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Resent Reject Regret by Aqua Summers chapter 829

Chapter 829 Are You Worried About Me?
At that time, the only person he cared about was Deirdre. When he was hungry, he
would order her to serve him the food regardless of how tired she was. At that time, he
felt as if he was doing her a big favor by just talking to her.
‘So, this is how her life was… So, this is how she felt…’
He had been in there for less than ten minutes, and he was already this tired. One
could imagine how tired Deirdre was in the past.
“Brendan?” Deirdre knocked on the door again when Brendan did not respond. “Come
out now. This isn’t something you can do. If you want some chicken soup, I can give
the recipe to Mrs. Engel and ask her to make it for you.”
Brendan never expected that he would be defeated by something so trivial as
cooking, while he was the alpha in the business circle.
It took him a lot of effort to cut the chicken into pieces. After that, he said,” It’s okay.
I’m almost done.” ‘He’s almost done?’ Deirdre was skeptical.
“Open the door now.”
Brendan hastily cleaned up the kitchen and opened the door.
Deirdre listened to the noise from the stove before turning her head to Brendan and
sighing. “What are you up to again?” ‘You don’t want to make chicken soup for me, so
I’ll make one for you. From now onward, I’ll cook whatever you want to eat for you.”
Deirdre was stunned for a moment. However, she soon came to her senses and said,
‘You should stop and go back to rest right now. Your wound hasn’t healed yet. If it gets
any serious, you’ll need to stay at home even longer.”
A smile appeared on Brendan’s lips when he heard what Deirdre said. “Are you
worried about me, Deirdre?”
Deirdre was stumped.
She realized that it was impossible for her to communicate with the man in front of
It was very clear that she did not want him to stay at home, but it seemed to her that
he failed to read between the lines.
“You were injured because of Tobey, so of course, I’m concerned about your injury.”
Brendan’s face sank.
No one knew better than him that his injury had nothing to do with Tobey. However,
Tobey had gone to Eastgene, so Deirdre shouldn’t be able to know about it.
That was the thought Brendan had in mind. He did not care what kind of price he was
going to pay in the future. He gently wrapped his arms around the woman, and his
towering height dwarfed her petite stature. He buried his nose in her shoulder and
said, “That means you’re worried about me too.”
Deirdre did not want to argue with him in this matter. “Well, suit yourself.”
It was rare for Deirdre to be so submissive to him, and Brendan was a little bit
reluctant to let go of her. He moved his head, and when Deirdre noticed his intention
to kiss her, she hastily turned her head sideways to avoid him.
“Mrs. Engel left as soon as we hugged. There are no people in the living room now,”
said Brendan, his voice thick with joy.
Deirdre’s face turned red.
Brendan scooped her up from the floor and deepened the kiss. The soup boiled over
when he was about to progress to the next step. Smoke began to rise from the stove,
snapping Deirdre out of her trance. She hastily pushed Brendan’s hands away.
Brendan’s face was livid with rage as he turned off the heat. “I thought we need to let
it simmer for more than an hour? How did it boil over so soon?”
Deirdre bit her lips and sighed. “Did you use high heat?” ‘Yeah.”
Deirdre placed her hand on her forehead. “That’s why it boiled over. You should just
keep it in medium heat.”
Brendan adjusted the heat, and when he turned around, Deirdre had already left. He
chided the stove inwardly for ruining everything. At the same time, he began to
reminisce about Deirdre’s gentle lips.
It occurred to him that it was worth it for him to get injured, and he was certain that
their relationship would become even better after he confirmed that Ophelia was still
The corner of Brendan’s lips curled upward, but the smile did not stay long on his
face. The first thing he needed to do right now was to find out Ophelia’s whereabouts.
He would not allow himself to fail.
After about one hour, the soup was done.
Mrs. Engel brought the soup over to the table, and Brendan looked at Deirdre with an
expectant gaze.
“Come, have a taste.”
Deirdre was skeptical about the taste. After blowing it a few times, she took a sip.

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