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Resent Reject Regret by Aqua Summers chapter 827

Chapter 827 Fulfilling Promise
“Are you going to beat us up like what you did yesterday?” snarled Mrs. Engel,
shielding Deirdre behind her.
Deirdre placed her hand on Mrs. Engel’s arm and calmed her down.
“It’s okay. I can handle this.” “Mrs. Brighthall…”
Deirdre took a step forward. She lowered her head to mask the complicated emotions
in her eyes.
She did not know what Brendan was trying to do at all. Did he want her to remember
these people’s anger so that she would be grateful to him for saving her from her
‘Well… It does seem like something he would do,’ Deirdre thought sarcastically.
“After that, she raised her head and said, “Yes, it’s me. What do you guys want? If you
want to know more about the news, I can explain about it.”
The person standing at the front said, “Explain? No, we don’t need that. You don’t
have to explain to us at all. It’s just a misunderstanding. I’m really sorry for doing that
to you yesterday, Miss McKinnon. We felt bad when we watched the press
conference. It’s a good thing that you came here today.” ‘That’s right! I’ve been waiting
here today so that I can apologize to you.” ‘There’s no way you can be a murderer
since you’re so pretty. We just got blinded by our rage and did that to you without
finding out the truth first…”
Everyone was apologizing to Deirdre, and she was stunned. When she came to her
senses, she realized that there were a lot of things in her arms.
“I know this is nothing compared to what I did, but I hope you can forgive me, Miss
McKinnon.” ‘That’s right. Just come often, Miss McKinnon. I’m the owner of this shop.
I can give you a discount or a gift when you come next time.”
Deirdre was confused at their enthusiasm.
Mrs. Engel was equally confused as well. By the time they came out of the grocery
store, they were holding so much stuff they could barely carry them.
Mrs. Engel said, “Mrs. Brighthall, what happened to them? How come they became so
different today? Even if they watched the press conference from yesterday, it’s just
too… I’m so surprised that I don’t know what to say.”
Deirdre was surprised as well, but she figured that this was Brendan’s doing too.
It was just that she did not know what he had done.
When she was in a trance, Mrs. Engel raised her head and saw a man getting out of a
car on the side of the road. It seemed like he had been waiting for a long time. He
looked rather impatient and walked toward Deirdre when he saw her.
“Mrs. Brighthall, look! It’s Mr. Brighthall!”
Brendan walked up to Deirdre and took over the stuff in her hands, just like a
responsible husband waiting for his wife to return from shopping.
“So, do you feel better now?”
Deirdre raised her head as she tried to discern Brendan’s face. She opened her lips
but closed them up in the next second. After a while, she smirked coldly and said,
“How much did you give them this time to make them come over and apologize like
that?” “What are you talking about?” Brendan frowned. “Deirdre, do you think I have
that much money to spend? They apologized to you out of their own volition.”
He had just asked Sam to knock on their doors and confront them about what they
had done in an attempt to make them feel bad.
“Really? It was such a chaotic scene yesterday. Even if someone had done something
wrong, they would have run away. There’s no way they would come back here the
next morning just to wait to apologize to me.” ‘You’ve underestimated human nature,
Deirdre. They did something wrong, so they naturally have to apologize,” said
After that, he leaned closer and whispered into her ear, “Besides, this is what I
promised you, so it goes without saying that I have to keep my word.”
Deirdre hastily lowered her head, and the thing that happened last night surfaced in
her head.
It seemed to her that Brendan was trying to prove bit by bit that he was not lying. Did
this mean that he would bring Charlene to justice?

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