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Reborn Another Chance to Leave U by Hazel Ramirez Chapter 499

Chapter 499 Side Story: Jaylon and Reina
After Jaylon married Reina, he immediately moved into Reina’s apartment and they lived
in a rented apartment that was hundreds of square feet.
Reina refused him at first. “Mr. Malpas, please think about it. You are 6 feet
2 inches in height and strong. My single bed is just 6 feet long.
“Can’t you go back to your own house?”
Later, Jaylon bought her apartment and the one next to her. Two apartments became
one. And he bought a super large and comfortable double bed. Reina did not refuse
After all, she was currently living in his house. If someone should leave, it could only be
Enter title…
Now that her belly became big, it was troublesome to move, so she might as well live
with Jaylon.
When Reina was five months pregnant, she gradually realized that the employers who
often cooperated with her did not send her any more missions.
At first, she thought that the business had been bad recently. Later, an employer sent a
message in Timeline to ask for a temporary translation and forgot to block her. Only then
did Reina know that it was not that there was no work, but they did not want to hire her.
As for the reason, Reina was certain that this matter had something to do with the man
sleeping beside her at this moment.
Jaylon took care of Reina in every way.
But one day, he found that Reina seemed to be angry with him again.
She didn’t make a fuss, but they were not on good terms.
In the past, if he touched her, Reina would definitely say “scram”.
However, last night, he hugged her and kissed her. Reina only gave him a cold look
before walking away.
Jaylon was very distressed, so he asked Hearst to give advice to him.
Hearst listened to him talk about the whole process and concluded, “Anyway, if you flirt
with Reina now, she won’t scold you anymore. So do you think she is angry with you?”
Samuel, who was at the side, also concluded, “She doesn’t scold you, but you think
she’s not on speaking terms with you. Aren’t you asking for a beating?”
The next moment, the annoying Samuel was kicked out of the office.
After Jaylon threw Samuel away, his face was stiff and cold. Jaylon returned to the sofa
and continued the topic, “I can feel her indifference to me. This is definitely not just my
Hearst said, “You have to figure out the root of the problem and then you
can deal with it. You better talk to her first.”
It was the same as not saying anything.
Jaylon decided that he would never come to talk to Hearst about relationships.
That night, Jaylon went to the supermarket on the way from work and bought some meat
and vegetables to bring home to fill the refrigerator.
Pushing open the door, Jaylon saw a teenager holding a coat of Reina in his hand,
putting it in front of his nose to sniff.
Without a word, Jaylon gently placed the vegetables and meat in his hand on the
ground. Then he took off his suit and took off his watch. He waved his fist and ruthlessly
punched the guy in the face.
Reina was shocked by the noise outside and quickly opened the door of another room
and walked out.
Seeing that Brent had been punched by Jaylon, Reina put on a long face.
Then, Jaylon had no dinner to eat that night. He could only sit straight on the sofa and
watch Reina take care of another man.
Reina picked up a piece of meat for Brent and said apologetically, “Brent, I’m sorry.
Jaylon doesn’t mean to hurt you. Don’t be angry.”
Brent came here to have fun today. He accidentally dropped the coat in the trash can.
After picking it up, he looked at it and smelled it.
Unexpectedly, Jaylon happened to see that scene.
Then, Jaylon beat Brent.
Brent sniffed and said, “Reina, it’s okay. He just thought I was a pervert who stole your
skirt. Mr. Malpas didn’t mean to kill me.”
The word “kill” was used very cleverly.
Everyone could hear him complaining about Jaylon’s ruthless actions.
Jaylon’s dark eyes glared at him, warning Brent not to speak anymore.
Reina noticed Jaylon’s gaze and coldly said, “What are you looking at?”
“Nothing.” Jaylon retracted his gaze.
Brent looked at him smugly. He deliberately annoyed Jaylon and said to Reina, “Reina, I
want to drink the soup.”
Reina thought that Jaylon had just hit Brent, so she naturally had to treat Brent better.
She nodded and personally served him a bowl of soup. Brent drank the soup and told
Reina many things about the school, which
made Reina laugh.
Jaylon’s tall and straight body sat on a single sofa, looking bleak and lonely.
After dinner, Brent left not long after.
Jaylon silently cleaned up the table and went into the kitchen to wash the dishes.
When he came out of the kitchen, he saw that there was a takeout on the
In an instant, all the negative emotions that he had just felt disappeared.
Jaylon was so easily satisfied.
After he finished eating, he returned to the bedroom. Reina only left a
bedside lamp and leaned against the bed to read a book.
When Jaylon finished washing up, Reina had already lain down.
He did not disturb her. He lifted the quilt and lay down.
After a while, Reina’s hand wrapped around his waist from his back.
“I’m sorry.”
Reina said that she would not let Jaylon eat dinner. Originally, she was just
saying it casually. She didn’t expect that this one-track-minded man really did not eat. He
sat at the side and waited for so long.
Halfway through, she wanted to ask him to sit down and eat together. But in
the end, she did not say it.
Sometimes, even Reina hated her stubborn temper and being sensitive
about looking bad.
“It’s fine.”
Jaylon turned over and carefully hugged her, trying his best not to press
himself against her belly.
Reina said, “Don’t be so honest in the future. There are some things that I just casually
said. You don’t have to do as I say.”
Jaylon lowered his eyes and said lightly, “I’m afraid that if I don’t do it, you’ll
get angry again.”
Since he promised to treat her well in the future, he naturally had to do it.
It was not easy to get her back, so he naturally cherished her.
The overbearing and domineering man had become so obedient. Reina did
not feel happy, but a little sad.
She hugged Jaylon and kissed his thin lips. “You don’t have to be so careful. No matter
how angry I am, I still marry you in the end.”
Jaylon was so good to her now. No matter how angry she was, she wouldn’t
leave him.
Jaylon was still a little worried. “You’ve suddenly been very cold to me recently. Can you
tell me the reason?”
He always felt that this was a sign that Reina was going to leave.
After all, before Reina jumped into the sea, she was also so obedient and quiet.
He was really afraid.
Reina saw his uneasiness and did not get angry with him anymore. She
said, “That’s because you canceled all my work privately.
“I have no income. So I’m angry.”
Jaylon explained, “I just don’t want you to be too tired.”
“I know.” Reina kissed him again to show her attitude. “But you have to
discuss this with me in the future. Don’t make your own decisions.
“Tell me properly. I’ll agree.”
Jaylon was silent for a while and said, “I want to discuss something with
you right now.”
“Go ahead.”
“You’ve been pregnant for five months and the baby is good.”
“And then?”
“Can we have sex tonight?”
“You just said you’ll agree if I discuss it with you.”
Reina laughed in anger and kicked him. “Only once.”
“Okay.” Jaylon kissed her cheek.

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