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Resent Reject Regret by Aqua Summers chapter 924

Chapter 924 Was She With You?
Charlene bent over and got on her knees as she crawled her way to the man’s legs
eagerly like a dog, with tears streaming down her face. “Sir!
Please give me one more chance! I promise you! I promise you that I’ll get pregnant
with Brendan’s child this time!”
The man was unmoved. Soon, Charlene was captured by those men again.
Her agonizing scream was blood-curdling.
The man furrowed his eyebrows in contempt. He thought of something and sniggered
coldly. “Isn’t it even better to get Brendan to raise a b*stard?”
Charlene lost count of time until she regained consciousness. ‘This is all Deirdre’s
The taxi driver looked at her with a mocking gaze after seeing the messy marks on
her body. Charlene gnashed her teeth and scolded him until she arrived at the
The grief and anger in her heart overwhelmed her quickly as soon as she saw the
woman sitting peacefully on the sofa enjoying her dessert.
“Deirdre, why are you so proud of yourself, huh? You’re lucky that Brendan didn’t
torment you last night, but you’re not going to be so lucky next time! You will die a
tragic death sooner or later!”
Deirdre did not speak, but Mrs. Engel spoke first. “You must be sick in the head or
something. Why are you losing your temper for no reason?”
Charlene was furious. She made her way step by step to Deirdre and flaunted her
prowess. “Deirdre, do you know why Brendan left the hospital the other day? It is
because you’re pregnant with a girl. He wants a son to succeed in his family business
while you’re carrying a girl in your womb. He just couldn’t care less about the baby!
“Even if you go through the pregnancy and give birth to the child, she will only be
married off for the advantage of the family! She will only be a tool that is used by men,
just like you!”
Mrs. Engel was incensed, but Deirdre stopped her and got up slowly. “Don’t be
venting your anger that is caused by someone else on me. If I didn’t know, I might
think you have some mental illness.”
Charlene’s expression was distorted in anger. She remembered something and
clenched her fists tightly. She said with a sneer, ‘Your good days will come to an end,
She turned around and headed upstairs. Before she left, Deirdre could smell the
stench of man’s sweat mixed with a little…
Deirdre fell silent while Mrs. Engel made a casual remark that reminded her of
something. “Mrs. Brighthall, what’s going on with that woman today? Not only is she
ill-mannered, but she is also walking abnormally with her thighs squeezed together.
Did she get bitten by a dog or something?” ‘Walking abnormally?’
Deirdre did not comment further but said, “Do you find that Charlene is behaving
abnormally today too?” ‘Yes, of course. Even though the woman has always been
frantic in the past, she has never lost her temper out of nowhere and vented her anger
like today.”
Deirdre smiled, but her smile was very faint. She fell into deep thought.
Charlene would speak out of turn in the past, but those were mostly sarcastic
remarks. She would regard herself as an achiever but would never behave frantically
for no reason as she did today.
An idea occurred to Deirdre beyond her control, and she said to Mrs. Engel, “Please
help me to make a call to Brendan.”
Mrs. Engel did not inquire further. She nodded and made the call.
The call was picked up, and Deirdre asked, “Where are you now?”
Brendan was surprised to receive the call because it was Deirdre’s first time taking it
upon herself to call. He pondered and said, “Are you checking up on me?”
Deirdre could not be bothered to flirt with him. “Charlene came home behaving
abnormally earlier, so I wonder whether she was with you.”

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