the exams in
September. She spent all her time studying and didn’t seem to have anything else on her
Spencer came to Anaya’s house several times, but Silvia never came out of
her room to see him.
Silvia had made herself very clear.
After half a month of trying, Spencer stopped looking for Silvia.
Silvia thought that this thing was over. She was relieved, but at the same
time, she also felt sad.
Without Spencer’s badgering, Silvia’s life returned to peace.
One day, Silvia logged into the game again.
After being away for half a month, there were more than a dozen new
messages in her chat box. Most of them were from Marrow, and the rest were from Little
She first apologized to Marrow for ghosting for so long and then went to
read messages from Little Sheep.
Little Sheep: “Hey, Marrow is married in the real world. Why don’t you cancel
your partnership with him? I don’t want him to be a two-timer.”
Little Sheep: “Why are you offline all this time?”
Little Sheep: “Marrow seems to have broken up with his girlfriend. If you like
him, you can pursue him now.”
Silvia looked at the messages sent by Osvaldo and had a guess who
Marrow was.
She tightened her grip on the mouse and sent a message: “Is Marrow
surnamed Morrow?”
Osvaldo happened to be online, so Silvia got his reply immediately: “How
do you know? Do you know Professor Morrow?”
Osvaldo was smart, and he asked tentatively, “You aren’t Ms. Halton, are you?”
Silvia had very mixed feelings. “I am.”
Osvaldo instantly lost his cool: “Damn! I actually helped Professor Morrow
chase the girl I like!”
Osvaldo felt that his wound that had just healed was cut open.

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