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Resent Reject Regret by Aqua Summers chapter 921

Chapter 921 She Would Do Anything
Charlene shoved Mrs. Engel with all her might, only for Mrs. Engel to block her arm
Even though Mrs. Engel was a middle-aged woman, she spent her days performing
heavy labor, so her body was strong. Charlene was a woman who refused to perform
any chores, so she was no match for Mrs. Engel.
Charlene’s expression turned unpleasant at once. She was glaring at Mrs. Engel with
a malicious gaze.
Mrs. Engel was expressionless and repeated herself, “Miss McKinney, you can’t enter
the study room in view of the situation. It would be best for you to return to your room
and rest.”
Charlene gnashed her teeth and said threateningly, “Mrs. Engel, you should be well
aware of Brendan’s attitude toward me. When he marries me, I will be the family’s
matriarch. Do you think Brendan will mind if I do something to you by then?”
Mrs. Engel smiled and said, “I don’t know if Mr. Brighthall will mind it, but I’m aware
that I’ll be safe for one more day as long as Miss McKinnon is here. I will leave when
Miss McKinnon leaves, and no one will have any control over me.”
Mrs. Engel was impervious, and that infuriated Charlene so much that she clenched
her fists until her nails dug into her flesh. She knew she would not be entering the
room, so she maliciously said, “Do you know what is going on with Brendan since you
won’t let me in?”
Charlene leaned closer and said, “He has consumed a strong libidoenhancing
medicine that renders him incapable of controlling himself. Deirdre is in there, and she
is pregnant. Do you think that Brendan is capable of controlling himself around her?”
She said proudly, “Rather than being blocked there, I should call an ambulance so we
can send Miss McKinnon to the hospital at once if she is experiencing heavy
Mrs. Engel was stunned and looked at Charlene incredulously. “You’ve actually
drugged Mr. Brighthall, you sinister woman!?”
Charlene smiled, turned around, and left while she waited for Deirdre’s tragic state.
She would have the ability to ensure Deirdre and her baby’s deaths if Deirdre was
admitted to the hospital.
Charlene returned to the room leisurely, yet Mrs. Engel nervously paced around the
At the thought of what would happen, Mrs. Engel braced herself to enter the room with
her head lowered. “Don’t, Mr. Brighthall!”
She opened the door and raised her head abruptly. Then, she was stunned.
Brendan sat on the balcony and passed the time with great effort by basking in the
cold wind flooding into the room while Deirdre was curled up in the corner, waiting with
mixed feelings.
‘What is going on?’
Mrs. Engel predicted all sorts of situations, but she came to understand after
witnessing the scene.
She hastily covered Deirdre with a blanket when she recovered from her surprise.
“Mrs. Brighthall… How is Mr. Brighthall?”
Deirdre comforted her, saying, “He is drugged, but he is fine. The doctor is coming
In a few minutes, the doctor arrived with medicine. Brendan was in less agony at last
upon receiving an injection. He lay on the sofa and fell unconscious with a chaotic
Deirdre caressed Brendan’s sweat-soaked hair and heard the doctor’s question. “Are
you pregnant, Miss McKinnon?” “Yes, almost four months.”
The doctor took a surprised glance at Brendan. “It’s fortunate that Mr. Brighthall is
strong enough to refrain from doing anything forceful. Otherwise, not only would you
lose the child, you would…”
He did not finish his sentence, but everyone knew what it was.
Mrs. Engel sent away the doctor quietly and said in a hateful tone, “How can that
woman be so vicious that she would spike Mr. Brighthall’s drink and almost put you in
harm’s way?”
Deirdre’s expression was calm. “A woman like her is capable of doing anything.”
Deirdre knew that Charlene would spare no effort to achieve her goals when she
found out that Charlene would undergo plastic surgery to replace her, risk everything
to hit someone to death with her car afterward, and ruin Deirdre’s life.

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