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Resent Reject Regret by Aqua Summers chapter 825

Chapter 825 Practice Moderation
Brendan headed downstairs and walked over quickly upon hearing that. His dark eyes
were locked on Deirdre’s face, and he was relieved to see she did not look too ill.
“Belly hurts? Since when? Why haven’t you told me that?”
Deidre shoved at him.
How could she tell him that? Apart from constantly ignoring each other, she did not
feel the pain so obviously in the past two days, but the pain grew stronger yesterday
when the man indulged in…
Deirdre found it embarrassing just by thinking about it, and she did not wish to speak
to him more.
The doctor said, “I shall examine you briefly, Miss McKinnon.” “Sure.”
Deirdre sat on the sofa while the doctor auscultated her. He noticed the marks on her
neck during the process and let out a cough.
“Uh… Frankly, it doesn’t seem like there’s anything unusual with your body based on
the auscultation, Miss McKinnon. I think that it is possible…”
The doctor wanted to speak but stopped himself.
Brendan grew anxious. “What is it?” “It’s…” The doctor braced himself to answer,
“Miss McKinnon has been too intimate with Mr. Brighthall. I believe that both of you
should practice moderation. The pregnancy is still early, so it is inappropriate for you
to practice marital relationship during this period.” 1
Brendan’s expression grew solemn.
“What do you mean, doctor? Are you telling me that I shouldn’t be intimate with
Deirdre’s ears blushed in embarrassment. She would rather die from the pain than to
inquire if she were to know that this would happen.
Brendan came to understand the situation, and his expression was still unpleasant.
“Could it be that you’ve misunderstood? I’ve only kissed her and touched her for a
short while at most, and we didn’t do anything else. How is it inappropriate? Could it
be that it badly influences the baby in her womb?”
Deirdre could not bear to listen anymore, so she got up and headed to the kitchen.
The doctor behaved as if he had misunderstood. “So, it’s just a short makeout
Brendan stared at him. “Or else? I have a sense of propriety, of course. Do you think
she will still want to be intimate with me after your remark?”
He looked at the doctor as if he was blaming him as if his relationship with Deirdre
was utterly irreconcilable.
The doctor felt a shiver down his spine, and he hastily explained, ‘That is fine for
He added, “Moreover, an appropriate level of intimacy will help to improve the married
couple’s relationship, and it will be good for Miss McKinnon’s mood. You will just need
to control the timing properly as well as the level of strength exerted.”
Brendan’s attention was diverted just as he had expected. “When is good timing and…
how much strength are we talking about?”
Mrs. Engel was walking out of the kitchen to grab something when she overheard the
conversation. She hastily walked back, and her old face was blushing beyond her
‘Mrs. Brighthall is already in her current state, yet Mr. Brighthall is still trying to figure
out the most appropriate way to take advantage of her. What an animal!’ 2
Deirdre was unaware of the situation, but she could not refrain from staying in the
When she saw Mrs. Engel returning in a rush, she asked, “What happened?
Do we have a guest visiting?” “No.” Mrs. Engel was too embarrassed to tell Deirdre
that Brendan and the doctor were discussing how to take advantage of her out there.
She said shyly, “I sprained my ankle accidentally.” 1 “Are you alright?” “I’m fine, thank
you. Don’t worry, Mrs. BrighthalL However, the kitchen is filled with oily fumes. Are you
sure you’re alright with the smell? Would you like to go outside and rest for a while?”
Deirdre was about to nod when Brendan walked near to the kitchen from the living
room in his suit. “Please come here, Mrs. Engel.”
Mrs. Engel expressed her anxiety. ‘They’re not going to get me involved too, right?
‘Should I reject them or…. Would Mrs. Brighthall be angry if she were to find out?”
Mrs. Engel was restless with anxiety.
Brendan said after she walked outside, “Take Deirdre grocery shopping with you
Mrs. Engel was stunned. “Is that all?”
Brendan furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. “Or else? What else will I need you to

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