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Resent Reject Regret by Aqua Summers chapter 925

Chapter 925 Five Men
‘Behaving abnormally?’
Brendan kept quiet for a moment before he answered calmly, “No. I’ve been in
company meetings all day, and I haven’t left yet.” ‘Haven’t left yet?
Deirdre was convinced, and Brendan asked, “Why? Is she stirring up trouble with you
again?” “I’m used to her stirring up trouble because she is all talk and no action at
most. I will just ignore her, but today, she…” Deirdre was having trouble putting it into
Was she supposed to tell Brendan personally that Charlene was cheating on him
because she could possibly be sleeping with other men?
If she were to say that, she would hurt the man’s sense of pride easily.
“Forget it, it’s fine.” “It’s not like you to stop yourself from saying something you want
to say.” Brendan took a glance at Sam standing at the door and said, ‘TH just consider
it as you keeping me in suspense, and I’ll be back tonight to recover it.”
He ended the call, and Deirdre’s ears blushed with shyness. She came to understand
what the man meant by ‘be back tonight to recover it’ instantly and scolded him under
her breath for being shameless.
‘No one is asking for you to recover it tonight.’
On the top floor office of the Brighthall Group…
Sam entered the office after he was beckoned. “Sir, Charlene has made a move.”
Brendan knew that she would not be able to stop herself. “What’s the situation?”
“Charlene headed to a hotel room this afternoon. I’m not sure what transpired there
specifically, but…” Sam looked up to glance at Brendan as he said hesitantly,
“Charlene left the hotel dressed shabbily and walked abnormally. More than an hour
later, people walked out of the room in succession, and there were five men with
muscular physiques …” “Five men with muscular physiques?”
Brendan smiled coldly. “Charlene has a huge appetite, I see.”
Could it be that Deirdre stopped herself from speaking in fear that his sense of pride
would be hurt?
However, Brendan couldn’t care less about Charlene for a long time, and he would not
mind who Charlene was sleeping with. However, he felt warm and fuzzy in his heart at
the thought of how Deirdre was hesitant to speak because of him.
‘Why is he sneering until his sneer turns into a smile? His expression and gaze are
growing more and more terrifying…’
Sam was scared out of his wits.
Brendan was jolted back to reality, and his smile vanished. “Are you acquainted with
those men?” “No, but I looked into them on purpose and found their identities very
easily. They are some thugs from the streets.”
Brendan furrowed his eyebrows in disgust.
“Continue to follow her and report back to me if there’s anything new.” “Yes, sir!”
Charlene did not come downstairs when Brendan got home in the evening, which was
Brendan knocked on Charlene’s door to check on her personally. She opened the
door and came out of the room, looking tired. She wrapped her body with a jacket
without showing any inch of skin that was marked.
“What’s going on? Are you ill?” Brendan’s gaze landed on the woman, his cold tone
tainted with a tinge of concern.
Charlene was delighted that Brendan was showing concern for her, but she was
terrified that he would notice something. “I’m fine.”
She attempted to stall him by saying, “It’s possible that I’m not used to the dropping
temperature in the past few days, and I caught a cold.” “A cold?” Brendan furrowed
his eyebrows. “It’s a big deal. I’m taking you to the hospital.” “No! It’s fine!” Charlene’s
face was ghastly pale. She knew that she would certainly need to remove the jacket in
the hospital. Those disgusting men had left marks all over her body, and those would
certainly be noticed!
“I’m fine, Brendan. It’s just a cold. I’ll be fine after resting for a night.”

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