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Reborn Another Chance to Leave U by Hazel Ramirez Chapter 498

Chapter 498 Side Story: Silvia and Spencer (16)
After confirming their relationship, Spencer tricked Silvia into his home to prepare for the
exam for the teacher qualification certificate. Every day, she would study until night.
In the following time, Anaya could always see hickeys on Silvia’s neck.
Every time the hickeys were fading, they would be deeper after Silvia returned at night.
Silvia seemed to be unaware of this. Every day after returning home, Silvia would enter
the study and concentrate on reading. Silvia often praised Spencer as a good teacher
when eating with Anaya. He was said to be a good young man with a heart of gold.
Anaya was worried that Silvia would be taken advantage of by Spencer, so she
reminded her, “Silvia, don’t forget the tricks Spencer used to pursue you.
Enter title…
“He is not as simple as he seems to be. You should be careful when you are with him.
Don’t always be taken advantage of by him.”
Silvia thought about it seriously and blushed. “Do you mean that I should kiss him and
take advantage of him?”
Anaya was lost for words.
“The main point is in the former part of the sentence, OK?”
However, the image of Spencer as a good person was deeply rooted in Silvia’s mind.
Although Anaya said that Spencer was not simple, Silvia still stubbornly thought that
Spencer was good.
After all, Spencer was nice to Silvia.
Not only would he answer her questions, but he would also cook for her, finish her
instance, and occasionally bring her a small gift or beverage when she got off work.
Silvia recalled what had happened recently and suddenly realized that she had never
done anything for Spencer. Every time, she was waiting for him to serve her.
Did she take his kindness for granted?
The next day, Spencer got off work in the afternoon and went home.
When he opened the door, he saw Silvia standing at the entrance waiting for him.
Recently, Silvia had been reading at his place, so he gave her the key. She was free to
leave and go.
He closed the door and asked, “Why aren’t you reading upstairs?”
As soon as he finished speaking, Silvia kissed his cheeks.
Spencer froze, and his eyes darkened as if he would drag Silvia into the room and have
sex with her in the next moment.
“Why are you so active all of a sudden?”
They had been dating for a month, but apart from the night of their first date when Silvia
took the initiative to kiss Spencer, Spencer had always been the active one.
But because Silvia had bad experiences in the past, Spencer never dared to go too far,
and he played tricks to kiss her every few days.
Today, she was so active, which was abnormal.
“Nothing. I just wanted to do this for no reason.” Silvia shook her head.
Spencer raised his eyebrows and did not get to the bottom of it.
He walked into the living room and casually placed his briefcase on the sofa. He
unbuttoned the two buttons at the top of his shirt and revealed his slender neck and
collarbone. He rolled up his sleeves and walked into the kitchen.
“What do you want to eat tonight?”
Spencer liked to be with Silvia, so he asked all the servants at home to go back and just
let them come to clean up and cook lunch during the day. As for dinner, he would cook it.
Silvia quickened her pace to catch up with Spencer and grabbed his hand, “I have made
dinner, you don’t have to cook.”
Spencer looked back at her with his eyes full of confusion.
Silvia did not notice his gaze. She pulled him into the dining hall and pulled
out a chair for him. “Come here and sit down.”
When Spencer heard her invitation, his eyes became darker and darker. He
walked to the chair and sat down.
Silvia brought Spencer food and set the table.
After dinner, Silvia put on the bath water, got Spencer’s pajamas, and
pushed Spencer into the bathroom.
“I’ve felt the temperature of the water. Go in and take a bath. Rest early.”
Spencer allowed her to push himself into the bathroom and did not resist.
After Silvia pushed Spencer to the bathtub, she was to go out.
When she turned around, she found that the bathroom door had been
closed at some point.
She was behind Spencer and did not notice how the door was closed. She was
confused and walked over to hold the door handle.
Before she could open the door, Spencer held her hand and pulled her with
his warm palm.
“Professor Morrow?” She looked up at him. “Anything else?”
He hugged her waist and pressed against her back. “Yes.”
Before Silvia asked Spencer what he was going to do, Spencer pinched her
chin and kissed her.
She reflexively struggled, but soon indulged herself in his kiss.
When Spencer released Silvia, Silvia’s eyes were still watery and her vision
was still blurred.
Spencer turned her around and picked her up.
Silvia was shocked and hugged Spencer. She asked in horror, “Professor
Morrow, what are you doing?”
Spencer did not respond. He carried her to the bathtub and leaned down to
kiss her again.
Spencer’s breath became hotter, and so was his kiss.
Silvia was stunned by the kiss until Spencer’s cool fingertips touched her waist. She
came back to her senses and pushed Spencer.
The hand that Spencer put under her clothes was pulled out at this sudden
He looked down and saw that Silvia’s eyes were red like that of a frightened rabbit. He
regretted his impulse.
He kissed Silvia’s forehead and comforted her in a low voice, “Did I scare
Silvia tugged at his shirt and nodded.
“I’m sorry. I thought you did so much tonight as a hint.”
Spencer stepped back and let go of his hand that was put on her waist.
Silvia lowered her head, hesitated for a few seconds, and suddenly grabbed
his sleeve.
“You can…”
Her voice was low, and Spencer did not hear it clearly. “What?”
Silvia’s cheeks were hot, and she raised her voice. “You can continue.”
Spencer’s heart skipped a beat. He pulled Silvia into his arms again to confirm it,
Silvia’s voice was still low. “Yeah.”
Spencer held Silvia’s face and gently touched her lips. “If you are afraid, you
can ask me to stop anytime.”
Seeing that Silvia had no expression of resistance on her face, Spencer
kissed her lips again and stripped her.
After he turned Silvia on, he carried her into the bathtub and confirmed it
for the last time. “Can I?”
Silvia blushed and did not answer. She just nodded.
Looking at Silvia’s shy face, Spencer softened up. He hugged her tightly and
said in a low and soft voice, “Silvia, I will return to Washington D.C. in a few
days. Do you want to go with me?”
“What are we going to do?” Silvia was in a daze.
“To meet my parents.”
“But I’m worried that they don’t like me.”
“I have mentioned you to them. They will like you.”
“Silvia, marry me.”

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