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Reborn Another Chance to Leave U by Hazel Ramirez Chapter 497

Chapter 497 Side Story: Silvia and Spencer (15)
Silvia’s focus was on the latter part of the sentence: “When did he pursue me?”
Osvaldo said that he had been forced to change his gender to pursue Spencer and had
been oppressed by him. He scolded Spencer for being a bad person.
After swearing, he was worried that Spencer would hear it, so he
immediately withdrew the message.
Silvia did not expect Spencer to like her since then.
However, she remembered that she did not have much contact with him back then.
While she was still in a daze, Osvaldo sent another message.
Enter title…
“Ms. Halton, people in the department are saying that Professor Morrow is going on a
blind date today. Do you want to go over and take a look?”
Silvia replied in a second: “I’ll pass.”
Osvaldo replied with an “oh” and continued playing the game.
When he finished, he saw Silvia send him a message a few minutes ago: “Where is the
blind date?”
At night, the lights in the bustling city were bright.
Spencer was dressed in a suit, and he was at the entrance of an elegant and stylish
When he entered, he noticed a slender person in the corner flash behind a billboard and
poke her head out.
Spencer paused and chuckled. He pretended not to notice the girl. He then walked into
the restaurant.
After he left, the person hiding behind the billboard appeared. She looked through the
wide glass of the restaurant and locked Spencer.
Silvia saw Spencer sitting beside a young and beautiful woman.
The woman was dressed in traditional clothes and looked elegant and dignified. She
exuded the charm of a mature woman.
Her temperament matched Spencer’s.
The two were sitting opposite each other, and Silvia didn’t know what they were talking
about. But in short, they looked like they were chatting happily.
This blind date was estimated to be successful.
Silvia felt so depressed that she wanted to turn around and leave, but her feet seemed
to have been glued to the ground, and she could not move.
After a long time, the two finished dinner and walked out together.
When Silvia saw this, she immediately hid behind the billboard.
She waited for three minutes before poking her head out, wanting to see if Spencer and
that woman had left.
Unexpectedly, as soon as she turned her head, she met Spencer’s smiling
“Little girl, are you playing hide-and-seek?”
He looked expressionless but elegant.
But Silvia sensed his tease for her.
She took two steps back, lowered her head, and did not speak.
“Why didn’t you answer?” Spencer took a step forward as his gaze landed on her.
After a long time, Silvia murmured, “How was your blind date?”
“It went smoothly. She said she was satisfied with me.” Spencer’s eyes flashed as he
“What about your feelings for her?” Silvia raised her head and looked straight into his
“What do you think?” Spencer did not answer.
“You chatted with her happily, so you should be satisfied as well.”
Spencer did not give an accurate answer in the end.
Spencer grabbed one of Silvia’s hands and pulled her towards him. He asked in a
hoarse voice, “Why are you here?”
“I don’t know.”
“You do.”
Spencer leaned over and tried to touch Silvia’s lips.
Silvia was so shocked that she wanted to pull back, but she was held by her
waist and could not move.
“Silvia, I like you.”
Spencer’s lips moved to her ear, and the heat that came out of his mouth
when he spoke entered her ear. “I will give you a chance to choose. If you
want to leave, push me away.”
He lifted her face and kissed her lips again. He gently licked her lips,
making her thrilled.
Silvia raised her hand, wanting to push Spencer away.
She struggled in her heart for a long time, but in the end, she did not do
Spencer noticed her movements. His eyes flashed, and he drew a distance
from Silvia.
“Open your mouth.” He pressed his finger against her lips.
Silvia couldn’t say the rest of the words.
Spencer held the back of her head and kissed her. Bit by bit, he took her
consciousness away and made her at a loss.
Silvia never knew that kissing was such a delightful thing, which was completely different
from the painful memories in her memory.
After the kiss, Silvia’s vision was still a little blurred.
“Is it so comfortable?” Looking at Silvia’s absent-mindedness, Silvia smiled
and kissed her cheek.
Silvia blushed at his words and lowered her head without saying anything.
“Let’s go back to the car.” Spencer held her hand.
Only then did Silvia remember that she and Spencer were on the street.
Fortunately, the billboard covered them, so the passersby did not notice
their romance.
Silvia nodded and let Spencer take her back into the car.
Spencer started the car and asked, “Are we dating now?”
To prevent Silvia from going back on her word, Spencer had to confirm the
The flush on Silvia’s face faded, and she lowered her head to fiddle with her nails. “Do
you know what happened between me and Bryant?”
Silvia fiddled with her hand even more. “Then…”
Spencer said in a low voice, “Silvia, Bryant is in the wrong. You were the
victim. You shouldn’t feel guilty.
“I admit that I can’t ignore this matter, but I am willing to be with you until
you turn the page.
“You have a life to live, and you don’t have to deny yourself because of this
“Thank you.”
Silvia’s eyes were slightly red. She turned her back to Spencer, pressed her
forehead against the car window, and bit her lower lip to hold back her
Spencer parked the car on the roadside and pulled Silvia into his arms.
Silvia leaned against his chest and choked. Spencer did not say anything to comfort her.
He just hugged her quietly to let her know that he was there.
In Silvia’s future life, he would always be there.
After Silvia calmed down, Spencer sent her back to Anaya’s home.
After getting out of the car, Spencer kissed the corners of Silvia’s eyes and
said, “Go and rest early.”
Silvia nodded. She suddenly thought of something and asked, “What about
the lady you dated tonight?
“You just went on a blind date with her, and then, you choose to be with me.
It’s rude to her.”
Spencer smiled and rubbed her hair. “She is married and won’t mind.”
Silvia was confused.
“She is my older sister. She came to persuade me to go back to Washington
D.C. to work.”
Silvia was speechless.
“Then, where did the rumors about your blind date come from?”
“I asked a few close students of mine to spread it.”
Silvia laughed in anger. “You are so…”
“Are you angry?” Spencer kissed her again.
“No.” Not only that, but she also felt quite happy. “Is that Marrow in the
game you?”
“How do you know my account?”
“That game account of yours can be accessed through social media. I saw
you in his friend list when I was playing the instance for a child of my
“You teach computer science. I thought you were like those hackers in the movies who
hacked my computer to know my account.”
It turned out that the story was so plain.
“I am a good citizen who obeys the law.”
“Then, why did you kidnap Bryant? I heard Anaya say that even Mr. Helms
couldn’t find him.”
Spencer’s face sank when Silvia mentioned Bryant. “Didn’t he think that he locked you
up because he loved you? I just let him experience the feeling of
being loved deeply.”
“You sent a woman…”
“You sent a man?” Silvia was shocked.
Spencer didn’t answer. “Don’t ask. Go back and rest.”
Silvia nodded, turned, and walked out a few steps, but then came back.
“Anything else?” Spencer quietly watched her walk to him.
Silvia did not speak. She stood on tiptoe, kissed Spencer, and smiled at him. “Good

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