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Resent Reject Regret by Aqua Summers chapter 824

Chapter 824 Send Charlene to Prison
Deirdre did not understand why Brendan would disguise as Kyran to deceive her and
wondered whether Brendan had feelings for her at some point as well. Yet, she denied
those thoughts when he reconnected with Charlene once again. 1
It was just another one of Brendan’s tricks.
On the other hand, Deirdre felt her chest tighten and ache when she heard Brendan
use the word ‘love’ repeatedly.
Nonetheless, she calmed down instantly and cracked a smile in contempt. ‘What trick
do you have up your sleeve again?”
Brendan’s gaze dimmed as he looked at her changing expression. “Don’t you believe
what I just said?”
Deirdre’s mind was a chaotic mess. “I don’t know if I should believe you because
you’ve deceived me way too many times. You have such a close relationship with
Charlene and also…”
She tried to clear her head with great effort. “If you really want to make Charlene
plead guilty to her crime, why did you reject me in the hospital? You could have totally
straightened the situation by now and sent Charlene to prison.” ‘That was because-”
Brendan was eager to speak, but he fell silent after he blurted his reply.
He stared at Deirdre deeply but could not bring himself to say it.
‘That was because of what?” Deirdre inquired sarcastically. “Because you love her too
much? Because you want the baby in my womb? Thus, you make up an absurd lie in
an attempt to appease me so I can stay calm?”
Brendan felt his heart wrench in pain. “No.”
He hugged her tightly and kissed her forehead as if he cherished her very much. “No,
it is because… there’s something that I just can’t tell you yet.”
Deirdre looked up while Brendan said with great difficulty, “Even if you don’t believe
me, don’t you know me well enough to understand me? I’m not lying to you, and I
really want to bring Charlene to justice, but I need time to gather the evidence. If you
don’t believe…”
Brendan dialed Sam’s phone. Sam was still busy when he answered in a tired but
respectful voice, “Sir.” “Have you gathered the evidence that will bring Charlene to
Sam answered quickly, “Almost done. It’s enough for Charlene to get a life sentence.”
Deirdre’s mind was still blank when Brendan ended the call. He said softly,” If you
don’t believe me, will you believe Sam at the very least?”
They were close to each other, and Deirdre felt an ineffable feeling surging in her
‘Brendan is going to put Charlene in prison… He claimed that he loves me…
‘Would I believe him?’
Deirdre expressed her hesitation.
Meanwhile, Brendan held and kissed her hand softly as if he wanted to be more
intimate with her.
Their lips touched, and their passion was ignited. The man was so emotional that
Deirdre felt suffocated. She rejected his kiss shakily, and her hand shoved Brendan’s
shoulder subconsciously.
Brendan inhaled sharply from the pain while Deirdre immediately pulled back her
hand upon realizing what she had done. Brendan seized the opportunity to kiss her.
Even though he did not manage to go all the way, he went most of the way.
The next day, Deirdre’s head was still spinning. She hoped that Brendan was not lying
to her about intending to send Charlene, the murderer, to prison so the real victim
would be consoled.
Deirdre headed downstairs to find Brendan having a much better appetite than before.
He ate an extra bowl of oatmeal.
Deirdre discovered that the previous Dr. Lang was not around anymore when Brendan
was getting his wound dressed. A doctor she was not acquainted with was in his
She asked the doctor out of curiosity when Brendan headed upstairs to get changed,
“Why is Dr. Lang not here today?”
The doctor answered, “Dr. Lang has been feeling under the weather recently, so he is
taking a leave of absence.”
Deirdre nodded and said shyly, “Oh right, I would like to ask you something. My belly
has been hurting a little for the past two days, and I don’t feel like eating much. Why is
that so?”

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