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Resent Reject Regret by Aqua Summers chapter 929

Chapter 929 Somebody Took Pictures of Them Visiting the OB-GYN
The timescale matched.
Brendan’s handsome features remained apathetic throughout the process. As they
entered the car, Charlene asked sheepishly, ‘You… don’t want this kid, do you?”
Her eyes turned misty. “If you don’t want them, just say it. I’m not going to force you
into taking care of a child you don’t want. The last thing I want is to bring a fatherless
kid to the world.”
Brendan snapped out of his trance. “What are you saying? I said I was going to marry
you, didn’t I?”
As he turned the car engine on, Charlene laughed self-deprecatingly. ’Yes, you did,
but only because you needed news about Ophelia McKinnon’s whereabouts. It wasn’t
out of real love. If it wasn’t for Ophelia, you wouldn’t even spare me a glance, would
Mentioning Ophelia brought a mocking sneer to Brendan’s face. ‘You really think I’d
marry a woman I don’t love for Ophelia’s sake?”
Charlene froze. Then, her eyes gleamed in anticipation. “What did you say, Bren?”
Brendan was reluctant to repeat himself, so he did not answer her at all. Still,
Charlene’s heart raced. His relationship with Deirdre had deteriorated, and now here
he was, agreeing to marry Charlene. That could only mean one thing-he was giving
her a chance.
In the end, Brendan did not want their relationship to end just like that!
A smile shadowed Charlene’s lips. She knew it! Their relationship was one built for
years and years. There was no way Deirdre alone was enough to demolish such a
solid foundation! Brendan still loved her!
“Bren, are you saying… you’re doing all of this for my sake?” Charlene drawled
excitedly, her joy impossible to hide. She placed her fingers on the man’s hand on the
wheel, her voice soft and coy. ‘You agreed to my deal because you still cared about
me, didn’t you?”
Brendan did not answer her. He simply cast his eyes down. ’You disappointed me
when you abducted Deirdre back then. You shouldn’t have been that jealous.”
Charlene’s acting mode was triggered. “I know, I know. Believe me. I regret what I did
ever since then,” she murmured, biting her lips. “I love you so much that I lost control
of myself and acted without reason, but now?
Now, I’m actually coming along well with Miss McKinnon! I’m not going to harm her
Brendan withheld her gaze with a gentle one. “I believe you.”
A brilliant smile blossomed on Charlene’s face. Had it not been for the fact that
Brendan was driving, she would have kissed him right there and then.
The mood was going so well that Charlene could not help but want to give a bit more
into her kindly, compassionate facade. “Bren, you really don’t have to worry. Miss
McKinnon’s mom is actually living pretty well in a little town. She doesn’t have to worry
about her life because someone always provides her monthly allowance. In fact, I
think her life is a step up from before!”
Charlene knew better than just exposing her card and giving him the address to
Ophelia’s whereabouts. She was just going to tell him everything was fine-and that
should be all there was to it.
Brendan did not seem to mind the lack of additional details, nor did he try to pry from
her lips. He seemed to pay most of his attention to driving.
Then, on the very next day, news of the couple visiting the hospital became headlines.
Someone on the internet had uploaded pictures of Brendan and Charlene standing
outside the OB-GYN consultation door.
It was a bombshell reveal.
“Why were Charli and Brendan visiting OB-GYN, guys? Unless!? Expecting!?” “Y’all,
it’s gotta be it! Damn, they were planning to get married, and they have kids already?
Those wedding bells are gonna toll for them really soon!” “Finally! After all these
“I eagerly await the event of the year!”
Comments and congratulations among themselves were insufficient to some of these
people, too, because they even showed up on the Brighthall Group’s official Twitter
account to leave their wishes.
Then, to most people’s shock, someone even managed to uncover Charlene’s
personal Twitter account. A tweet from a few days ago read:’ Life is full of surprises,
but my little angel is just the start of even more pleasant ones. I can’t wait!!!’
It was the final nail in the speculation coffin.

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