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Resent Reject Regret by Aqua Summers chapter 923

Chapter 923 Sir, He’s Going to Kill Me!
Brendan did not speak but looked at her with his icy cold eyes. There was no telling
what was on his mind.
Charlene could not help feeling guilty. “Brendan…” “Charlene, don’t think that I’m a
fool,” said Brendan. The coldness exuded from his body, and his eyes that could see
through her were all meant to warn her. “I don’t want what happened last night to
happen again, do you understand?” “Brendan…” Charlene was scared out of her wits,
and tears streamed down her face instantly. She had no choice but to acknowledge
her guilt at this point. “I didn’t do that on purpose. I love you too much, and I fell for a
doctor’s advice. I thought that doing this would reconcile our relationship, I “It seems
that you don’t understand my words.” Brendan interrupted her coldly. “I want you to
answer that you won’t let this happen again.”
He leaned over with narrowed eyes and a cold demeanor. “I despise being a pawn in
someone’s plan. Ophelia’s survival is of lesser importance to me than being
manipulated. I won’t offer you another chance, so remember that.”
Upon saying that, Brendan walked away.
Charlene slumped down to the floor instantly.
He looked like he was about to kill her earlier, and she felt suffocated.
Brendan no longer cared about Deirdre, so Ophelia’s survival was nothing to him. He
could send her to hell at any moment if he wanted.
At the thought of this, Charlene could not help trembling in fear.
She realized that she could not keep using this method anymore. Her life was at risk
whenever she offended Brendan, yet how would she get pregnant with Brendan’s
child without using this method?
Afterward, it was apparent that Brendan had deserted her. In addition, he was busy
with work, so Charlene could not find the opportunity to be in the same room as him.
However, it was around this time that Charlene received the call to check on her
Charlene did not have the courage to lie, so she said, “I drugged him but didn’t expect
that Deirdre would get in the way. Moreover, that b*tch… is pregnant and is totally
fine!” “I don’t want to listen to your nonsensical talk.” The person interrupted her
impatiently, saying, “I just want to know when you will be pregnant with Brendan’s
Charlene was rendered speechless and was drenched in a cold sweat. “As soon as
possible… Brendan is on guard when he’s with me because I tried to drug him. He
won’t trust me any more within a short period. However, it’s fine. He still has some
feelings for me. I—” “Find a chance to come out and meet me today.”
Charlene felt her heart racing.
The person chuckled and said, “Relax. We’re in the same boat, after all. I came up
with a better idea to get you pregnant without offending Brendan.”
Charlene’s eyes lit up. In addition, the man had never been so gentle before, and that
set Charlene’s mind at ease. She waited eagerly until it was noon and made an
excuse to leave. She headed to the designated location by herself.
Yet, she did not expect that she would find more than just that man in the room after
the door was opened. There were five burly men as well.
Deirdre was dumbfounded. “Sir…”
The man ignored her and lit a cigarette while the men next to him stepped forward
and picked up Charlene like she was a chick before tossing her on the bed.
Soon, Charlene realized the situation and begged for mercy with all her might. “Sir! If
Brendan finds out that the child isn’t his, he’s going to kill me!”

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