Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover Chapter 773

The banquet at the Oceanic Estate was about to begin, given that all guests had arrived.

Sasha finally had the chance to see the most prominent royal family and its members.

“The eldest man is Jared, and he is Jonathan’s brother. He is a retired high-ranking government official. Now, he lives in Tellmoore and enjoys his retirement,” Olivia explained while pointing at the old man, who had grey hair and sat beside Jonathan.

Upon hearing it, Sasha turned her gaze at Jared.

Sasha knew that Jared was Charles’s father. When Jonathan was in power, he promoted Jared to be a high-level officer. However, Jared was just a mediocre politician and held the same position until retirement.

On the contrary, Jared’s son, Charles, was more competent.

Unfortunately, he had been killed by Sebastian.

As Sasha stared at the short and fat Jared, she realized that he fixated his gaze upon Sebastian, who also sat next to Jonathan.

At that moment, Jared’s gaze was chilly, as if he wanted to devour Sebastian alive in no time.

As such, Sasha couldn’t help but shiver.

“Then, those are his second son, Connor; his daughter, Candice; his daughter-in-law, Jocelyn; and his third and fourth son. They are all Jared’s immediate family members.”

Olivia continued to introduce them to Sasha without noticing the change in her expression.

Why haven’t I heard of Connor before? I guess he’s yet another mediocre man.

After Sasha shifted her gaze toward Candice, she couldn’t help but frown.

While all of the Jadesons glare at Sebastian with hatred, she is the only one who looks calm and continues drinking her tea.

It is as if the entire incident had nothing to do with her.

However, is that true?

After all, Charles was her biological brother!

Sasha narrowed her eyes as she pondered over it.

When Jocelyn realized that almost every Jadeson was here, she couldn’t help but grit her teeth and asked Candice, who sat beside her.

“Candice, why did Jonathan ask us to be here today? Is he trying to stand up for the b*stard?”

Candice remained calm as she replied, “Well, is there anything wrong with it? I mean, after all the disagreements, it’s time to settle our differences and live harmoniously as a family.”

“But-” Jocelyn got impatient once she heard it.

At that moment, Sasha, who stood at the side hall, saw that Candice cast a ferocious glance at Jocelyn. Jocelyn shivered and stopped complaining at once.


Feeling intrigued by the stark difference, Sasha shifted all of her focus upon the woman.

While Jared and his immediate family were disgruntled, the other Jadesons were much friendlier.

“Uncle Jonathan, I’m sorry that we didn’t prepare a nice gift because we had to rush over here. Anyway, I happened to find this when I was doing business. Do you like it?”

“Thank you very much for the gift.”

Jonathan waved his hands gently.

Once the banquet started, the housemaids began to serve dishes and drinks.

As Sebastian’s family doctor, Sasha continued to sit in the side hall.

“All right! Since everyone has arrived, please allow me to say a few words before we start enjoying the food.”

Jonathan, who sat at the head of the table, glanced at everyone at the table imposingly and began his speech.

Instantly, everyone, including Jared, sat straight and listened to him attentively.

“As all of you’ve seen, the Jadesons faced with a lot of problems recently. So, after having this meal, I hope that we can let go of things from the past. I don’t wish to hear any troubles related to our family ever again. Understood?” Jonathan said in a dignified and powerful tone.

The next moment, everyone at the table was rooted to the floor.

What does he mean?

Does Jonathan want to put an end to this?

Is he protecting the maniac?

Jared and his immediate family were pale-faced.

Meanwhile, Sasha was also shocked, for she didn’t expect that Jonathan wanted to end the confrontation between Sebastian and Jadesons in such a manner.

She turned to Sebastian and saw that he was also gazing at Jonathan.

Ever since Sebastian arrived at the Oceanic Estate, it was the first time that he stared at Jonathan in bewilderment for such a long time.

It was as if Sebastian didn’t expect it as well.

“This is unacceptable! Charles, Eric, and Tiffany are all dead because of him. How can we ever let it go? Won’t it be utterly unfair to our family?”

Thud! Jocelyn finally couldn’t hold in her frustration. Standing up from the chair, she pointed at Sebastian and lashed out at him.

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