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Resent Reject Regret by Aqua Summers chapter 823

Chapter 823 Because You’re the One I Love
After a long while, he admitted by saying, “Yes, I did a great disservice to you.”
Deirdre opened her eyes in surprise. She kept quiet for a while before she said, “I was
thinking about how you managed to convince the victim’s parents to lie alongside you.
What did you give them that was so good that they would go against their
She could still remember the married couple’s hatred and grumblings when she
surrendered herself to the police. They were supposed to wish to execute the
murderer badly.
Brendan looked at the woman’s distancing figure. He wanted to stretch out his hand to
touch her, but he pulled back his hand.
‘The reason is simple.” Brendan removed his jacket and lay with Deirdre. It felt as if
that was the only way he could be closer to her. “I gave them enough money for them
to live without any worries for the rest of their lives.” ‘That’s all?”
Deirdre smiled, but he did not explain further.
The victim was already dead, after all. The victim’s parents would need to think for
themselves, but Deirdre still found it shocking that the parents would actually lie for
the murderer of their daughter.
‘There’s more,” Brendan answered nonchalantly.
Deirdre paused for a moment. “What else did you promise them?”
Brendan suddenly wrapped his arms around her and breathed evenly down the back
of her neck. “Make a guess.”
Deirdre struggled for a moment and discovered that her effort was futile. “I can’t figure
it out. I thought that the daughter was their only child. Did you make arrangements for
them to work or something?” ‘They are already at retirement age and have no
apprehension in monetary issues, so they don’t need jobs.”
Deirdre fell silent.
Brendan whispered into her ear, “I promised them I would make the real murderer of
their daughter plead guilty.”
Deirdre suddenly looked up and turned her face in astonishment.
Brendan came to understand that he did not need to hide anymore after seeing the
woman’s reaction. 1 ‘What do you mean?” Deirdre was perplexed.
‘What does he mean by making the real murderer of their daughter plead guilty? Isn’t
the real murderer of their daughter Charlene? Is Brendan going to send Charlene to
prison personally? i ‘But aren’t they together already?’ “It means that I will ensure
Charlene goes to prison. I promised you that, and I will clear up your name so you
won’t need to bear the charge of homicide anymore from then on.”
Deirdre was flabbergasted. In fact, she had even assumed that she had misheard.
Yet, Brendan spoke in such a righteous tone as if he was telling Deirdre that he was
not lying and would not lie to her.
Her pupils were shaking. ‘Why?”
Brendan leaned closer, bit the woman’s lip, and felt the exchanging of their breaths.
Deirdre was so astounded that she failed to shove him away.
Brendan enjoyed the closeness for a while before he answered, “It is because you’re
the one I love.”
Deirdre was shocked, and her heart was racing.
Initially, Brendan was worried he would scare Deirdre, but he could no longer hold
back. He did not want Deirdre to misunderstand him again and to mistake that he still
had any feelings for Charlene.
“Deirdre,” he called her name softly. “Have you forgotten that I’m not only
Brendan but also Kyran?”
In the pitch-black room, there was only the man’s blazing hot gaze. “Do you doubt
Kyran’s love?”
Deirdre pursed her lips tightly, yet she could not stop thinking about the days she had
spent with Kyran. She thought about his gentleness, meticulousness, and kindness. It
was not unusual for her to fall for Kyran. In fact, it would not be unusual for everyone
to fall in love with Kyran.
That was why she had an emotional breakdown and cried for a long time when she
found out the truth.

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