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Resent Reject Regret by Aqua Summers chapter 927

Chapter 927 I’ve Only Ever Loved You
“What do you think Charlene is thinking, Deirdre?”
Deirdre’s heart sank. There was no way around it-Charlene had been screwing
another man.
She raised her head and met his gaze with pity.
“Oh-kay. Why are you looking at me like that?”
Deirdre churned her thoughts a while longer before deciding to tell it as it was. “This is
going to come off as painful to you, but I think you deserve to know at least
something. I think… Charlene has another man.” “What gave you that idea?” Brendan
replied. The emotion in his tone was unreadable.
“I called you this afternoon, right? A few minutes before that, I smelled… well, a man’s
sweat. And then Mrs. Engel told me the way Charlene walked was off. When you
square all of those together, the conclusion, well, wrote itself… you know?”
It took her a lot of courage just to hesitantly express her suspicion. She even mentally
steeled herself to watch Brendan break down in shock. And yet, to her surprise, the
man simply chuckled.
“I see, I see!” Brendan tightened his grip around her waist. “Detective Dee Dee has
closed a case.”
Deirdre looked at him in shock. “What the- Is that all of your reaction?” “Hmm, what
else am I supposed to feel? Hurt? Dejected? Lose my damn mind? Dee, I’ve told you
already. I don’t feel anything for her. I wouldn’t even feel bad if she got pregnant with
some other guy’s child!” “But you’re supposed to be at least a little wounded, right?”
Deirdre rebutted frantically. “You used to like her so deeply!” “Huh? Did I?” Brendan
murmured to himself as he rubbed his chin against the young woman’s hair.
Solemness replaced the playfulness in his eyes. “I used to think like you too,
confusing a debt and responsibility I owed her as love. It’s only after I fell in love with
you… I finally realized they are not the same, i “I’ve only ever loved a woman in my
life.” He cupped her face in his hands, his eyes overflowing with profound tenderness.
“You.” 1
His tone and his gaze-they somehow pierced through the blurry veil her damaged
sight had perpetually bestowed on her, like a ray of light shining straight into her
Deirdre’s eyes betrayed her panic. She suddenly did not know how to react. Nothing
he said could be handwaved as a joke. The love and sentiment that pulsated under
his every word-it was flooding toward her like an uncontrollable deluge.
She did not know what to say even after staying silent for a while.
Brendan, however, seemed to understand her. He planted a kiss on her lips, but it was
featherlight, and without his usual aggression, as though he was handling the most
priceless treasure the world could ever offer him.
“It’s okay. You don’t have to answer me so soon. You’re free to choose. The last thing I
want is to know that any of your choices were made under pressure.” He breathed.
“After Ophelia’s safe and sound and our child is born… HI let you go if you’re still
unwilling to be with me.”
Brendan wrapped his arm around her waist and closed his eyes, his breath steady. A
while later, it became rhythmic. He had fallen asleep.

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