Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover Chapter 774

Meanwhile, Connor also stood up and added, “That’s right. Tyler was killed too, yet the murderer is well and alive.”

Sasha was rendered speechless by their one-sided accusations.

Soon, Jonathan’s eyes became ferocious, his expression turned grim.

At that time, Sasha’s heart skipped a beat upon seeing the change in his expression.

“How dare you? Do you remember what did they do to Sebastian before they died? They killed his mother and his wife! Were they not human beings?”


The next moment, Jonathan turned around and glared at Connor fiercely.

“Also, speaking of your son, I haven’t settled the score with you yet. Many of my soldiers are dead because of your boy. If he were still alive, I’ll be the one who put a bullet through his head!”

Once Jonathan finished, Connor was frightened and collapsed into his chair.

So, this is the head of the Jadeson family!

Besides, he used to be in the military and led thousands of soldiers!

Therefore, such a man is their god and master. Anyone who dares to challenge his authority will face severe consequences!

Sasha couldn’t help but gulp, for it was the first time she saw the imposing side of Jonathan.

“Alright, Jonathan. Please calm down. They are indeed immature. I mean, they should’ve been more polite since they are at fault. Rest assured that we won’t make any trouble from now on. Also, don’t let it affect your health.”

At that juncture, Jared was sensible enough to smooth things over.

He apologized to Jonathan first and promised that they would stop causing trouble for Sebastian.

After a while, Jonathan scoffed and calmed himself down.

However, Sebastian remained silent all the time and kept staring at the glass before him attentively. Sasha couldn’t help but wonder what was on his mind.

To ease the situation, Stephen immediately added, “Alright. It’s settled then. Let’s begin to eat. Dad, I remember that you like salmon. Try this.”

With that, the atmosphere became less tense, and everyone began enjoying dinner.

Sasha felt relieved upon seeing that.

Since Jonathan made it very clear that revenge-seeking had to stop, Sasha believed Sebastian would be safe from now on.

Later, Sasha went outside to look for her daughter.

“Vivian, where are you? It’s time to have lunch.”

“Mommy, I’m here. Spencer is playing with me.”

Sasha heard Vivian’s cute voice from the garden at the back. Besides, Vivian seemed to be having a great time.


Who is he?

Sasha’s first impression was that Spencer was one of the housemaids. Much to her surprise, she saw a boy, who was even younger than Vivian, when she came to the garden.

“He is…”

“Mommy, his name is Spencer Jadeson. We are good friends now.”

Vivian introduced her new friend to Sasha excitedly.

Spencer Jadeson? Isn’t he one of the Jadesons?

Anxious, Sasha immediately carried Vivian and replied, “Others are having lunch now. Come on, let me bring you guys back.”

With that, she brought the two kids back to the house.

Given that Jonathan kept acting as a mediator, Sebastian finally budged and lifted his glass of wine.

“Well, let’s have a toast.”

Jonathan was in a good mood when he saw that.

Meanwhile, Sasha and the kids stood aside, waiting for them to finish the toast.

When the housemaids were serving soup, a thought suddenly flashed through Sasha’s mind—she made some soup earlier on.

“Vivi, can you wait for me here with your friend? I’ve to go to the kitchen for a while.”

“Sure, Mommy,” Vivian agreed without further question.

Sasha went into the kitchen and asked, “Ms. Woods, I’m sorry to bother you, but may I check the soup I made earlier?”

Kira turned around when she heard the question.

“Oh? It’s Dr. West. Your soup…” she said apologetically, “I’m so sorry, Dr. West. I accidentally knocked over your soup when I was busy preparing for the banquet. Anyway, I’ve made another bowl of soup with herbs for you, which is good for our stomach.”

With that, she showed Sasha the new pot of soup.

Well, I’m afraid Sebastian doesn’t like soup with herbs.

Anyway, since the lady has made it, I’ll accept it.

“Alright, thank you.” Sasha took a bowl of soup from the pot and thanked Kira.

Kira heaved a sigh of relief after Sasha left.

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