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Resent Reject Regret by Aqua Summers chapter 822

Chapter 822 I Should Be Grateful to You, Right?
However, Brendan figured that it was good she had watched it as he would not need
to put in a lot of effort to explain it to her.
“Where is she? Did she comment anything?”
Mrs. Engel’s expression changed slightly as she said, “No. After watching the press
conference, she grew too tired, so she returned to her room to rest.”
Brendan knew something in his heart. He headed upstairs and opened the bedroom
Deirdre lay on the bed with her back facing the door, and half of her body was covered
by the blanket.
Brendan walked over to find Deirdre awake. Her eyes were opened, and she was
staring out the window absentmindedly.
She did not respond to his presence.
Brendan expected that and took a seat in front of her.
‘You watched the press conference, huh?”
Deirdre looked up briefly. “Hmm, I watched it.”
She cracked a mocking smile. ‘You truly deserve your reputation as the Brighthall
Group’s CEO. You’re always capable of dealing with the information with the quickest
method. Charlene must be deeply touched when she learns about this.”
Brendan furrowed his eyebrows. “How is this related to Charlene?”
Deirdre looked up the man’s outline and said, “Isn’t this what you want? You would
expose yourself in public to protect Charlene willingly, and you tried to settle the
situation as soon as possible using this method.”
Brendan was stunned. Soon afterward, he felt rage and helplessness in his chest.
“Are you saying that I held the press conference in an attempt to protect
Charlene?” “Or else?” Deirdre lowered her eyes. ’You wanted to prevent Charlene
from pleading guilty, yet you wanted to deal with the situation quickly. Your act of
exposing yourself in public yielded the best result for both.”
Her lashes cast a shadow on the area below her eyes. She was about to turn to her
other side when Brendan clutched her hands abruptly and pinned her arms up above
her head. He looked at her from above.
“Do you know that I’m still capable of dealing with this situation even if I don’t expose
myself in public? I’m totally capable of letting the public opinion brew for a few days
before I make an explanation later. If that were the case, the citizens of Neve would
feel ashamed of what they did to the Brighthall Group, which would only benefit the
company’s growth from then on.”
Deirdre was forced to confront Brendan’s presence in her current position. Her eyes
widened. Even though she could not see clearly, she could still sense the man’s anger
in an obvious manner.” “Let go of me, Brendan.”
Brendan did not answer, but he asked, “Do you know why I made a public
appearance then?
“Deirdre, I wouldn’t be bothered to utter a word to those people if not because of you!”
Deirdre held her breath ever so slightly upon sensing Brendan’s rage. A moment later,
she smiled and said in a teasing tone, “So, you’re saying that I should thank you?” 1
Brendan was stunned.
Deirdre continued to smile, but there was no smile in her eyes. “Thank you for your
willingness to step forward and hold a press conference to clarify the situation for me.
I shouldn’t turn the cold shoulder on you, but on the contrary, I should be grateful and
cry tears of joy from receiving your favor. That is the way, right?”
Brendan was choked up.
Brendan was suddenly at a loss for words to explain.
He hoped that Deirdre would understand that everything he did was unrelated to
Charlene. It was all for her.
Yet, it turned into something else completely different now.
“I don’t think that you’re receiving my favor. I just-” “Loosen your grip over me. It
Deirdre interrupted him and exerted strength in her arms to struggle.
Brendan loosened his grip while Deirdre turned over to wrap herself tightly in the
blanket with her back facing him.
“I don’t care if you did or for who. What happened has already happened. You can’t
just pretend that it didn’t happen because you tried to make up for it. Brendan, you
owed the press conference to me, and it is just a trivial compensation.”
The woman’s cold remark rendered Brendan speechless from continuing his
explanation. He instantly felt a stinging sensation in his throat and could not even
muster the strength to utter a word.

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