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Reborn Another Chance to Leave U by Hazel Ramirez Chapter 500

Chapter 500 Side Story: Winston and Aracely
Winston helped Aracely clean her body and carried her back to the bed. Then he went
back to the bathroom to pick up the scattered clothes and put them into the washing
After putting the clothes into the dryer, Winston returned to the bed.
Aracely slept in a daze. But after Winston got on the bed, she still crawled into his arms
and hugged him, rubbing against his chest like a puppy.
She had been close to Winston since she was young. When she became a teenager,
she knew that men and women should keep their distance. After the two got married,
Aracely returned to her previous state, and it seemed that she liked to hug him more
than before.
Enter title…
Winston pressed down on her restless head and gently scolded, “Sleep now.”
Aracely responded and started to sleep.
After more than ten minutes, Aracely still had not fallen asleep.
When she heard that Winston was breathing evenly, as if he had fallen
asleep, she raised her head and kissed him on the chin.
Winston was probably really asleep, and he didn’t move.
Aracely tried to kiss him again.
Winston who was hugging her still did not move.
Aracely became interested. Like a child who liked to play pranks, she
kissed him one after another and smiled happily.
As she was playing, Winston’s hoarse and tense voice suddenly sounded in
the dark. “Sleep now. Otherwise, don’t sleep tonight.”
Aracely noticed the change in his body. She was terrified and instantly fell silent.
Winston continued, “I have to go on a business trip in two days. I might have to go for a
week. You should stay at home and don’t go out to cause trouble.”
Since Anaya was pregnant, Aracely had lost a lot of fun. After work, other than staying
with Winston, there was no other fun.
She was born with a personality that liked to mess around. After being quiet for so long,
she had long been restless. However, Winston was strict. She usually didn’t even dare to
stare at other men outside.
When she heard that Winston was going on a business trip, Aracely secretly laughed in
her heart. But on the surface, she was extremely obedient and nodded. “Okay.”
On the third night after Winston left, Aracely held a party and called a few friends to
come home to drink and have fun.
There were a few rich women who came with their male companions. The young men
were all quite handsome, but Aracely was now a married woman. At most, she would just
admire their handsome faces. She did not want to do more.
But even though she did not want to, someone had already taken a fancy to her luxury
car and was motivated to be her sweetheart.
After sending her friends home, she returned to the bedroom and found a person lying
on the bed.
The man was lying with his back to her, wearing Winston’s pajamas.
Aracely thought that Winston had come back, and her heart skipped a beat. She climbed
onto the bed gently, half kneeling on the bed, and poked the man on the shoulder with
her finger.
The man turned over, his face full of shyness. “Yeah, honey…”
Aracely’s pupils trembled.
Who the hell was this man?
The next second, she heard someone slam the door behind her.
Aracely turned around with a confused look on her face.
Who was there just now?
Aracely got up from the bed and kicked the man out of the house. Then,
she asked the butler who had just returned.
As expected, Winston had indeed returned.
“Didn’t he say that he would be back in a week?”
The butler said respectfully, “Mr. Salmon’s work ended early. He bought the
ticket for the latest plane and rushed back.”
Winston was worried that Aracely would be lonely at home alone, so he
rushed back as soon as the work was over.
As a result, when he pushed open the bedroom door, she gave him such a
big surprise.
Aracely felt a chill down her spine.
She felt that she was over tonight.
Aracely did not dare to go to the study to find Winston and climbed back to bed uneasily.
As a result, the next day, Winston had no intention of settling accounts with her. After
breakfast, he went straight to work.
For the next few days, Winston also slept in the study room and did not talk to her. Even
if Aracely went out for a meal, Winston did not say anything.
Aracely finally realized the seriousness of the problem, and her attitude changed from
fear to worry.
When Winston returned home after working overtime, Aracely heard the
noise and immediately knocked on the door of the study.
When Winston let her in, she pushed open the door and went in.
After she entered, Winston did not even look at her. He was still working.
Aracely walked around the desk and glanced at the documents that she could not
understand. Then, her gaze returned to Winston’s cold and handsome face.
She raised her hand and gently tugged at his sleeve. She stammered, “That night, the
man crawled onto our bed and lay down on his own. I didn’t touch
Winston’s gaze was still fixed on the document in his hand, and his voice was shockingly
calm. “Then did you invite him to our house?”
Aracely choked, no longer quibbling, and immediately admitted her
mistake. “I was wrong. I won’t dare to do it again.”
Winston remained unmoved.
Aracely plucked up her courage and swept the documents in front of him to
the side. She lifted her long leg and sat on his lap.
Winston finally looked up at her, his eyes cold. He just said, “Get down.”
Although he usually spoke harshly to her, he rarely showed her any serious
When Aracely saw Winston like this, she suddenly felt wrong. “No.” She hooked her
arms around his neck and hugged him, acting like a
spoiled child. “Honey, don’t be angry. I definitely won’t call anyone to have
fun at home anymore.”
Winston still had a cold expression on his face.
Aracely pecked him on the lips and gently rubbed against his body.
“Winston, don’t be angry. I will promise you anything you want me to do.”
Winston finally replied, “Really?”
Aracely looked into his eyes and suddenly felt a little regretful. She wanted
to get off his legs.
Winston grabbed her waist and carried her to the desk.
He stood between her legs and looked down at her. “Give me your phone.”
“Winston, isn’t shooting the video a little too exciting?” Aracely took out her phone with a
red face.
Winston glanced at her indifferently, turned on her phone, and said, “Delete all the
people who came to our house that day.”
Only then did Aracely realize that she had misunderstood, and her face
instantly flushed red.
Under Winston’s supervision, she deleted all those bad friends one by one.
Aracely deleted them cleanly. After all, she could add more accounts if she deleted them.
Winston saw through her thoughts and threatened her in a low voice, “If you
dare to add those people’s accounts back, I will let you have no strength to
go out in the future.”
Aracely’s heart skipped a beat. She hurriedly nodded and promised, “No, I won’t add
them anymore.”
After Aracely deleted them, Winston finally returned to the master bedroom
Then they had sex many times today.
Aracely was so tired that she couldn’t open her eyes. She almost fell asleep in the
bathtub when she took a bath. Finally, Winston carried her out.
She lazily nestled in Winston’s arms and suddenly said, “Winston, let’s have
a child.”
“Didn’t you say that you don’t want a child?” Winston carefully placed her back on the
“I was worried that the child would snatch you away from me, so no one
waited on me.”
“Aren’t you worried now?”
“I’m mature now.”
Winston pulled the blanket over her and leaned over to kiss her. “But I’m
worried that the child will snatch you away from me.” Aracely was stunned. Then, she
raised her hand and hooked it around
Winston’s neck. She pulled him onto the bed and hugged him tightly. She
said with a smile, “Ah, you really are a clingy fellow.”
“I wonder who is so clingy.” Winston chuckled softly. Aracely did not reply. She hugged
him and kissed him before falling asleep
in satisfaction.

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