Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover Chapter 771

“So what? You thought that you can put your mission aside when she’s cooking him yam porridge?” A devilish figure emerged from nowhere and sneered.

Blood drained from Kira’s face at the sight of the ferocious smirk on the woman’s face.


The glass lid dropped from her hand and smashed onto the floor.

“A-Aunt Jasmine…” Kira stammered.

“You don’t deserve to call me that! I’m ashamed to have a niece like you!” Jasmine grimaced and snarled at Kira in exasperation, infuriated by her betrayal. The next moment, she dashed toward the basket of dried ingredients and took out the packet of beef slices agitatedly.

“Please don’t do that!” Sensing what Jasmine intended to do, Kira wailed in despair. Even so, she was unable to stop a malicious Jasmine from tossing all the beef slices into Sasha’s pot of yam porridge. Apart from that, she even poured more than half a bottle of red wine into it!

“Mark my words! Don’t ever try to bluff me. If this pot of special porridge is not served to him later, I will send you to serve Hendrick White well in bed tonight!” Jasmine hissed viciously at Kira before she stormed out of the kitchen.

Kira slumped onto the floor in helplessness.

Beef slices stewed in red wine were scrumptious, yet the combination could be a deadly recipe for certain people.

For those who sustained injuries or endured gout, this recipe could be resulting in excessive urine acid precipitating in the soft tissues of their bodies. As a result, the particular person might not be able to walk again.

Since Sebastian was still under the recuperation stage, his condition would surely deteriorate after consuming the dish. That was the hideous ploy on Jasmine’s mind, as she was hoping that he would end up suffering from permanent disability.

Kira’s heart fell as she sank into utter despair.

Meanwhile, Sasha finally spotted Vivian crying her heart out pitifully in a housemaid’s arms outside the residence and darted toward them.

“What happened to you, sweetie? Are you injured?” Sasha asked apprehensively.

“My knee! Mommy, look at my knee! It is bleeding! Ouch! It hurts!” The little girl sobbed sorrowfully.

Sasha looked down at Vivian’s knee hastily.

Her heart wrenched the moment she saw her scraped knee. Blood was still oozing out from the wound.

“It’s all right. Don’t cry. I will attend to your wound now.” Sasha coaxed Vivian gently as she carried her into the residence.

In the meantime, Devin was having small talks with Sebastian in the bedroom on the second floor. Other than that, he was trying to hint Sebastian that all the Jadesons would attend the feast at noon. Thus, it was up to Sebastian if he did not feel like going down to join them.

Even so, Sebastian twitched his lips and sniggered. “Of course, I will go down and show my face. Do you think that I will be afraid of them?”

Devin waved frantically and tried to appease him by saying, “Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mean that. I-I’m just assuming that you might not like such a boisterous party.”

Devin was apparently feeling guilty about the previous incidents. Since then, he was fearful of infuriating Sebastian with his unintentional bluntness.

Sebastian shifted his gaze back to the book in his hands without uttering another word. Even so, hints of coldness and grimness were written all over his face. Devin even gulped and had a shudder unknowingly. It was as if there was a drastic drop in the temperature, turning the room into an abyss.

“Ouch! Mommy, it’s painful!” A little girl’s cries of pain pierced the silence in the room.

Devin rushed out of the bedroom at once and asked anxiously, “Is that little girl crying? What happened to her?”

Even though Sebastian did not comment on anything, he could not turn a deaf ear to the little girl’s wails of pain. He raised his brows and looked out of the room in an instant. There was even an unmissable change of emotion in his obsidian eyes.

Devin’s figure was out of sight within seconds as he rushed down like a bolt of lightning.

“Dr. West, is your daughter crying now? What’s the matter with her?” Devin asked in great concern.

By right, a tough man from a military background like Devin would not be emotionally shaken under any circumstances. Nevertheless, Sebastian could sense a hint of anxiousness in his voice. His face turned grim instantly as a wave of indecipherable complex emotions crept into his heart.

Sasha, who was attending to Vivian’s wound was stunned when Devin came into view. “Mr. Devin?”

The moment Vivian saw Devin, tears flowed down her cheeks like streams. She gazed at him pitifully with her teary eyes and pointed at the wound on her knee. “Boo-hoo! Uncle Devin, I’m in pain. Look at my knee… it’s bleeding…”

Devin was undoubtedly a tough man, yet the little girl’s wails of pain could effortlessly cause his heart to flinch.

“Poor girl, don’t cry. I will bring you somewhere later to cheer you up,” Devin consoled her gently.

Later, he carried Vivian out right after Sasha attended to her wound.

Sasha could not resist feeling amused and rolled her eyes. Deep down, she saluted Vivian for winning Devin’s heart in just within a night.

After tidying up the table, Sasha stepped out of the bedroom to head back to the kitchen. Her eyes widened in disbelief the moment she saw the man who appeared outside the elevator on the first floor from nowhere. “Mr. Hayes, where are you going?”

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