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Resent Reject Regret by Aqua Summers chapter 830

Chapter 830 Does He Love Me?
Deirdre did not know what Brendan had put into the soup, but it tasted just as she
expected. It was bitter and salty.
“How is it?”
Just as Deirdre was about to spit it out, the man sitting next to her asked, his voice
filled with expectation, and he looked just like a kid asking for a compliment.
In the end, she swallowed it and said, “It’s not bad.” ‘That means it’s tasty.”
Getting a compliment from someone like Deirdre, with superb cooking skills, meant
that the soup tasted really good. With that thought in mind, Brendan said, ‘You should
eat more since you’re pregnant. If you like it, I’ll cook for you every day.”
Deirdre lowered her head and munched on the meat.
Brendan looked at her for a while and got himself a bowl of soup as well. He frowned
and spat it out as soon as he put it into his mouth. ‘What the h* II is this!?” “Chicken
soup,” replied Deirdre.
“No, this isn’t chicken soup. The soup you made for me doesn’t taste like this,”
Brendan said as he took Deirdre’s bowl away. “Stop eating. It tastes awful.”
Deirdre wiped her mouth and said calmly, “Brendan, you’re not cut out for this, so you
should stop torturing yourself. If you really want some soup, you can ask Mrs. Engel to
make one for you. Her cooking skills are as good as mine. You don’t have to waste
your time this way.” “How can you call it a waste of time when I make soup for the
mother of my children?” Brendan complained. He took a deep breath and continued. ”
This is just the first time. I just need more practice. Mrs. Engel, throw the soup away.”
While Mrs. Engel was cleaning the table, she asked, “Should I go make more soup for
you two, sir? Mrs. Brighthall hasn’t taken anything since afternoon.”
It was only then Brendan realized Deirdre hadn’t eaten anything yet. He rose to his
feet and said, “No need. We’ll go out to have our lunch.”
Before Deirdre could come around to her senses, Brendan held her hand and led her
out of their house. After they came out of their house, Deirdre asked, ‘We two just hit
the headlines yesterday, and we’re going to show ourselves in public today? Are you
not worried that other people might get suspicious?”
Just when Brendan was about to tell her that they were going to a secretive place, he
thought of something. He took a cap out of the car and put it on Deirdre.
“When can I hold your hand and appear in front of the public?” he asked.
Deirdre was stunned when she heard what Brendan said. She raised her head up,
and Brendan leaned closer to help her adjust her cap. “I think probably after Charlene
has been sent to prison.”
This was the first time Brendan treated Deirdre so affectionately outside.
She stiffened as she was not used to such affection. She did not say anything back to
Brendan and went back into the car.
There were several times Brendan grabbed Deirdre’s hand whenever they came
across a traffic light. He would kiss her hand several times before letting her go and
driving the car away.
Ever since he said he loved her, he did not hesitate to express his love, and that was
something Deirdre could not get used to.
She felt her blood boil as an idea popped up in her head, ‘Does he really love me?’
Just because he loved her, he liked to stay around her and became more and more
unlike his sensible self.
Charlene closed the door in one of Brendan’s mansions, and her face slowly became
bloodless when she saw the man in the room.
“No way! Everything else is fine, but I’ll never agree with what you just said. What
should I do if Brendan gets pulled down from his throne? I can’t bet the rest of my life
on it!” “If you don’t want to bet the rest of your life on it, then you should listen to me,”
Connor said as he looked at Charlene as if he was looking at an idiot.
“Brendan doesn’t love you at all. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have held a press conference
for Deirdre. Look, did he come to visit you after he returned from Surstate?”

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