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Resent Reject Regret by Aqua Summers chapter 930

Chapter 930 Wedding at the End of the Month
Brendan and Charlene’s marriage soon became a viral search term.
Sam showed the comments to a silent, unreactive Brendan. Instead, he simply
answered Charlene’s call as soon as it rang.
The young woman made a production of being innocently confused, “Bren, what’s
going on? Why were our pictures taken at the OB-GYN? What are we gonna do
Brendan thumbed through his documents. “You really didn’t know about it?”
Charlene froze for a moment before chuckling dryly. “About what? This looks like a
picture some bystander took in secret instead of traditional media journalists! We can’t
control random people taking pictures of us. Or … do you want me to tweet out an
explanation to throw them off?” “Everyone already knows you’re pregnant. No one’s
going to believe otherwise.”
Charlene sighed. “I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have brought you with me to the hospital…
Now you’ve got another problem to handle.” “It’s okay.” Brendan rested his fingertip on
his document. ‘The news is bound to be announced.”
Charlene audibly fell silent. Then, gingerly, she asked, “Brendan, are you saying…”
“With your pregnancy comes my responsibility. I’ll announce our wedding through the
Brighthall Group’s official Twitter account,” he answered, his tone implicative. “This is
what you want, right?”
Charlene had already foreseen things to go this way, but no amount of expectation
could stop her from being overjoyed. “Oh, Bren! I await the day you marry me!”
The call ended. Still high from the turn of the event, Charlene made her way to the
yard where Deirdre was chatting with Shea. With a grin, she intruded on their
conversation. “Miss McKinnon, I didn’t know you’d be interested in scenic views! I
thought you wouldn’t be able to enjoy them because of your, ah, impaired sight. This
must be a sign of good mood, then! Surely you won’t reject my wedding invitation this
Deirdre’s grin faded. Determined not to give her time to react, Charlene coyly added,
“Oh, the context! Bren and I are getting married at the end of the month.”
The end of the month… already!?
Deirdre’s shock was genuine-this was not part of the plan.
Taking in Deirdre’s shock was simply satisfying to Charlene, who could not resist
prodding, ‘You see, Miss McKinnon? So what if you’re pregnant with Bren’s kid? It
didn’t win you any favors from him anyway. But me? As soon as I got pregnant,
Brendan started releasing official statements through the Brighthall Group’s official
Twitter account about our upcoming wedding!”
Deirdre snapped out of her surprise, and her eyes grew cold. “Well, congratulations
then, Miss McKinney,” she said flatly. “But, as someone who’s been through a lot
more than you’d remember, I should probably advise you not to count your chickens
before they’re hatched, especially when we don’t know who’s the father of your chick,
right? If Brendan finds out…”
Charlene’s features twisted into a grimace. “What the f*ck are you accusing!?”
Deirdre flashed a smile and raised her head, barring a glance of scornful contempt.
“Oh, it’s nothing. I was just wondering aloud, Miss McKinney. How lucky are you to be
immediately pregnant from a single night?
Brendan might believe you, but I don’t. You should do your best to hide your receipts, I
think. Wouldn’t want me to uncover something big, would you?”
Deirdre left her question hanging as panic overcame Charlene. Fear seized her, so
she raised her hand and swung, shouting, “Shut the f*ck up, b*tch!”
It did not land. Shea held Charlene’s wrist almost immediately.
Charlene froze and tried to wriggle her hand free, but someone as trained as Shea
could not possibly be shrugged off like that. She hardly moved even as Charlene’s
face was turning a little blue from the struggle.
Then, they all heard a series of footsteps coming from the side.

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