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Resent Reject Regret by Aqua Summers chapter 826

Chapter 826 Are You the Woman From Yesterday?
Mrs. Engel let out a few dry laughs, “Nothing. I’m worried we will run into those people
again when we go to the grocery store.”
Brendan gave her an assuring gaze and said, “Don’t worry. Just bring her with you.”
Mrs. Engel knew that Brendan must have something prepared. She nodded, and just
when she was about to turn around, Brendan said, “Oh yeah, don’t forget to buy a
He did not like the feeling when he saw the chicken in the trash.
“Mr. Brighthall… Don’t tell me that you still want Mrs. Brighthall to cook chicken soup
for you in her current state?” Mrs. Engel asked, her voice thick with disbelief.
If that was really what Brendan wanted, she was perturbed by his low level of
emotional intelligence.
Brendan’s face sank slightly, and he replied, “It’s none of your business. Just listen to
what I told you to do. Besides, don’t tell Deirdre that I’m the one who asked her to go
Mrs. Engel nodded.
When she returned, Deirdre was already standing in the living room.
Deirdre saw Mrs. Engel walking in from outside and asked, “What’s the matter?
What’s so important that you two had to go out and talk?” “Well… it isn’t particularly
important…” said Mrs. Engel.
Even though she did not know what Brendan was up to this time, she was going to
follow his instructions. “Mr. Brighthall just asked me to update him on your activity
since you’ve been under the weather for the past two days.”
Deirdre was suspicious, but she did not press the matter on.
Mrs. Engel hesitated for a while and asked, “Miss McKinnon, do you want to go to the
grocery store with me today?” ‘Today?1’
Deirdre’s expression changed when she remembered the thing that happened in the
grocery store.
Mrs. Engel started to sweat inwardly. “Yeah. I heard that the security of that place has
been tightened up, so what happened yesterday won’t happen again.” “But why are
you asking me to come with you?” asked Deirdre.
She wanted to go to the grocery store previously because she wanted to make some
chicken soup for Brendan, but she was not in the mood to do something like that right
“Well…” Mrs. Engel stammered. “Why don’t you just come with me? You can grab
something to eat on the way too.”
Deirdre said as she looked at her, “Mrs. Engel, did Brendan tell you something? If not,
you wouldn’t have asked me to go to the grocery store with you all of a sudden.”
“Umm…” Mrs. Engel was tongue-tied. She hemmed and hawed for a long while before
sighing. “I don’t know what Mr. Brighthall wants either. He just wants you to go to the
grocery store. Why don’t you just come with me today? Mr. Brighthall promised me the
same thing won’t happen again today.”
Deirdre was confused.
She did not know what Brendan was up to again this time.
At the same time, Brendan came in.
He thought Mrs. Engel had not sold him out yet, so he asked calmly, “What are you
two doing here? Are you going out?”
Deirdre put on a fake smile and said, ‘You’re right. How did you know what I want to
do? Could it be that you’re a mind reader?”
Brendan cleared his throat embarrassingly and said, “Don’t make it too long.”
After that, he went upstairs.
Mrs. Engel looked at Deirdre, and the latter said, “Well, let’s go then.”
She was going to find out what Brendan was trying to do this time.
They went to the grocery store through the same alley. After roughly ten minutes, they
arrived at their destination. Deirdre still felt apprehensive as she listened to the loud
noise from the grocery store.
Those things that the people had said about her and the things that had happened
yesterday rushed into her mind at that moment. Initially, she thought she might need
some time before she could step into this grocery store again.
Feeling Deirdre’s anxiety, Mrs. Engel stood in front of Deirdre in a protective gesture.
As they entered the grocery store, some people turned their heads and looked at
them, stopping Deirdre in her tracks.
They all surrounded her and asked hesitantly, “Aren’t you the woman from
Deirdre could feel the change in the atmosphere, and Mrs. Engel stood before her,
“What do you guys want?”

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