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Resent Reject Regret by Aqua Summers chapter 922

Chapter 922 Get the Coffee Tested
Hence, Deirdre was not surprised that Charlene would spike Brendan’s drink, but she
was surprised by Brendan’s determination.
Frankly, she did not trust Brendan very much. After all, Deirdre had become extremely
passive because of the things Brendan did in the past. Yet, Brendan would actually
choose to forcefully brace the medicine effect and lose consciousness so he would
not hurt her.
Mrs. Engel’s gaze landed on Brendan’s flawlessly handsome face. His eyebrows were
still tightly furrowed in his unconscious state. One could imagine how unpleasant the
experience was for him earlier.
“Mrs. Brighthall.” Mrs. Engel could not refrain from saying, “Mr. Brighthall loves you
very much, really.”
Brendan woke up feeling sore all over his body. Half of his body was numb from being
squeezed into a small sofa in view of his tall and muscular physique.
He was preparing to get up when he felt the weight pinning down his waist. He
lowered his head and found Deirdre lying on him. She had a blanket covering her
body, and she was sound asleep.
It was such a wonderful scene that he could not bear to disturb her, but he figured that
Deirdre would not feel comfortable in such a position. Thus, he scooped up the
woman carefully and placed her on the sofa where he was earlier. He looked at the
woman’s calm, sleeping face, and his dark eyes were filled with intense affection.
Still, Brendan’s gaze turned cold bit by bit when he remembered yesterday’s incident.
He left the room and found Charlene sitting absentmindedly on the sofa with a frown.
Brendan walked downstairs, and his heavy footsteps awakened Charlene.
Charlene suppressed her panic. She figured that Deirdre’s body would not be able to
withstand the process if Brendan were to sleep with Deirdre instead of her.
Nonetheless, she did not expect the night to pass so peacefully.
Apart from her action failing to bring any change, Brendan would never let her off after
what she did.
At the thought of this, Charlene took it upon herself to cry first. “Brendan, what
happened between you and Miss McKinnon in the study room last night? I felt that
something was off and wanted to check up on you, but Mrs. Engel wouldn’t let me go.
She claimed she didn’t want me to ruin your good time with Deirdre…”
Brendan watched her put on an act coldly. “Don’t you know yet?”
Charlene bit her lower lip and sobbed. “Don’t I know what? Brendan, I really don’t
understand what you’re talking about…” “I was drugged.” “What?” Charlene appeared
especially shocked. “For real?” “I was ill in the study room for the whole night. It’s
possible that I would be admitted to the hospital today if not for Deirdre.”

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