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Resent Reject Regret by Aqua Summers chapter 928

Chapter 928 I’m Pregnant
Charlene was overjoyed. She called Brendan post-haste, her voice taking a
coquettish tone, “Can you come home earlier today, Bren? I’ve got some really
important announcements to make.”
There was a brief beat of silence from the other side. ‘Til be home as soon as the
meeting’s over.” “Terrific!”
She straightened her back and began ordering Mrs. Engel to buy a list of cooking
ingredients before personally preparing dinner. Relieved from kitchen duty, Mrs. Engel
mused in the living room. “What’s with that Charlene? She’s as happy as a chimp with
a banana. Is it her birthday today?”
Deirdre shook her head. “It’s not this month.” “What else could possibly make her this
happy, then?” “Good news upon her, I bet.”
Before Mrs. Engel could understand what it meant, Brendan strode in from outside
before hanging his suit on the rack.
Charlene practically sprung out of the kitchen excitedly to greet him.” You’re home
already, Bren?” “You called me about some important announcement, didn’t you? As
such, I came home early,” he replied, eyeing the kitchen before remarking, “Why are
you cooking today?”
Charlene feigned timidity. “To celebrate.”
Brendan studied her expression. “Celebrate what?”
Charlene dragged her bashful pretense a little longer. She finished preparing the meal
in the kitchen and waited for Brendan to take a seat. Then, she presented the medical
report and declared, “I’m pregnant, Bren.”
There was a loud clank as Deirdre’s fork slipped out of her finger and hit the plate.
Mrs. Engel’s gasp of disbelief came soon after. “How’s that possible? You haven’t
been doing the deed with Mr. Brighthall these days! How could you possibly be
Charlene laughed. “It’s obvious, right? The night Bren drank too much, he slept with
me. I didn’t expect myself to be so luckily fertile. Honestly, it was just one night, but I
guess Bren is destined to be the father of this child.”
Charlene looked at her stomach with a soft, loving gaze.
Brendan followed her eyes and studied it. “Pregnant after one night sounds so rare
that I guess I’m destined, after all.”
Deirdre set her utensils down. “I’m done eating.”
With a glare, she rose and started toward the stairs.
Charlene cried after her, “Hey, c’mon, don’t be like that! It was an accident on our part,
Miss McKinnon! If you hate what happened, I’m happy never to speak of it!” “And why
should we do that?” Brendan interjected with a frown. ‘You’re the one who wants to
leave as soon as the child’s born, remember? Charlene, though, is my fiancee. What’s
her pregnancy got to piss your off?” “I’m not pissed. I’m just disgusted.”
She climbed the stairs and disappeared.
A glare overcame Brendan’s visage while a smile shadowed Charlene’s lips. All of the
trials and tribulation she had weathered was suddenly rewarded. Finally!
“Bren, Miss McKinnon probably still wants to be with you. It’s why she’s upset by the
news, but that’s expected, right? So don’t be mad at her.” “Who is she to override
what I want? Is her opinion the only thing that matters?” Brendan gruntled.
Mrs. Engel had already escaped into the kitchen as Brendan vented a little of his rage.
Finally, his attention fell back to Charlene’s stomach. “Are you sure about this? That
you’re pregnant?” ‘Yes! It can’t be a false alarm because our baby is already half a
month old,” Charlene explained. “If you don’t believe me, come with me to the hospital
tomorrow. You can verify it personally.”
Brendan fell silent for a moment. “I’m one half of the reason you’re pregnant, so of
course, I’ll do what’s within my responsibilities. Still, I need to confirm it before we
move on, so I’ll accompany you to the hospital tomorrow.”
Charlene nodded. She had already arranged everything according to her script. She
would not be exposed-she was sure of it.
The next morning, Brendan did as he said he would and went to the hospital with
Charlene. The doctor announced after the examination, “The child is more than half a
month old. They are very healthy, too. Congratulations!”

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