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Resent Reject Regret by Aqua Summers chapter 828

Chapter 828 It’s About Time for Her to Make a Move
Deirdre did not know if she should trust Brendan or not.
After they went back into the car, Brendan looked into the bag and asked,” Mrs.
Engel, where is the thing I asked you to buy?”
Mrs. Engel smacked her forehead and said, “Oh gosh, I was so confused by them that
I forgot to buy it.” “Go buy it now.”
Mrs. Engel got out of the car, and Deirdre looked at Brendan in confusion.
“What did you ask Mrs. Engel to buy?” ‘You’ll know about it later.”
Deirdre was stumped. There were only vegetables and groceries in the grocery store.
She did not know why Brendan had to make it so mysterious.
In a villa, the man narrowed his eyes dangerously as he watched the whole process of
Sam going into the hotel room and capturing the people in it.
One of his men standing beside him gnashed his teeth and said, “I can’t believe
Brendan could still foil our plan despite his injuries. I should have killed him when we
were on the mountain!”
The man tapped his finger on the table and asked, “So, are you implying that I was
wrong to tell you to stop?”
Connor’s face turned pale, and he had a hard time breathing when he heard what the
man said. “No, sir, that’s not what I mean-” “Brendan wasn’t shot that time,” the man
said with a smile tugging at the corner of his lips. A glint crossed his eyes as he
continued. “He just exposed his weak spot to you on purpose. Once you went after
him, you would have ended up like Ash.”
Connor was stunned. ‘Then what do we do now, sir? They have Ash, and he knows so
much of our secret. What if…”
After a while of contemplation, the man played with his fingers and said.” I’m sure Ash
won’t betray me since he grew up with me, but…
“To prevent Brendan from getting any useful information, inform the people in the
organization to get rid of him secretly.”
Connor was stunned for a moment as a chill rushed down his spine. After a while, he
nodded with determination and said, ‘Yes, sir.” “Also… I’ve underestimated Brendan.
He nearly got rid of two of my most useful men. If we don’t take action, he might learn
about that incident. It’s timefor her to make her move too.” 2
After they reached home, Brendan took the chicken into the kitchen and locked
himself in it.
Mrs. Engel was rendered speechless.
Deirdre did not know what Brendan was up to either. She stood in front of the door for
a while and asked, “What did he ask you to buy, Mrs. Engel?” “A chicken,” replied
Mrs. Engel.
“A chicken?” Deirdre was dumbfounded as an idea appeared in her head.
She had taught Brendan how to make chicken soup in the past. Could it be that he
was going to make chicken soup now?
He had never done any house chores before. Since when did he learn how to make
Deirdre found it unbelievable. However, on second thought, he had done many
unbelievable things before. For example, faking to be Kyran and promising her to
send Charlene to prison.
“Mrs. Brighthall… Mr. Brighthall isn’t going to cook, is he? He doesn’t know how to
cook at all, not to mention that his shoulder is injured. He can’t use much strength now
and would only make things worse if he got hurt by knives again. Why don’t you talk to
him and ask him to come out of the kitchen?”
Deirdre felt Mrs. Engel was right. Brendan’s wound had not fully healed yet.
If he got injured again, he might pin the blame on Tobey.
She walked over, and before she could knock on the door, she heard some noise from
the kitchen and knives falling to the floor.
She sighed helplessly and asked, ‘What are you doing inside, Brendan?”
Brendan picked the knife up. He held the chicken in his hand but did not know what to
do about it. He did not know how to process a chicken and what kind of ingredients he
should use. The water in the pot was boiling, and this was the first time he felt so
helpless. Only now did he understand how tough Deirdre’s life was in the past.

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