Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover Chapter 772

Nonetheless, Sebastian only gave her a cold glance before he vanished into the elevator again.

“Ah, Mr. Hayes! Wait a minute! Don’t stay alone in the elevator. It’s too risky!” Sasha darted toward the lift at once.

Fortunately, she managed to slip into the elevator right before the door was closed.

“Mr. Hayes…” she called out his name hesitantly.

Even so, the man did not even give her any response!

As she glanced obliquely at him, her heart thumped at the sight of his frown, which had deepened into a scowl.

Huh! I’d better zip my mouth now.

Sasha remained silent. None of them broke the silence even when the elevator reached the ground floor.

The moment the elevator door opened again, they heard someone yelling excitedly. “Sebastian? Isn’t that Sebastian? Dad, he has come down.”

“Yeah, since he is here, we don’t have to go up and call him down,” a woman echoed.

The couple who stood facing the elevator door turned out to be Jasmine and Stephen. Sasha and Sebastian’s face turned grim simultaneously at their emergence.

As they shrieked in exhilaration, more and more people behind them advanced toward the elevator and huddled over to have a look.

Both Sasha and Sebastian were at a loss for words.

When a glint of ferocity was about to flash across Sebastian’s eyes, Sasha stepped out from the elevator and blocked in front of him.

“Lieutenant Colonel Jadeson, Mrs. Jadeson, what a coincidence! We meet again!” she greeted the couple exaggeratively.

“Coincidence? You are indeed a mood spoiler. Get out of my way!” Jasmine snapped at her disdainfully; her face fell in an instant.

Nevertheless, Sasha was no ordinary woman and was not intimidated by her.

She continued to put on a dignified smile as she mocked, “Mrs. Jadeson, I’m sorry that I can’t get out of my way as requested. Mr. Hayes is germophobic and dislikes having close contact with others. Would you mind moving aside so I can push him out?”

Next, she turned to place her hands on the handles of Sebastian’s wheelchair.

It never occurred to her that an enraged Jasmine would dash toward her and yank her arm.

“Hmph! Who do you think you are? How dare you instruct me to move aside?” The woman who had lost her temper gritted her teeth and shoved Sasha aside.

At that very moment, Sasha stumbled and almost fell.

“You’re digging your own grave, huh?” At the eleventh hour, a man’s bellow of anger sounded. Before Sasha could come to her senses, the man’s strong hand grabbed hold of her arm tightly.

“Mr. Hayes…” Sasha could barely believe that the man would stretch out his hand and come to her rescue.

“Tell Jonathan Jadeson, if I ever see her in front of my face again, I vow to turn Oceanic Estate into a living hell!” he snarled at Jasmine coldly. The murderous intent in his tone sent chills down everyone’s spine.

This man is horrendous!

Jasmine’s face turned ashen.

Stephen thought of rectifying the situation, yet he did not have the courage to open his mouth, aghast by Sebastian’s flaring eyes.

After a while, Jonathan rushed over and asked apprehensively, “What’s the matter?”

“Uncle Jonathan, it started when Jasmine insisted on pulling Sebastian out from the elevator. This lady doctor explained that she would push him out as he was not feeling well. The next moment, both of them had a conflict. Jasmine became agitated and almost shoved her onto the floor,” one of the Jadesons described what had occurred a while ago.

Damn it! See what this foolish woman has done and rained on my parade!

Jonathan glared at Jasmine with his blazing eyes and fumed, “Hmph! What’s the matter with you? How dare you stir up trouble here. What a foolish woman! Send her back at once!”

Jasmine’s hope was shattered within seconds.

As her legs gave way, she turned to grab Stephen’s arm, hoping that he could help to beg for mercy on behalf of her.

Even so, Stephen chose to turn a blind eye to his wife, who had embarrassed him. He had had enough of her and could barely wait for her to be out of their sight!

“Send her back at once!” Stephen instructed his driver.

“Noted, Mr. Jadeson,” the driver replied respectfully and left with Jasmine at once. With that, the ridiculous disruption finally came to an end.

Meanwhile, Kira, who happened to witness the commotion, made up her mind to twist the situation. Without hesitation, she turned back into the kitchen and poured Sasha’s pot of yam porridge away.

Sasha pushed Sebastian’s wheelchair into the living room. After witnessing the ruckus moments ago, the other Jadesons were intimidated by Sebastian’s imposing aura. All of them tended to stand further away and stared at him in utter resentment.

Apart from that, some of the Jadesons were scrutinizing him from head to toe inquisitively.

“Ah! So this is the so-called youngest heir of the Jadesons! Undoubtedly, he has a stunning good look and bears a strong resemblance to our Shin many years ago!” One of the Jadesons gasped admiringly.

“I agree with you. He is a chip off the old block,” another middle-aged man commented.

“But he has scary cold eyes, and he’s really fierce. Is he a bad guy?” a young boy asked abruptly.

Sasha turned in the direction, and a little boy caught her attention at once. The man standing behind him cupped his hand over his mouth tightly, fearing that he would blurt out more inappropriate words.

What do they mean? Why are they looking at him like that? To them, is he some sort of ferocious beast or one who brings catastrophe? Or perhaps they even deem him like a demon from hell? See how they are fearful of coming near him as if he brings plague!

Sasha’s heart sank as another wave of suffocating deep sorrow swept over her.

How could my mighty deity turn into such a horrifying person in their eyes? I bet they never get to know how outstanding he used to be! Regardless of where he was, he was thrust into the limelight all the time. As an omnipotent man from a prominent family, he was like a mighty king. Everyone was respectful of him and willing to bow to him, as though they were his faithful knights. Since when things had begun to turn the other way around? What placed him in such a pathetic state?

In a blink of an eye, Sasha was down in the dumps.

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