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Resent Reject Regret by Aqua Summers chapter 821

Chapter 821 He Owed It to Her
“Hmm.” Brendan could not be bothered by this. “How’s the situation with Sam?”
On the hotel’s top level, Sam and the group of people from the organization kicked
down a door without concern for the astounded man seated in front of the sofa
watching the press conference.
The man was the person left in the room. Sam closed the curtain, sized up the room,
and looked at the man being pinned on the ground with a distorted expression. He
stamped on the man’s face until the man was bleeding from his mouth, i “Where’s
your boss?”
Sam would exert strength in his leg with every word he uttered. The man’s expression
grew ferocious in pain. “I don’t understand what you’re talking about… I’m the only
person here…” ‘You don’t smoke, so why are you using such an expensive lighter?”
The man was astonished.
Sam waved his hand and said, “Take him to the organization.”
When the crew was done cleaning up the scene, Sam called up Brendan.” We’ve only
managed to capture a subordinate, sir.”
Brendan looked out the window and thought about how the situation was within his
expectations. ’The subordinate is important personnel as well. Don’t let him die. I’ll be
there later.” ‘Yes, sir!”
After ending the call, the car drove all the way to the organization.
The captured man had already been sent to the basement. Brendan headed to the
basement and found the man’s mouth stuffed with a sock.
A member of the crew explained, “He was trying to bite off his tongue.”
Brendan’s dark eyes glistened with contempt. ‘You won’t die from biting off your
tongue, but you will suffer.”
The man widened his eyes. Someone pulled the sock out of the man’s mouth, and he
said through gritted teeth, “Brendan, kill me if you have the guts!”
Brendan looked at the man going frantic calmly, his cold face expressionless.
“Don’t worry. You won’t die.”
The man was stunned for a moment while Brendan’s dark eyes dimmed.” You will
never know what you’ve ruined. Death is too mild a punishment for you.”
His dark eyes were still emotionless, yet his flawlessly handsome face was tainted
with a tinge of barely discernible hatred. His domineering presence was suffocating
the man, and the man could not help trembling in fear. He felt as if he could only see
darkness in his future for a brief moment.
Before Brendan left, his gaze landed on the lining of the man’s suit casually. Soon
afterward, his dark eyes dimmed, and he headed outside to give an order. ‘The lining
material of his suit is not from Neve or the surrounding cities. Look into that.”
Ordinary people would not be carrying anything symbolic with them, but they would
not pay too much attention to their garments. Brendan could tell at one glance that the
lining was made of a rare material.
Cormac nodded and memorized the order.
After Brendan got into the car, his expression was filled with fatigue. He caught a
breath and felt his wound begin throbbing again.
He turned his head to check if he was bleeding again. Cormac noticed Brendan’s
action from the rearview mirror and inquired, “Mr. Brighthall, why don’t I …send you to
the hospital first?” “It’s fine. I would like to go home.”
His urge to see Deirdre grew stronger as he was done handling the matters. It was as
if he could only set his mind at ease and relieve his fatigue by seeing her.
Cormac did not comment further and sent Brendan to the mansion.
Brendan arrived at the living room to find Mrs. Engel cleaning the place by herself.
Mrs. Engel approached Brendan as soon as she saw him. “You’re home, Mr.
Brighthall. Is your shoulder injury alright?” “How did you know?” “I saw it during the
press conference. It was a successful press conference that turned the tide. Everyone
is praising you online, Mr. Brighthall! Oh, right, Mrs. Brighthall watched it with me.”
‘Deirdre saw it?*
Brendan was surprised. He was planning on keeping it under her radar because he
owed it to her from the start.

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